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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vegas Speaks: Notre Dame Favored By 7

The latest line for this weekend's Michigan-Notre Dame showdown has the Irish as a 7 point favorite. Frankly, I can't remember Michigan being this big of a 'dog since the series with ND resumed in 1978.

But I'm also not surprised. While the scores have looked good in the paper, Michigan's actual play hasn't been as impressive. On the other side of the ball, the G.Tech game for Notre Dame caused some alarm in South Bend, but the smack down of Penn State has quieted those initial concerns.

Throw in the fact that Michigan hasn't won their road opener since 1999 nor beaten Notre Dame on their home turf since '94 and, well, seven points seems about right.

Lloyd is 3-4 against Notre Dame since he became head coach, 0-3 in South Bend.

So, for Michigan fans trying to remember what it feels like to actually beat Notre Dame under the watchful eye of Touchdown Jesus, MZone reader Andy sent us this reminder from the '94 game...


Anonymous said...

"Lloyd is 4-3 against Notre Dame since he became head coach, 0-3 in South Bend."

We lost to ND at home last year.

Yost said...

Thanks, Anon. Good catch.

IC said...


A few impressions:

1) Chris Collinsworth was (and is) such a pud. "Move over Joe Montana", my ass.

2) Has there been any individual play in Michigan football over the past 30 years more consistently successful than the Riemersma across the middle play? I think it probably worked about 98% of the time it was run.

3) Did I see Todd Collins run for a 14 yard gain?

4) Watching a game without the yellow electronic first down marker makes a broadcast look naked.

5) Seth Smith's dive to the sideline was one of the headiest plays you'll ever see.

Thanks for sending that along, MZone reader Andy.

LAGuy said...

Another game I remember well. I drove 40 miles out to Camarillo to watch the game with a friend. We spent the rest of the day celebrating.

Anonymous said...

that line doesn't bode well...in my previous betting life a line that big usually means that the wiseguys and line makers think this game has the potential to be a blowout. They're trying like hell to get us to bet for our beloved Wolverines, thinking that they can cover 7.

Don't bite...remember all those Domer fans who thought the Irish would cover the opening line of 7 against the Buckeyes in the Fiesta last year?

Andy said...

The NBC presentation of Notre Dame football always has been nauseating. Great plays by Collins and Smith. For a kicker, Remy Hamilton was as cool as they come. But my favorite play was when the M fans got a 15 yard penalty in South Bend ?

Boomer Bear said...

Michigan Fans,

Don't take the 7. As I have previously stated, Notre Dame 38 Michigan 3. Save your money and pool it together and try to bribe an official or two (or you could always pay Rhett Bomar to come play for you).

Seriously though, I am looking forward to this game. You guys are a great rivalry and this weekend should be no exception.

All the Best (except for a W of course),

"The Bear"

PS - Gotta love the battle of the top 2 fight songs as well. Next to ours "The Victors" is a classic.

Andy said...

38-3 ?

Notre Dame's defense is going to hold Michigan's offense to 3 points ?

Step away from the crack pipe bear...

Crazy Joe said...


OSU22UM6 said...

Funny, no one mentions what took place the next week in Ann Arbor, between #4 and #7, wonder why...

For a youngster growing up, the ND/UM rivalry, pre-FLA/FSU, was the best in college football (1989-1994) and many were sad to interrupt it.

Although I certainly favored one team over another (and particularly enjoyed the '89 contest), UM's throw for the end zone on 4-1, and the 1991 Heisman Trophy winner's dramatic catch over the goal line, remains one of my favorite calls (where's the YouTube of that?). One of the top plays in college football history in a close 21-17 contest.

Obviously, '94 was not a memorable year for the UM football team, but I give UM great credit for fighting the best PSU team in eight seasons to a near draw (31-24 L in Ann Arbor) as opposed to the OSU team that (for one game only) made PSU look like an all time great college football team.

Boomer Bear said...


We held PSU to the until the final minutes of the game when we gave up a touchdown (the last td was with the second string defense). We also held GT to 10. Step away from the ledge Andy. There are winnable games after this weekend so don't lose hope!

"The Bear"

Crabapple Buck said...

I wouldn't bet this game with Yost's money...but I'm pulling for you guys to beat the fat out of Weis and bring the Domers back to earth. With their shitty defense, you should at least be able to score enough to keep up and stay close to maybe win at the end. Then the new clock rules may keep them from coming back. I don't think this field is as crowned as Oregon's.

beast in 'bama said...

I'm a neutral observer of this rivarly, but I love to see two great teams playing at the highest level.

Not only was Seth Smith's dive to the sideline great, but the throw by Collins under tremendous pressure was right on the money! What a great play - if he goes down there, game over.

There's no feeling quite like beating Notre Dame - which is a testament to their sustained greatness. By the same token, there's no feeling quite like beating Michigan, either.

For college football fans on the outside of this rivalry looking in, we can only hope Saturday's game approaches the excitment of this one.

Thanks again for the post, Andy.

Boomer Bear said...

Crabapple Buck,

You are a nut! I can't believe you tried to rip OUR defense. We gave up as many points to Penn State (17) as yours did to Central Michigan. Is that a high school by the way? Also, our offense scored 41, the same ammount you scored on CMU. Thats like telling Calista Flockhart's son his mom is fat when yours is Rosanne. Seriously, if you can't bring a logical argument save us all the bs. I wish I could have the time back that I lost just rolling my eyes reading your post.


"The Bear"

Boomer Bear said...

