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Monday, October 16, 2006

At least they found something to cheer about

A Michigan hat, a lighter and fire. And this isn't even Columbus.

Note to Penn State fans: If you're going to try to rip on Michigan by changing the lyrics to the fight song like some hack middle act at the local comedy club, at least be original about it instead of stealing the same lyrics Ohio State fans have been using for 30+ years.


Richard Cranium said...

I agree Penn State is completely unoriginal. Burning stuff and singing Hail to those MFers has been an OSU tradition for my entire life. (25 yrs.) That my friends is why PSU sucks ass sweat.

You Know this said...

They did the same sort of burning thing last year at the OSU game, I just so happened to be walking right by at the time. Be glad you came out with that victory, it was hell after that game (even before for some) for anyone wearing scarlet and grey

Anonymous said...

Next year someone should paint on his chest the amount of time remaining in the game when Michigan scored the first touchdown, a diss to PSU fans for painting ":02" on their chests.

Anonymous said...

And here I was going to give a nod to PSU for being a class act. Screw that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and your band has the same lyrics for every other school... every Big Ten band does. I doubt it's solely a tOSU tradition, either.