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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just a football game?!

For those of who saw Texas stomp on OU Saturday, you might have seen the clip below of the heartbroken young Sooner fan as the clock wound down in the 4th quarter.

Now, we're not going be hard on the youngster. Hell, to this day, Benny still breaks into tears when anybody mentions the 1980 Michigan-Notre Dame game.

Instead, all we have to say to the kid is, "son, if you plan to follow college football the rest of your life - and I don't care which team is "your" team - prepare to have this feeling a lot."

Oh, and find a woman who understands. A lot.

(HT: DW)


longhorn_steve said...

haha you know that shit is funny.

srudoff said...

wasn't that Rhett Bomar's son?

Scott Boswell said...

I believe that is Stoops' son.

Out of the camera shot was a replay official.

Matt said...

Actually, its OU Pres David Boren's son. Must have learned how to cry from his dad.

beast in bama said...

All of Dad's money wasted!!!

Gamecocks Fan said...

You know it's a rivalry if a divorce follows, someone gets shot, someone gets fired, or a kid bawls his freakin' eyes out on natinal tv.

And Longhorn_steve- man, out of compassion and understanding, I was trying not giggle like a little girl in Sunday school class, but your comment put me over the top. The guy next door is wonderng what the hell is so funny.. I'm freakin' crying man! Great stuff, Yost.

Doug said...

Buck up, kiddo. At least you didn't get 51 hung on you in your own house.

ou blonde said...

FYI for Ohio State fans,
Texas fans are cool whenever you play them once every blue moon but their true evil colors come out when they play you every year! I feel for that youngster because like him I also shed a tear or two watching that game.
UT was the better team and Colt McCoy is not half bad. But things go in cycles my friend, and soon OU will beat UT again, it's just a matter of time. Enjoy it will it while it lasts! And shame on you for making fun of that kid!

longhorn_steve said...

honestly he probably didn't give a shit about the game. He was probably crying because momma wouldn't let him get one last ride on the ferris wheel before they went back to the trailer park.

Anonymous said...

I've got the hi-res screen cap here if you're interested. It's my new laptop wallpaper.


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I watched this five times already and I'll probably watch it some more?

Anonymous said...

You know that is the best analysis Paul McGuire has given all season. "Fried thing, just backed up on him"

trojan mike said...

Hey kid, I cried too after Texas beat us last year. Life goes on.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the youtube of Bomar getting laid out. Damn what a lick. The right side owes Bomar some apologies.

Brad said...

So when David Boren threaten to cancel the Texas series?

Dan said...

I'm normally not into the schadenfreude thing, but I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING AT THE CRYING KID.

Anonymous said...

these texas fans are so classy