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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bitter Rivals

In honor of the M-MSU game in Ann Arbor this weekend, we look back at the last time the Spartans came to The Big House two years ago. Some of you might just remember a few of these plays in this video MZone reader Jeremy put together...

And for the grainy, shot-in-the-stands look at one of those TDs, behold...


Brickeye said...

From watching the camera phone clip I have one question. Do Michigan fans know the words to thier own fight song or do you guys just say "Hail" with corresponding fist pump?

surrounded in columbus said...

the fight song? yes, most know the words. the over emphasis on the "hails" is purposeful, and actually makes for a nifty audio effect/punctuation in the stadium.

the alma mater? that's another matter. most (myself included) only know "Hail" and "the yellow and blue", which isn't the "correct" color to begin w/. the rest of the words are pretty much a mystery and i'm not sure i know anyone who claims to know them.

probably why we don't play the alma mater that often.

The King said...

Nothing like watching Braylon win a game he almost lost for us in the first place.

Also, I like how the guy who cut the video actually included the clip of Stanton getting hurt, just to fully hammer home the fact that we wouldn't have won that game if he had stayed in, no matter what our offense did.

IC said...


Edwards had 11 catches for 189 yards and three touchdowns in that 2004 win vs. State. I hope that Manningham, Arrington, and other M receivers can "almost lose" as many games for us as Braylon did.

Re. Stanton's injury: I wonder if ND and tOSU fans are whining about their close wins over Michigan last year because--after all--Mike Hart was injured and barely made a contribution.

The King said...

IC, stop being such an asshole. I'm not whining. It's called PERSPECTIVE. Sports fans are allowed to have it too.

IC said...

Whoa, King, I wasn't attacking you. Rather, I was explaining my perspective (I'll forego the all caps, which previously had been used primarily by lunatic tOSU fans visiting this blog.)

My perspective is the following:

1) Braylon's 2004 performance vs. State was remarkable--among the very best I've seen in over 30 years following M football-- despite what you recall as his less-than-stellar play prior to the comeback. To remember that game and respond, "Nothing like watching Braylon win a game he almost lost for us in the first place" strikes me as whiny (easy, easy...remember sports fans are allowed to have perspective...).

2) Injuries are part of the game. Your point re. Sparty losing Stanton is not unlike my application of the injury excuse, which could be used in most games played between two good teams. In other words, it is an essentially useless point.

Benny Friedman said...

King, you're right about the injury being the key to the game. There's no way a Drew Stanton-led Sparty team would blow a big lead against a traditional college power.

TitleIX said...

Sing to the colors that float in the light;

Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue!

Yellow the stars as they ride through the night

And reel in a rollicking crew;

Yellow the fields where ripens the grain

And yellow the moon on the harvest wain;


Hail to the colors that float in the light

Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue!

Verse 2--that no one knows or sings......

Blue are the billows that bow to the sun

When yellow robed morning is due.

Blue are the curtains that evening has spun

The slumbers of Phoebus to woo;

Blue are the blossoms to memory dear

And blue is the sapphire and gleams like a tear;


Hail to the ribbons that nature has spun;

Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue!

Anonymous said...

Guy who made the video here. I included it because Lamarr Woodley eats babies and shoulders. "[X] wouldn't have happened if [Y] didn't happen" is a depressing pair of glasses to watch college football through.

The Yellow and Blue is played every game during the postgame show. Additionally, it is played during pregame of the homecoming game.

And hey, let's not forget what happened the next year either (videos from my perspective):