Crabapple Buck,

Since we are dealing with a Catholic university I have a better analogy for you. Ripping on ND for their defense is like you calling the Virgin Mary slutty when your mom is Paris Hilton.

Still in Shock,

"The Bear"

PS - I really do appreciate the wisdom of the guys at the M Zone and most of their readers because they are great fans and pretty knowledgable. Thanks for a place for differing views guys!

Crabapple Buck said...

Hey Boomer Bear, are you a reform school dropout? Short memory?

617... is that a familiar number? Your defense didn't get faster overnight. UM's offense will keep up, so you can shut up. I've seen ND overrated before, maybe they aren't, we'll see. GT never remembers they have Calvin Johnson and PSU had a frosh QB, didn't work for Texas either. Now you play someone with an offensive pulse and a defense who has seen the mighty Quinn before.

BTW, if you pay attention, I'm for OSU, but pull for the Big 10/11 in OOC games. Since ND wants to play half a Big Ten schedule, why don't they join the conference and dump the Pac 10 patsies off their schedule and keep USC for their now annual beating.

Boomer Bear said...

I really don't want to be redundant but... YAWN...

"The Bear"

PS - Once again, so why the 17 points allowed to CMU?

Andy said...

Yawn = what happens when:
1) I think about Vanderbilt and CMU
2) I read Boomer Bear spout off about the Irish
3) When I read Boomer Bears blog
4) All of the above

I never bet on Michigan games, but these games are always close ...except 2003 ;-}

Boomer Bear said...


I would get bored trying to understand a blog as well if I couldn't read well. As for ND-MICH, let's just see how it plays out on Saturday.

By the way, nice photos on your blog.

"The Bear"

Anonymous said...

Damn! Was that Moeller?? Oy vey. At least he would get revved up and animated. Makes Carr seem more and more like Bernie (from 'Weekend At'). Sheesh.

Could we possibly see if Hamilton is available? (lol) Rivas can't hit the broad side of a barn from 10 yds out. (I may have some connections who take care of him for us...)

Which brings me to the question that has been bugging me for like three years: Why in the F can't we recruit a good kicker??? WHY?!? If this week's game comes down to that, I'm throwing my tube out the window. Good lord help us all.

Andy said...

Bear: Thanks on the photos. Considering your Baylor background, I will retract my "yawn" comment on your blog. Sic 'em Bears.

Anon: We do recruit good kickers. They just eat too many Pizza Bob's subs and shakes once they get to A2.

Anonymous said...

RIP Jesus Quinn


Killed by Lamarr Woodley in first quarter

Quinn is very very average against the blitz. Our D will destroy you Bear! Now if we can just stop the draw to Walker we're all set.

And you've got a running back playing linebacker, lol. Most overrated team ever!!

Anonymous said...

We had a linebacker in Columbus who was a fullback coming in. He turned out ok. I hope Michigan wins out until the game so when they lose it will be that much sweeter.

MGOBLUE94 said...

Anon 12:15 ... DITTO

BEAR ... here is a nice warm glass of STFU.

May we raise our glasses and toast to the ND returning to the glory days of the past decade of LOSING!


Andy said...

Ohio State versus Ohio U

Anonymous said...

Beat those Mother F@#!$$

Anonymous said...

Hail to those Mother F*****s
Hail to those C**k S*****s
Hail Hail to Michigan, the cess pool of the world

TitleIX said...

how eloquent!

anyone else wonder why tOSU fans are so enamored with the word 'fuck' in all it's grammatical variations???
particularly related to one's mother????

as Shakespeare would say...
"the lady doth protest too much"

TitleIX said...

and on a more relevent note....
from the where are they now file????

anyone else notice "Coach" Scott Loeffler consoling "Director of Development" Powlus at the end of the clip?

COWolverine said...

Three observations stuck out at me watching that:

1) It seems longer ago than that when UM had the helmet stickers.

2) The announcers quote Todd Collins from the prior week's game: "I kind of hoped we would get down early so I could throw the ball." Perhaps saving the passing game until absolutely forced to deploy it isn't exclusive to Lloyd's time.

3) The key yardage on the final drive: picked up by throwing a mid-range pass over the middle. Perhaps that play will return to the playbook sometime.

That was also kind of funny to see Loeffler, as well as future national champ Brian Griese, celebrating the victory. Before they were famous...

tc said...

Wow. Settle down kids. Let's play the game first. All this talk of "overrated" and how Quinn can't handle the pressure. If I remember correctly, these were the exact same things people were saying before the Penn State game. Didn't turn out so well did it? I suppose PSU just plain sucks this year then huh? Cuz the overrated Irish whupped em good? Right. I suppose after ND wins on Saturday that Mich will also be classified as such? No, I'm sure some sort of excuse will be made....the grass was too high....our fans brought theirs keys....girls in jorts-too..distracting!! Regardless, it will be a good game. Home team wins.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, M 41, ND 27. How sweet it was to see a good old fashioned butt kicking in the house that Rockne built. ND is so damn overrated, so much the media darlings that it's just nauseating. ESPN.com couldn't get enough of it all week; Brady Quinn hype, etc. The networks did a whole feature on Zbkowski and his "boxing career" and him knocking out some stiff in 49 seconds. Well, major sports media "experts", Michigan whipped up on Charlie Weis' boys - now deal with it, and give Michigan at least a little bit of the respect they deserve. On the other hand, don't bother. So far this year, we're doing just fine with you guys virtually ignoring us. Go, Blue!