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Friday, October 13, 2006

Does the mailman get to dot the "i"?

Below is something we came across on RammerJammerYellowHammer that has us laughing and shaking our heads all at the same time.

When Craig Washington's neighbor in New Lebanon, Ohio, flew a Michigan flag, it wasn't enough for Buckeye fan Washington to simply fly an Ohio State flag. Nope. Washington instead spray painted "Ohio" into his lawn...and has being doing each year since 2002!

He has since added an inflatible Brutus Buckeye along with red and white flowers along the walkway. Oh, and his youngest son's nickname is "Brutus" (we kid you not).

No word yet if Washington intends to spray paint "Fuck Michigan" in his backyard.

Wonder if the ESPN commercial below was "inspired" by the story above...

(HT: SB for the YouTube link)


Brickeye said...

Boy, kinda makes the Notre Dame lawn logo look like mere child's play.

But to be totally fair and honest I would of done the same thing to me lawn.

theweiler said...

In the neighborhood where I grew up, there was a guy who flew tOSU flag. And every year before the Michigan game his buddies would paint a huge block 'M' in his yard. And this was during the Cooper era, which I am sure was bad enough for this poor guy.

matsut said...

I think that dude's yard looks fucking awesome.

Now, apropos of nothing: I was just watching some Yougle (GooTube?) highlights of recent Buckeye seasons, and I was wondering - are there any UM fans that think the flag on Santonio Holmes for unsportsmanlike conduct last year was warranted? I know it didn't affect the outcome of the game, but still: Was it a legit penalty? All he did was dive into the endzone - granted, from about the one-foot line - but there WERE two defenders within feet of him. Is that really "excessive celebration"?

Brickeye said...

What kind of sissy plants flowers? Your cheerleaders dress like modern day Billie Jean King's and your men plant Block M flower arrangements.

However if that was me I would of just ploped a burning couch on that assortment of blossoms'.

Allaha said...

The tOSU fan's lawn is like that of the over-exuberant guy who spends lots of time and cash putting up nativity scenes: you would never do it -- and you probably would not admit it publicly -- but it inspires a certain respect. Passion is cool, and the tOSU fan clearly has passion.

On the other hand, the guy on the lawn mower deserves to have a rabid wolverine go cujo on his ass.

Aladouche: don't let the image of homosexual anal beastiality (or, in words you understand, getting butt f*cked by a huge weasel) make you spew on the public library keyboard currently on your lap.

theweiler said...

That guy's lawn is a study in self-parody.

theweiler said...

Re excessive celebration: I think a better question is what is the appropriate penalty for couch burning after a game?

Anonymous said...

How much you wanna bet the dude didn't even go to ohio state?

Yost said...

According to the article,he didn't.

surrounded in columbus said...

it would have been better if he had made & hand painted minature band members and posed them in script ohio. the paint job is second best, i suppose.

about once a year i hear about a minor neighborhood skirmish over "displays" and conformity restrictions. a lot of the newer subdivisions in the burbs have very strict zoning/deed restrictions on outdoor decorating/appearance conformity, and they're usually enforced by a nazi-esque homeowners assoc.

some poor schmo will paint his driveway or garage w/ a block O, paint his mailbox, or hang too many flags/etc., and someone will complain about it.

always makes for interesting filler in the dispatch.

personally, i don't think "diving" is the kind of thing that should be flagged for "excessive celebration". if someone wants to risk separating their shoulder, let 'em?

that said, it is a penalty under the NCAA rules, and Holmes' dive seemed to be otherwise unneccessary. the two defenders weren't going to make a play or come close to catching him.

longhorn_steve said...

wait, he didn't even go to OSU? That cannot be emphasized enough.

Anonymous said...

The biggest shocker here is that he DID NOT misspell O-h-i-o.

Sports on a Schtick said...

Someone find that ESPN commercial where guy and girl wearing Michigan and Ohio State t-shirts are making out.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

@longhorn_steve, 9:34
@anonymous, 9:44

Your two comments go hand-in-hand.

Scott Boswell said...

The only place I have found the OSU/MU kissing commercial is here: http://espn.go.com/withoutsports/

You have to click on the surfer icon, scroll over the arrow and select "more". You will see it after that.

Best college football commercial ever ;)

P.S. They also have the Nimrod videos

Sports on a Schtick said...

Excellent work Scott.

Anonymous said...

The video is dumb. I would remove it from your site.

Yost said...

Gee, whatever you say, Anon.