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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Even Reader's Digest is Jumping on the Bandwagon

While there's no denying it's an American institution, Reader's Digest magazine is still mostly read by people in their 80s who've had a subscription since the Truman administration, old folks in their 80s (whose subscription ran out during the Eisenhower administration) waiting to see the dentist, or by young guys looking for something to peruse besides Consumer Reports while taking a shit at their 80 year old grandparents' house.

That's why I was surprised to see the picture below from their C.F. Payne collection on the back cover of the November issue...

Now, while it's great that the Digest is hip enough to recognize the enormity of the upcoming Michigan-tOSU game, did they have to make the Michigan fans so....Buckeye looking? The two Michigan fans in front have a Buckstache for cryin' out loud.

Meanwhile, the Buckeye fan with the jersey has a much more menacing look than any Wolverine fan. We assume this is the Reader's Digest way of expressing the Buckeye battle cry of "Fuck Michigan" the only way they knew how for Grandma and Grandpa.

(HT: LM)


matsut said...

I don't know if you noticed, Benny, but the painting also has Ohio Stadium in the background as opposed to The Big House (the "old" version on The 'Shoe, no less). Still, I think you're overdoing the whole "Buckstache" thing. You should see some of the folks that wear UM regalia here in Columbus. Of course, that's true about any fanbase, I suppose.

Anonymous said...


the depiction of the stadium is there because The Game is at Ohio Stadium this year.

there are a lot of hilljacks in Michigan, as well. Kid Rock ring a bell?

phoennix10 said...

Kid Rock might be sporting a buckstache, but he's only one person.

And a wise dog (my newfie) once said, "One person, does not a trend make...."

Well, to be honest, my newfie didn't say that..she's not that smart...she can barely speak english (she speaks canuck)...then again, neither can OSU grads...except the commonly heard phrase; "Welcome to McDonalds, you want fries with your Buckstache?"

Anonymous said...

Taking a shit at your grandparents?
At least you paid them a visit and got an article out of it. I'm sure they were glad to see you two while you were in town.

BTW a prediction for 11/18 - 50-14, OSU relives 1968.

Sleestack90 said...

The guy with the receeding hairline and glasses on the Michigan side is a dead ringer for Ohio Governor bob taft.

Anonymous said...

If the picture were just a little wider you'd certainly be able to see tOSU President Karen "the Tailgating Nazi" Holbrook and her Gestapo henchmen coming to pour out those beers. Everyone knows that you should pour them into cups. Maybe it's just an older piece of work, if not it’s an anachronism.

BTW, I’m pretty sure that I’ve already seen my best production here at work for the next month or so. I can’t stand it. Is it November 18th yet?

Go Bucks

Anonymous said...

What's is say that I'm 35 and have subscriptions to both Reader's Digest and Consumer Reports? At least I read this blog, right? Right?

eogqtz said...

What did you expect, the gang from "The Big Chill" on the Michigan side?

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the Michigan folk in that picture look pretty accurate (can't speak for the tOSU folk, as I've never seen them en masse). I'm pretty sure I chastised the front-and-center Michigan guy with the Buckstache for yelling at people to sit down during the MSU game.

Jack Fu said...

I have no idea why it stuck out to me, but when I went to The Game in 1999, the section next to us was all middle-aged folk, and at the end of the game they did some kind of taunting cheer where they kept clapping and pointing at us, and I remember thinking "Jesus, it looks like 70% of those guys have pornstaches."

youknowthis said...

One thing i noticed is the Buckeyes got the Brats goin, while the Michiganders have the Burgers, i know we chow down on brats here in cow town, but do you northies love the burgers that much?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't show the "security" dogs sniffing at the Michigan folks.


matt said...

see, the whole painting is a sham. not one single 80-year-old woman throwing urine on the michigan fans while she screams 'FUCK MICHIGAN!' through her dentures.

not very well-researched, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

the big OSU fan up front definitely resembles james laurinitis' father, Road Warrior Animal. It can't be a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

I know your focus is on Ohio State, but I'm not sure why all of you are so disappointed of your win of Iowa. Iowa has always played Michigan tough and there pride was a little wounded after the IU game.

Yost said...

I wasn't disappointed at all. Tough game against tough team.

War Eagle In Fla said...