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Monday, October 02, 2006

The End is Near

Lock the doors. Say your prayers. Hug your children.

The Apocalypse may be upon us.

Yesterday, Detroit Free Press sports columnist Drew Sharp wrote an article that was not overtly critical about the Michigan football program. Granted, the story was about John L. Smith and his, shall we say, problems in East Lansing. And when he did mention Michigan and the comparisons being made to the '97 defense, he had to take a swipe saying, "All right, let's play along with the charade for a second."

But, that was about as bad as it got for a second. Now, we're not sure if somebody put a gun to his head or he's on some sort of medication for his assclown condition, but it was almost grudging respect. But I wouldn't call it "positive." Thus, for those of you keeping score at home...


Total articles written about/mentioning Michigan football and/or Lloyd Carr

Negative - 5
Positive - 0
Neutral - 1


srudoff said...

How you could read that as neutral is assine. So he won't compare the 2006 defense to the 1997 defense??? It is a charade to compare them at this point - UM fans that are trying to do that thus far are delusional - one did it over a whole season while the other has done it for a few games against mostly suspect opponents.

Did you miss it when he said "You don't face Michigan in its current mind-set when you're reconstructing a fragile psyche. The way the Wolverines are rolling right now, they could inflict irreversible damage."

or "Before the Wolverines complete writing this chapter, they might recognize this as one of their finest defensive fronts because they keep moving their feet."

or "Although the score stayed relatively close through early in the fourth quarter, the Wolverines dominated Minnesota"

what the f**k more do you want????

Yost said...


I want him to kneel before Zod. Is that so wrong?

srudoff said...

: )

Anonymous said...

The litmus test for spotting someone anti-Michigan is The "Co-" Test. Assclown failed it and on this alone deserves the "neutral" rating for the article. He could've said just as easily "when Michigan won the National Title in 1997" but he had to put "co-" in there. Every Michigan fan knows that's salt in the wound to this day! No team ever in the HISTORY of college football has been #1 in BOTH polls, won their bowl game, and DROPPED! Never! Phil Fulmer ranked Michigan #8 in his final poll! WTF??!! That is why he will always be a motherfucker until the day he dies and I hope he never wins another goddamn game.

I also don't like the condescending tone used for Michigan fans. Why "Blue Kool Aid drinkers"? What? Aren't we allowed to be fans of our team without the derogatory inference that we're delusional and mindless? The Wolverines seem to be having a bang-up year, but we can't express optimism without being "Kool Aid drinkers"?
The statistical similarity of the 2006 defense to the 1997 defense through 5 games is impressive. THAT is why these discussions are occurring. It is not a "charade" to make this compariosn and I don't like his negativity about doing so.

Anonymous said...

Once an asshole always an asshole, the worst part is that college football journalism is filled with thousdands of them.

The latest is Matthew Zemek of CFN, this asshole has just ripped into ESPN for promoting "The game". WTF where was he when WWL was piming up USC last year, what about the tOSU-Texas game this year. What about WV and them being top 5.

ANd yes if we beat tOSU and end up 12-0 we are in Arizon for sure. And yes Chad Henne will be a better QB that Booty and Cox, if he helps us go undefeated and beats tOSU at the shoe.

RoseBowl98 said...

Sharp is not so (sharp).
Michigan players don't care that 88 pts have been scored in the past three years, or that its the highest 3-year running total by Sparty in the series history (OT added to the total in 2004). All three of thise game were wins for U-M.
This years team cares about this years record, erasing the memories of last year and improvement week by week on its way to a Championship ( pick your flavor ).
For this who do care about the series history the 3-year stretch between 1959-1961 same U-M give up a toal of 86 pts in three straight losses 8-34, 17-24 and 0-28.

Ungar Kelt said...

"DREW SHARP: U-M could bring Smith's demise"

My knee-jerk reaction was "Wow, Sharp thinks that Michigan is going to beat Troy Smith this year." Sharp is totally into Michigan, almost going overboard.

Then I realized he was referring to John L. getting fired - yeah, no shit, Drew, losing to Michigan won't increase the probability of him retaining his job.

phoennix10 said...

I planned a management drive and ride back in the early 90's when I was at Ford called, "To Hell and Back"

(Dearborn to Hell Michigan)..funny you would have that sign up there.

Isn't Drew Sharp (POS..though, he's a UofM grad....Bo must've said "no" to him when he tried to walk on the team as waterboy or something...) saying ANYTHING positive about Michigan one of the Seven Seals of the coming APOCALYPSE?!!!

BaggyPantsDevil said...

In fairness, I actually thought the article was very favorable towards both Michigan and Lloyd Carr. I consider words like "steamroller," dominating," and "finest" to be praise. He commends Lloyd Carr for "heeding his critic's advice" and mentions Michigan not acting like Minnesota when reclaiming the Little Brown Jug.

What is curious, is Drew Sharp's perspective in writing his article. If you didn't know any better, you'd think Michigan was some huge, unfamiliar team from the other side of the country coming into town to crush the already reeling local team. The only reason Michigan is getting mentioned in the article is because they're the Spartan's next opponent. I think this article would have looked pretty much the same regardless of who Michigan State was playing Saturday with Sharp singing the praises of whoever the Spartans were scheduled to play simply to highlight the dire straits John L. Smith is in.

surrounded in columbus said...

i think that is why the article rates a neutral- this isn't praising michigan- it's slammng sparty. in essence he's constructively saying sparty has fallen so low, we actually look good standing next to them. he's not objectively praising us (hence the kool aid reference) but simply measuring moosu and finding them faulty by comparison.