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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in Columbus

Why am I not surprised? And the best part is, they can use the candle inside to light their couches on fire.

P.S. How much you want to bet they carved "Fuck Michigan" into the other side.

(HT: LM via BuckeyePlanet)


Howard21 said...

I'm sorry, but that is a little funny. and a pretty good job on the carving

TitleIX said...

yeah, gotta agree, that's pretty good...
although notice the #2 sized pencil-dick.......

Suckeye said...

Why is he drinking his own piss?

Anonymous said...

the other side prolly says 13-0 which is what we are going to be this year

Anonymous said...

you kno the fact that many (not all) tOSU fans put more effort into hating us (Michigan) is pathetic. I mean yes we have the greatest rivalry in all of sports, but some of the things i see dont help the rivalry at all.They just demonstrate a total lack of class, and confidence in your own team. Ok i guess thats my little speech...and to all Michigan fans... just forget the Buckeyes we know the type of program we have. I love Michigan and I have great respect for Ohio State...Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Why do Michigan fans complain everytime they see Ohio State fans displaying their passion for the rivalry? Do you guys seriously take offense to this and consider it a lack of respect? Would you rather we carve "Boy, I hope we beat the Wolverines this year!" into the pumpkin and rub our lucky rabbit's foot? Come on, it's a college rivalry, what do you expect? Considering you guys as our rival is giving you the utmost respect. Man up and stop taking the "we're so respectful/holier than thou" high road.
Respectfully yours,

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:41,

I can't wait to see your fans' displays of "respect" in Cbus year.

I hope kevlar comes in maize and blue.

Richard Cranium said...

Please cut the class argument and the "Oh we're so high and mighty, and respect everyone" routine. Lack of class can be seen at either stadium and if you haven't seen it at yours then you should stick that striped cane out a little further. Great posts Yost, I love reading your site everyday, but anon 3:50 get a clue!!! With fans like you it's not effort at all to do things like this, just to see your prudent little bird lips give a frown.