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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Difference Between Your Life and College Life

This is the first in an occasional feature here at the MZone where we point out the difference between your life and college life.

YOUR LIFE: Sitting at your desk, reading this blog in cubicle hell and having to glance over at Gloria, the fat chick in accounting, all day.

COLLEGE LIFE: Going to Halloween parties with the Univeristy of Louiville cheerleaders who decided to all dress as Victoria's Secret models according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

P.S. Tell Gloria we said hello.


Anonymous said...

DAMN!!!!!! I'm going back to school!! If my wife let's me

Brad said...

I love Halloween. Here's a list of my favorite costumes I like to see:

1. Slutty nurse
2. Slutty French maid
3. Slutty cop
4. Slutty Catwoman
5. Slutty vampire
6. Slut
7. Whore

Yost said...


MGOBLUE94 said...


WHERE IS THE REAL BCS -- Co-ed Showdown!!!

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...

thanks assholes! now i have to go out on the plant floor w/ General Hugh G. Rection in my pants!

The King said...

Brad, that's the best post I've seen anywhere, ever.

Anonymous said...

Ok - hot chicks, except the 'thicker' one in the middle. Hopefully it's just the camera angle, if not, girlfriend should hit the stairmaster and lay off the doritos. Reality is that she probably isn't all that bad, but isn't doing herself any favors by hopping in the picture with those other chicks.

Foolish Perve said...

Why do chicks think that they can fool us into thinking they have slim legs by wearing nylons?

And why do I always fall for it?

phoennix10 said...

Brad, along that line;

add two more costumes i've seen at a B-school/Law school at Michigan (it was actually held in Brighton..go figure):

9. Slutty brownie/girl scout....
10. Slutty School Teacher
11. Slutty OREO cookie (...dead serious...white bikini..smoking hot bodie...in an Oreo cookie costume....she was from the nursing school!!!)

TitleIX said...

do Michigan Grads really work in cubicles????
I'm just wondering....

Andy said...

Not this one...