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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Dewey Beats Truman" College Football Award

And the award goes to...

The Association of Graduates of the United States Air Force Academy for the November 2006 cover of their "Checkpoints" alumni magazine. On it, they put a picture of the Commander in Chief tropy next to the caption "It's back!" This was a bold thing to do seeing as, coming into the 2006 season, the Falcons had lost three in a row to Navy. But they had a feeling this year so they took a chance at predicting the future...


Make that four losses in a row for Air Force and a really silly looking magazine cover after losing to the Midshipmen 24-17 last weekend.

Even more satisfying for Navy is the fact that, leading up to the game this year, the Midshipmen reportedly read press clippings from Air Force players saying how "embarrassing" it was to lose to Navy and how "lucky" the Middies were to win the previous three years. Such talk prompted Navy head coach Paul Johnson to say he was "proud to be the coach of the luckiest team in America" during his post-game comments.

Thanks to FS for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Bring on Army, baby!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am glad Navy does not have to play Michigan anymore. USNA '76 Grad

Anonymous said...

Hey, my Plebe year we BEAT Michigan!
USNA '67