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Friday, October 13, 2006

Man Arrested for Threatening, Stalking Carr

According to the Detroit News, a 23-year-old man was arrested Wednesday for sending "threatening, harassing and obscene" e-mails to U-M head football coach Lloyd Carr and members of his staff, and possibly stalking them as well.

Since the man had not yet been arraigned as of late Wednesday, police would not release his name yet. However, we here at the MZone have a couple guesses as to who this person is:

1) The owner of one of those "Fire Lloyd" websites which, with Michigan doing so well this season, are probably getting about as many hits as a DirkKoetterIsAGenius.net site in Tempe.

2) The Ohio State library masturbator because he blames Michigan and its fans for plastering his infamous Carl Monday "interview" all over the Internet.

3) Drew Stanton

While university officials said the suspect was "not affiliated with the university in any way," how messed up would that be if he turns out to be a Michigan fan? Only a complete moron threatens and stalks the coach during an undefeated season with the team in the hunt for the national title. Where was this guy last year?


Sean H. said...

An Andy French Cup candidate? Interesting.

The King said...

This incident was a little scarier than this article makes it out to be. The first time the cops talked to this guy, he was hanging out in the Schembechler Hall parking lot at night, ostensibly waiting for Lloyd. After they released him, he showed up again. Lloyd had to have a security detail assigned to him to escort him to his vehicle at night.

Sooner or later one of these stories is going to take a turn for the worse...

srudoff said...

i bet they're holding him until november 19th - then they'll release him to all the others waiting to jump on his bandwagon

Richard Cranium said...

If it were done the Youngstown way then LLLLoyd would have never woken up one day. UM would have gotten a letter claiming LLLLoyd Sleeps with the Fishes!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Freep put the guy's name up. A Google search shows him as an Eastern Michigan student.

js said...

On the dean's list at EMich. Whatever that means.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

I think that means he manages to find his way to class two days out of five.