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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hey, is that Charlie Weis down there?

Richard wrote to tell us that Google has updated its satellite images and The Big House is now in. Here's the link over at MapGameDay.com.

Even from space, it's a glorious sight. Space, bitches. Space.

P.S. And no, there is no truth to the rumor you can see the Notre Dame coach from the satellite in the South Bend photo.


matsut said...

What's all that shit on the field in that picture?

Yost said...


Looks like they're setting up for graduation.

Andy said...

stadium re-construction from this summer?

A vast improvement from the blurry photos google earth had previously displayed of A2.

srudoff said...

I hear that the images are getting so clear that you can actually see 110,000 people sitting on their hands on gameday!

The other 1000 are waving their keys

Anonymous said...

You all are crazy to have found this. I went on google earth yesterday to give directions for a friend meeting up with me for this weekend's tailgate. I was shocked to see that Google finally updated the maps. Zingerman's looks good from above.

Anonymous said...

I've always loved the Apollo 15 Ad. It's great, but I also think it's technically innacurate. 15 went to the moon, and in earth orbit, it would have had the lunar module attached to it. But still a great ad and claim that no one else can make. GO BLUE

Anonymous said...

On a related note, how sweet is the UM commercial played during games where the shuttle orbiting the earth is cranking out "Hail to the Victors"?!!

Spartan Bob said...

It's just like the line from the first "Alien" movie:

"In space, no one hears you scream"

Jason said...
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srudoff said...
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srudoff said...

Yost -

Actually it looks like they are right in the middle of graduation ceremonies for the Michigan Basketball team.....