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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Badger Band to Be Banned?

How bad does a marching band have to fuck up for the school's chancellor to threaten to ban them?

We wish we knew. Because Wisconsin's chancellor, John Wiley threatened to do just that after the Badger band's recent roadtrip to Michigan yet Wisco band members aren't talking about what happened that led them to be placed, in their own words, on "double secret probation."

Those close to the situation report Dean Wormer Wiley held a meeting with the band after their return from A2 due to numerous complaints about conduct on the trip that violated the band's code of conduct. He warned he would consider suspending activities and travel of the band or replacing its leadership if there were more reports of "gratuitous vulgarity, sexualized banter or joking, hazing, or other forms of demeaning conduct."

While band members refused to discuss specific details regarding what went on during the trip or their meeting with the Chancellor, those who did comment said Wiley laid down a set of rules including no hazing, no nicknames (commonly handed down to new band members at initiation) and restrictions on band-affiliated parties. Apparently Wiley wants them to go back to being plain ol' band fags again.

(HT: Bad Jocks)


matsut said...

At the risk of being branded as one thing or another by you troglodytes, I'll submit this: I first matriculated at Miami (OH) University, and I was a member of the Men's Glee Club - not a "show choir", just a men's choir, and a good one.

We had an informal football game against the male members of the marching band every fall...this was definitively NOT a sanctioned event; we even had to move the site twice to keep the game from being interfered with by University folk. We're talking for-real, tackle football with no pads, and every once in a while, people got hurt - in the three games I was involved with, there was an ACL tear, a concussion, and a separated shoulder sustained.

Now, I ask you: is this something that responsible colleges should put a stop to? Is it hazing? Or: is it just one of those ineffable things that makes the college experience what it is?

Brickeye said...


theweiler said...

Glee Club? Ohio citizens painting obscenities on their own lawns? What is this, embarrass yourself in public day?

Allaha said...

"One time, when I was at band camp" . . . who the hell knew American Pie was a documentary?

The article itself is great. Consider these quotes:

Nagy, special assistant to the chancellor, said: "If it was an instrument group, we'll act against the group, so if it was the tubas or the trumpets . . ." Group of instruments? What sort of depraved devices did the Badgers bring, and since when are the tuba and trumpet players the Caligulas of student entertainment?

"Eric Halverson, 22, fluegelhorn rank leader . . ." WTF is a flugelhorn, and how is it possible this guy is not the prime suspect for whatever happened? For that matter, what punishment could be more severe than making him finger his flugelhorn?

Note by the way that Halverson is a fifth year senior -- they red shirt flugelhorn players at Wisconsin? -- and clearly has a different view than the Chancellor. As he brilliantly explained: "we were all thinking that it was one of the more successful trips we had" even though "there were no injuries or arrests."

IC said...

"Gunderson, your new band pledge name is 'Skin Flute!'"

Eric Stratten said...

Isn't this an indictment of the entire fraternity system? Well, I'm not going to listen to you badmouthing the United States of America.

Lichty said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn Allaha you beat me to the punch- nice job. I was going to say, "One time, at Ann Arbor, I stuck a flute up my p...."

Yost said...

LOL, all!

theweiler said...

allhalla, I agree with your suspicions re the fluegelhorn rank leader. He in fact admits that he has knowledge of a "couple of incidents."

OhSoOso said...

Um, sounds like Wisconsin students were drinking too much, now there's a headline for ya.

But truly, I sorely doubt that the Wisconsin band is unique in this type of behavior on road trips. Speaking from personal experience, of course.

Allaha said...

ic -- very funny.

anon at 10:15 -- thanks; it was a lay-up.

theweiler -- I know little about band, but I believe flugelhorn is German for "he who does unspeakable things with his brass instrument." If that doesn't spell guilt, I don't know what does.

Becky said...

As a one-time band geek, I can assure you of this - there was definitely nude and lewd behavior on that there bus.

All the America Pie stuff about band geeks being the most impure? Yeah, they didn't just make that shit up.

Anonymous said...

If you think the Whisky Band was bad, check out the LSJUMB and their inebriated Mascot. http://daily.stanford.edu/article/2006/8/31/bandInLimbo