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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Drew Sharp Watch - Update

The worst thing about working on this blog isn't the late night calls from Yost, or trying to make sure my co-workers don't see me posting, or trying to explain to my friends why I'm so tired all the time. Nope, it's when Yost asks me to read Drew Sharp.

I never read the guy. Why would I? I've always viewed him similar to a troller on a message board or blog - just ignore him since he's just doing things to get attention. He's a horrible writer and will always take the negative angle no matter what the story. And that's why Yost has been chronicling all of the negative columns Sharp has written about the Wolverines this year.

But something amazing happened this weekend, and I'm not talking about Alan Branch practically killing Anthony Morelli. Drew Sharp wrote his first positive column about the Wolverines. Yes, it's true. He writes that we might as well forget about the rest of the Big Ten schedule until November 18 because both the Buckeyes and Michigan will meet that day at 11-0.

Now some might try to say that Sharp is being somewhat disingenuous, and is just writing that, hoping that Michigan stubs its toe before the big game in Columbus so that he can just rip the program. And I'm sure there's at least a little of that "reverse jinx" thinking when he wrote it. But I also think something's gotten into Sharp. Because while looking for his column about Michigan, I noticed that his most recent column is the most positive thing he's ever written. Sure, it's about the Tigers, but it shows that he's not always negative.

So, in the interest of fairness, we have to give Sharp credit and update the Assclown Tally.


Total articles written about/mentioning Michigan football and/or Lloyd Carr

Negative - 5
Positive - 1
Neutral - 1


surrounded in columbus said...

yeah- i felt more comfortable w/ him off our bandwagon. it feels somehow "dirty" to have him singing our praises.

OCBlue said...

I didn't get the feeling when I read it that it was a positive Michigan article but rather a negative Big Ten article. (Ass Clown's second favorite subject).

Ass clown's backhanded compliment, if any, is that tOSU and Michigan are the cream of a pathetic Big Ten crop.

He's not out there saying that UM is justifyably ranked 2 or 3 in the nation.

It's his way of lying in the weeds waiting to ambush Big Blue should we stumble between now and Ohio State.

This article qualifies as a Nuetral, at best.