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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Worst Damn Fans in the Land?

While the Ohio State football team staked its claim to being the best damn team in the land Saturday night, their fans were living down to the preception that they are among the worst.

Following Ohio State's torching of Texas 24-7 in the anticipated match-up of #1 vs. #2, Buckeye fans - not the losing Longhorn supporters - "celebrated" by torching parts of Columbus, setting some 40 fires in post-game violence that led to 17 people being arrested, 5 of them on arson charges.

But is anybody surprised?

Less than 24 hours after, arguably, Ohio State's biggest victory since they captured the 2002 National Championship, I found two very telling videos put up on YouTube by Buckeye fans.

The first one here is called "Tuck Fexas" and it features clips of the UT-OSU game intercut with clips of some chowderheads burning a Texas shirt.

The second video below is a :29 second clip below titled "F**k Tejas & F**k michigan." The "summary" by the "fan" who put it up says it all: "The Buckeyes are the clear #1 one now so all you haters need to F**K OFF! I think you can read my lips sorry no sound on my dig. camera but you should be able to tell I'm saying we're #1 F**K Texas F**K Michigan!!!!!!!!!"

Why is it that Ohio State fans can't seem to enjoy their team's victory unless they are berating their opponent? And why the hate toward Texas? You've played them twice.

I just don't get it. Almost as much as I don't get the guy in the second video (as well as some comments left here after the UT/Texas game), ripping on Michigan. I can promise you this -- if Michigan (somehow) finds a way to beat Notre Dame this weekend, the last thing I'm going to be doing is trolling Ohio State boards to talk smack or posting anti-Buckeye videos. I'm going to enjoy the victory over Notre Dame...probably without setting a single fire.

Now, before Buckeye fans fill our comments section with outrage about this post, know it's not just Michigan fans or this blog saying that something needs to be done to change the behavior of some Buckeye fans. A few Bucks themselves are getting tired of it as evidenced by Ohio State students who have started a Sportsmanship Council in an effort to make Buckeye fans "nice."

The group is trying to do three things: game-day ambassadors, a Best Fans in the Land competition and videos promoting positive fan behavior that will be played during games. According to the Columbus Dispatch article linked above, "the Sportsmanship Council...didn’t start until after the University of Texas game last September. Some Texas fans complained that they were harassed by foulmouthed, violent, drunken OSU fans when the teams played at Ohio Stadium."

Will it help? I sincerely hope so. Because the #1 team deserves fans to match.

Okay, that and the fact I'm going to the game in November and would like to try to get out of Columbus without my car window being smashed in...again.


Brickeye said...

I could never understand either with our "fans" (I use that term loosley) and fires. I think its some sort of cheap and effective way to dispose of the that nasty, old and broken couch that the garbage people won't pick up and even Goodwill won't touch. I can see the conversation now.

Buckeye Fan 1: FUCK YEAH! We beat Texas! WHOOOO!!! *Jumps on couch* CRRRRRAAAACCCKKKK.

Buckeye Fan 2: Aw shit dude, you broke the couch. Now what?

Buckeye Fan 1: Lets throw it out.

Buckeye Fan 2: Nah that trash collector won't take shit. And Goodwill wont want it.

Buckeye Fan 1: Hey I got an idea! LETS BURN THE MUTHERFUCKER!

Buckeye Fan 2: GREAT IDEA! Wait...won't we get in trouble and make our university look bad in front of national media?

Buckeye Fan 1: ......... Fuck Michigan?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Buckeye fan living in Columbus and I speak for many of us when I say we are completely embarrassed and ashamed of what some of our fans do or say. I cringe each time I hear about another team's fans coming to Columbus only to get verbally harrassed and their personal property damaged.

You have to believe this is the minority of our fan base. Traveling to other games and hanging with fans of other teams, I have always tried to be courteous and make them feel welcome. As a group, we've always tried to keep other idiots in check and let them know we disaprove of yelling "F You!!" to other fans.

I guess I'm at a loss for what to do about it other than to stop it when I see it. But I will do my part and buy a few beers for the Michigan fans coming down in November...at least a couple fans will go back with a better view of us.

From all accounts, I hear the fans that went out to Austin were well behaved and had a great time. Its a start!

Go Bucks!

Harry Freeloader said...

Ohio State is becoming the Miami of the 21rst century. I don't think they'll win the MNC like they think they will. There's too many good teams out there this year who have painted a bullseye on the "hairless nuts" of OSU.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from some enlightened Buckeye fans. Bad fans turn the Michigan vs. OSU rivalry from a fun thing into a hateful thing which is bad for the rivalry and bad for the sport. Shame on all fans-from any school-who take it too far.

What Columbus needs is an NFL team to provide a distractions to the high school dropout hicks who booze it up outside the 'shoe, burn couches, and throw bottles at opposing fans.

OhioGirl22 said...

I am an avid OSU fan and am completely embarassed by the horrible behavior of these fans. I don't event want to say "our" fans, because I would never claim to share a camaraderie with people who behave that way. I was near OSU's campus watching the game Saturday night and had no idea as to the destructive behaviors that took place that night... seeing it on tv the next morning, I could only imagine the reactions from our opponents, other Buckeyes fans, and even our TEAM--when they heard the ridiculous things that took place. There's definitely a line between celebrating a victory and being a complete and total moron with absolutely no self-control, using a great victory as an excuse to exagerrate your ignorance. It's sad that those idiots overshadow those of us who love the Buckeyes, love to celebrate victories with positive actions, and love a friendly and longstanding rivalry with Michigan--as it gives us all something to look forward to each year. That being said, I'm sorry for my fellow Columbus citizens. They do not represent the large majority of normal, stable fans who just like to have a couple of beers & high-five each other when we win. I hope other fans like myself can set a better example of sportsmanship in the future.

