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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Iwo Jima It Ain't

I think the whole "planting your team's flag in the opposing stadium after a big victory" fad is bush. As I said before, planting flags should be reserved for space exploration and major military battles, not college football games.

Below is a home video shot of Illinois trying to plant their flag in Spartan Stadium after they upset MSU last weekend. Just listen to all the MSU fans booing, although I actually think they're booing their team rather than Illinois and the flag stunt.


matsut said...

Yost: I think you're right about them booing the Spartans rather than the flag-planting. My word, can you imagine what it must be like to be an MSU fan?

I was at an MSU-OSU game at the 'Shoe during the T.J. Duckett years, and my scalper-provided tickets were in the MSU fans' section. They seemed like decent folks, and I feel for them these days.

Anonymous said...

You stay classy Illinois.

What a piece of **** program.

Andy said...

Let me get this straight...

It is perfectly OK for the sparty players to plant a flag during their celebration last year at Notre Dame -- but it is not acceptable for any other team to return the favor ???

Forget what happens during the game. That is secondary. If you try to disrespect the field, sparty will fight you off like a bunch of crazed dogs.


richard cranium said...

HAHA you beat me to it andy

Doug said...

I know a win like this is a big deal for a program like Illinois, but still, it's not like nobody's ever beaten State in their own house before. Planting a flag on their field is sort of like planting a flag on Grenada. Or France.

Anonymous said...

I would say Illinois should act like they've been there before...but in thinking, I guess they haven't. You are the laughing stock of the Big Ten and big time college football. When you get your one win a year, enjoy it, savor it, but please don't go throwing your 'I' flag on the field. When you go above .500 in the Big Ten, you can start flaunting your logo. Its probably safe to say, this won't happen.

aladouche said...

It was a big win for Illini but the whole flag planting shit is lame. MSU should'nt have done it last year in ND (though anything bad happening to ND is funny). Just like ND beat MSU this year, MSU will beat Illinois next year.

MSU really attacked the Illinois players and prevented the flag planting...too bad they couldn't use all the energy during the game.

schiano for president! said...

well MSU kinda deserved it- even though thats not the issue here, is it.

in other news, didnt illinois in the big X like 5 years ago (the kurt kittner years)? trust me theyve got some wins in recent history.

Eric S. said...

Is it just me, or is there not much booing? It sounds like cheering to me, but maybe I'm just dumb.

Erik said...

Flag planting seems to be alot more popular in Big 10 country than down here in The South.

Kinda like male hair product.

I don't really have too much problem with things like this...Illinois is basically rubbing it in MSU's face. It's not exactly the "classy" thing to do, but it's fun!

Kinda like when Bama fans chant "HEY VANDY, HEY VANDY...We Just Beat The Hell Out Of You!" after winning with a last second field goal over, etc.

Markus Arelius said...

I agree with flag planting.
I think it adds to the color and excitement of college football.

I also like street fights where you can throw a trident, set people on fire and carry hand grenades....

Anonymous said...

And the Vandy fans yelled, "That's alright, that's okay, you're going to work for us one day."

Time to umpimp the auto.

TitleIX said...

You give Sparty way too much credit....

Logic? Zero
Class? Zero
Rational behavior? None

Protect the couches on Saturday!!!!

beast in 'bama said...

Anon 12:22:
We used to yell that at Rice, too, when the big schools were beating the hell out of us. Damn! Thought we were being original.

As to this post, they're not booing. They're chanting Lou! Lou!

Mike said...

I guess when you only win a Big Ten game every two years it's a big deal.

John L. Smith and [Name Redacted]

Two classless coaches leading the two classless programs in the Big Ten. I'm not surprised a team led by [name redacted] would stoop so low. I would expect such things in the SEC.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i imagine that ron zook put his boys up to that.

U-Dub Dish

Anonymous said...

now zookie had nothing to do with it....charlie paid illinois $8 to do it...

Anonymous said...

Well Mike, just how many teams in the SEC planting flags at opponents 50-yard line have you seen, read about, heard of, been told about?

That's right Mikey. Zilch. What else you got?

Bullshit for a hundred, Alex.

harry hasselhoff said...

I agree with Anon 4:09. This isn't SEC at all - they are pretty classy. Flag planting is totally bush league, aka ACC.

Anonymous said...

MSU did have it coming. That said, I have to agree that it is not appropriate. (I guess it's kind of like a rapist getting raped, or a politician getting lied to.)

Normally I f-ing hate Notre Dame and OSU (less so--they should still do well in bowl games), but I actually have more respect for them now. Not just because they merely don't plant flags in other people's field (although I wonder if refraining from planting their flag in Columbus is any accomplishment for OSU), but becuase they show class. Charlie Weis after the Michigan-ND game? Class act. Tressel in general (especially compared to Woody Hayes) is also pretty classy. And OSU and Michigan generally do not run up scores of games (don't mention last year's game against EMU, although we were pissed about the week before). It's classy Midwest/Big Ten football, not that dirty Southern ball where teams will gladly beat up on Vandy and Tulane 56-0.

So respect the game, and show good sportsmanship...

Anonymous said...

Dirty Southern ball... you're freakin' hilarious dude. Let me guess, when you were little, a southern cousin of yours kicked your ass in backyard football? No wait, a southern female cousin of yours was able to more coherently describe offensive strategy than you could, embarrassing you in the process and making you feel like a homer in your Old Navy t-shirt and greased up Backstreet Boys haircut?

Anonymous said...

Watch the Sparty melt down last week and commented to my wife "that team has NO character."

They were getting shoved around by freakin' Illinois, but nobody on the team or the bench seemed to give a rats's ass.

Even their response to the Illini's bush stunt with planting their flag on Sparty's turf was lackluster, but it mirrored their, you should pardon the expression, "performance" during the game.

John L. Smith, with justification, looked like a funeral director.