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Friday, October 27, 2006

How Buckeyes Spend Time With Their Male Friends

So I find this clip below on YouTube. It's allegedly of a couple Buckeye fans writing in marker all over their passed out Notre Dame friend...

Ok, I get it. College high jinks. Until I just happen to see the video below by the same dipshits where they allegedly pulled the exact same "prank" on their "Michigan" friend the very next night, writing -- wait for it -- "Fuck Michigan" on the "drunk" friend. Har-hardy har. Hardy har-har-har.

Gee, these two "young Bucks" sure seem to like getting their guy friends drunk, whipping out the old video camera then writing all over their bodies. I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

Future rocket scientists.

At some point I expected these dudes to rip down his pants and start working his johnson.

Howard21 said...

The tOSU fans don't surprise me, but why in the hell does the ND guy have a ND pillow case. My money is on the fact that he still wears spiderman underwear

Anonymous said...

A few thoughts...

The cameraman drooled when he said batteries in the first video. Gross.

What dumb-ass college are they attending? 2 buckeyes, a ND & UM guy? Probably junior college which means they could all play for MSU next season.

Figures a buckeye can't spell beaver.


srudoff said...

"Figures a buckeye can't spell beaver."

we might not be able to spell 'beaver' - then again we don't go to Michigan games wearing one on our head!!