Anonymous said...

The easiest way for tOSU to improve the quality of its local fan base is to actually speak up and speak out against this behavior.

Isn't it strange that the University, athletic department, and football head coach sits on their hands and allows this to continue year after year?

Says alot about the program and where it is heading.

Anonymous said...

How about letting your team and that dominating performance have the headlines, sucknut fans? I do believe they earned it!

Columbus is a shithole.

The King said...

What a refreshing batch of comments in this thread from Buckeye fans. You people are doing good work to save the public face of your fanbase.

srudoff said...

I think you'd find 99% of Buckeye fans are pissed off at people like this. God it's stupid. Luckily it seems like most of the people here recognize that it's a few idiots making everyone look bad (like those few morons that showered recruits with cups and stuff at the shoe last year).

Scott Boswell said...

I can personally attest that the Buckeye fans I met were classy. I'm glad that the bad element was left home.

On a side note, I have to pat my fellow Horn breathen on the back for our display of sportsmanship this weekend. We could have easily evened the score on the treatment we received in C-bus but took the high road. I haven't heard from a Buckeye that wasn't amazed at our hospitality.

The scoreboard may not have been in our favor, but the class of our fans won.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Scott, I'm sure the OSU fans who are the troublemakers aren't the type of fans who would follow the team all the way to Texas.

Malibuckeye said...

As a buckeye fan, I echo the disgust at these idiots, and wish that the athletic department and Senor Sweatervest would make a public statement about these issues.

To paraphrase Sam Wyche- "You live in (or represent) Columbus, not West Virginia"

Keep up the great work, MZone- while we may disagree on one Saturday of the year, we see eye to eye about what college football (and fan support) should be.

blue2004 said...

Ohio State has in the past publicly voiced that they don't like this behavior, and they even went through quite a process after the 2002 season, producing a lengthy report investigating the activity around the Michigan game. From the looks of it, they sincerely tackled this issue.

Included in the report, and backed by other similar studies, was the fact that 3:30, or worse, night games result in more frequent incidents. And yet, Ohio State (as well as U-M, though I don't know if we could have done anything about it) apparently had no objection to the 3:30 scheduling of the Michigan game.

Anonymous said...

I had no doubt the Texas fanbase would take the high road. I think I speak for a lot of Bucks when I say that the entire Texas program became very respected by the Buckeye fans after last years game. You won staight-up last year, we did this year. Hope it isn't too long before we meet again.


TitleIX said...

it's not just us.....
have you seen the Allstate insurance commercial where the guys try and steal the goal post by wrapping it in chains attached to their 1970's model sedan???
OHIO PLATES my friends

OHIO PLATES on yonder car as it loses it's axle trying to pull the goal post down.

I guess the Ohio phenomenon could be classified as 'common knowledge' ie, if you want to depict a bunch of dumb-shits doing dumb-ass things...pick Ohio

Trevor Pitt said...

I was elated to see my Buckeyes win by a decent margin. I wasn't so excited to see the apparent post-game celebrations by alleged OSU fans. I just wonder what sort of a person burns their couch? That's a major part of your living room furniture ensemble. What are they sitting on now, milk crates? It's not even winter yet, the "I needed something to keep me warm" excuse doesn't work until, at the very least, October. Maybe we should start selling paper mache/pinata-like couches before each game day so that these lesser life-forms don't hurt themselves. Sorry that these idiots had to make the rest of us look bad. I'm sure I speak for a majority of the sane OSU fans when I say that we don't condone that sort of behavior.

PS: And Texas deserves the right to have a best-of-three rematch game, on neutral ground.

Anonymous said...

The reason for so many fires (granted there we're probably bound to be a couple, but this added fuel to the fire) was just the timing of this big of a game. School starts in a week here in Columbus, and with that, many students are moving in and out of apartments and houses. This has left every back alley chock full of old sofas and other furniture that has been discarded. I'm not saying this is an excuse, I'm just saying you dont give a known robber the key to the safe. The City of Columbus dropped the ball on this one. The old furniture should have been removed, but there is still no excuse for some Buckeye fans behavior. I'm glad I was off campus this weekend!

justin said...

I find it funny that they're burning their own stuff, and damaging the property of their own city. It's one thing to celebrate and mess up something of an opponents, but to celebrate by making your own city look ugly, that's even more asinine.

As Trevor said, we deserve a best of three rematch. Neutral site is cool. How does Phoenix, Arizona sound? Say, first few weeks of January?

Hopefully we'll see you there.

CaliGirl said...

Thank you to the Buckeye fans that "nut" up with how shameful these obnoxious fans are. I am a true Wolverine and dislike tOSU as much as the next M fan, but what make me hate them even more than just the typical rivalry is the idiotic fans, that are so ignorant you can't help but hate them.

I enjoy a good smack talk session just like any others, but I also acknowledge our weaknesses vs. strengths. I also can see our opponents strength/weakness without bringing in a single "FUCK tOSU"

Living out in California I get more PAC-10 crap than Big-10. So out here it is all the talk of the AZ Wildcats stomping on LSU's tiger eye pre-game Saturday...then getting their ASSES handed to them and all they can say is crap about ASU...WTF?!?!

I don't understand fans like this. If you win, celebrate that win without talking trash about a game that is 9-10 weeks away. If you lose, suck it up...you lost, don't deflect blame by hating your rival...you lost!

and to titleix...I KNEW it was Ohio plates in that commercial!

Anonymous said...

What's your licence plate number?

Buckeye Fan