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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why Drew Sharp is still an Assclown

I'm not even surprised.

First of all, last Friday in his column about the most recent allegations to come out about Reggie Bush accepting money and other extra benefits while playing for USC, Sharp couldn't resist taking a swipe at Michigan in the story saying:

"Charles Woodson's name emerged in a paper trail following a federal raid of a South Carolina agent's office three years after Woodson won the Heisman Trophy and led the Wolverines to a share of the 1997 national championship.

Does anybody really think Woodson wasn't getting anything on the side?

Of course not, but the NCAA wanted nothing to do with investigating such a hallowed product as Michigan football -- particularly after its first national championship in 50 years."

Amazing how the guy can take an article about anything and still find a way to take a swipe at Michigan.

(Note: Before Buckeye fans attempt to jump into the fray and agree with the Sharp, please know that in the very next paragraph, he says the same thing about Tosu and their 2002 National Championship vis a vis Clarett.)

But after Michigan's big win against Notre Dame Saturday, I was actually looking forward to what Sharp had to say. After the biggest win in the program's recent past, there wasn't much negative even an assclown like Sharp could write.

And I was correct. Sharp didn't say one bad thing about Michigan in in his Sunday column. That's because, in light of one of the bigger games on Saturday, Sharp instead wrote about Michigan State's huge victory over Pitt.

What a complete and utter tool.

You think he'd have written about the Spartans had the UM-ND score been reversed and Michigan lost by 26? You think he'll write about MSU if Michigan loses to Wisconsin this week? Don't kid yourself.

No, instead of writing something positive about the maize and blue, he's waiting. Waiting for the slip up or mistake that will happen at some point in the future. Then he will pounce.

And if Michigan somehow manages to run the table this season? Well, expect a lot columns on the Spartans in the Freep carrying the Drew Sharp byline.

One more thing, I got a call today from someone who was listening to AM radio in Detroit and Sharp was a guest. When they asked for comment on the big Michigan victory, you know what assclown brought up? The Michigan players dumping water on Lloyd at the end of the game. He said it was "bush."

Gee, after all the down times the Wolverines have been through recently, after their coach has been raked over the coals by jerks like Sharp on a regular basis, the team goes into a hostile stadium to face the #2 team and simply crushes them in all phases of the game, hanging the most points on ND at home since TV was in black and white, and Sharp focuses on a Gatorade shower by exuberant college kids who everybody doubted, including many of their own fans.

Sharp defended bringing it up by saying if they hadn't done it, he wouldn't have mentioned it. No, of course not. Instead, he would have found something else negative to say.

What a fucking assclown.

I won't count the Sparty article in the watch since it wasn't about Michigan though it should count as 1/2 because the silence speaks volumes. Instead, we'll just focus on the USC article and the dig. So, as we keep track of his columns until he writes one positive thing about Michigan in any of his football columns this season...


Articles about/mentioning Michigan football and/or Lloyd Carr - 4

Negative - 4
Postive - 0


Chris Webber said...

This guy really is an Ass Clown...boycott buying the Freep.

MGOBLUE94 said...

who's starting up www.firedrewsharp.com?!?!

Scott Boswell said...

Perhaps death threats and menacing phone calls are in order.

TX Buckeye said...

First of all, Nice ass-whoopin on the Golden Domers. As a Buckeye, it's against my nature to cheer for the Blue, but liked the outcome nonetheless (for the conference etc.)

Jackasses like your boy at the FreeP chap my ass. I'm happy every day when I don't see something negative on my school in the press. (Like #13 former Denver Bronco) Once the story is over why can't assclowns like him just leave it alone and let us all pretend that our past foibles were isolated incidents?

Anonymous said...

What a joke this guy is...dumping praise on the Spartans for fighting their way back from a 10-0 1st quarter deficit rather than just packing it in. Drew, they were down 10-0 to an inferior team. You don't get praise for coming back after that...you should get questioned why did you allow yourself to get to that position in the 1st place. One should wonder why they started in such a funk rather than preaching to us how their character allowed them to come back and win so handily.

OSU was down 7-0 to Cincinnati. Where's all the praise for the tremendous heart they showed fighting their way back for the win???

Assclown indeed. You know that Drew had his UM getting throttled article all ready in his head. Wanting to speak on how a change was needed and how Lloyd cannot win big games, etc. So he had to go back and pull the MSU tape to find something to write about.

Jeff said...

I think this is a positive one.


TitleIX said...

anyone know if assclown HAS a degree and from whence it came???

perhaps out of the assclown box as a special prize???

Yost said...


Here's the kicker -- he went to Michigan!

Anonymous said...

Hey buckeye fans, did you notice this assclown can't even get his facts right. He said TOSU was the 2003 national champions. You'd think in an article that short, and where he takes swipes at football programs, he would at least know the correct year.

Just another reason I have to agree that Sharp is one hell of an assclown!

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Sharp has issues and I can only imagine what they are. He tends to just focus on the negative. What a terrible approach to one's job. "I want to write about sports so I can constantly criticize and complain about other people who are doing things I'm not really capable of doing myself."

Sure, there's a dark side to college football, but--as all us Michigan fans know right now--there is also a glorious wonder to it as well. I would think a reasonably stable person would like to celebrate the sport and the local teams once at least once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Drew is the man