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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

UT top CB arrested, Longhorn fans beg Mack Brown not to pull a Coker

(from MZone wire reports) Austin, TX -- Texas senior starting cornerback Tarell Brown was arrested and charged Monday with misdemeanor drug and weapons charges, putting his status for the Longhorns' showdown Saturday against top ranked Ohio State in question.

Brown was arrested along with...some other dude who's not a starter. Brown was charged with unlawfully carrying a loaded 9mm handgun and being in possession of 2 ounces of marijuana.

If he misses the game, it could be a huge blow to the Longhorn defense as Brown was expected to cover Tosu star Ted Ginn Jr.

As expected, Texas fans are beside themselves. "I hope Coach (Mack) Brown saw what happened to Larry Coker and Miami when he started suspending players for getting arrested and breaking team rules -- he lost," said Texas alum Bill Hollings before he started crying on the shoulder of his best friend, Geb Winters, at a sports bar on the Austin campus.

Winters nodded in agreement and added, "When Troy Smith took money from a booster, Tressel suspended him for the Miami of Ohio game. Big whoopdee fucking doo. But that suspension went away as soon as we started kicking their ass in Columbus last year. Suddenly, Justin Zwick found the bench pretty damn fast."

Others in the Lone Star State aren't even so sure what Tarell Brown did is a crime. "Since when the hell is it illegal to carry guns in Texas?" said an obviously pissed Bud Sanders as he stood outside Larry's Gun Range and Sushi Bar near Austin. "Last I checked, Second Amendment was still in the Constitution."

When asked about the marijuana, Sanders screamed something before firing at our MZone reporter, thus preventing him from finishing the interview.

UPDATE: Texas Coach Mack Brown suspended Tarell Brown...and the other guy...for big Texas-Ohio State game this Saturday. Hats off to Mack for doing the right thing.


Anonymous said...

Let's be fair...T. Smith was suspended from the bowl game as well.

Let's not let the facts get in the way of a good story, heh?

Anonymous said...

The crucial Alamo Bowl against Oklahoma State, no less

Anonymous said...

Larry's Gun Range and Sushi Bar near Austin

One word..... Hilarious!!!
If Brown doesn't suspend this kid then I lose all respect for him as a football coach.

srudoff said...

Smash a foreign kid in the face with a bottle, get a one quarter suspension against a MAC opponent!!!

Scott Boswell said...

We left off two crucial details...Brown was released because Harris took credit for all the drugs and the gun found on Brown was registered to Brown. (Which is not illegal)

This is a case where the media has blown the fact way out of proportion. Does it make the kid stupid? Yes. But, it doesn't make him a criminal.

Major Applewhite said...

I had no respect for Mack "Mr Ed" Brown anyway... Hook 'em Horns.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't two ounces, which is a lot. It was two grams.

The charge was "two ounces or less" which is the TX statute.

Anonymous said...

It is unlawful to intentionally, knowingly or recklessly carry a handgun on or about one's person, openly OR concealed. Exceptions to the above provision are:

On one's own premises under his control.
While engaged in lawful hunting, fishing or other sporting activity including target shooting.
While traveling in one's personal auto on a bona fide trip across one or more county lines.
Traveling to & from a range, place of repair or other site where the type of firearm is normally used, provided the route is direct & without unreasonable delay.
Peace officers other than a person commissioned by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy.

Texas has no permit to carry a handgun (again, yet. -Editor). To carry a handgun legally, a person must fall into one of the above exceptions.

Any more questions?????

Scott Boswell said...


Not true. A person can have a permit to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Texas. It is illegal in situations such as a liquor store or any places where alcohol is served. (And clearly outlined publically) Brown had legally licensed the gun and therefore had every right to carry it with him in a car.

As a matter of fact, this was an addendum to the law in 2005: “Texas H.B. 823 prevents the police from routinely arresting a law-abiding person who is transporting a concealed pistol in his motor vehicle. This is accomplished by clothing a law-abiding person with the presumption of being a traveler. The traveler presumption may be rebutted by the state by presenting proof beyond a reasonable doubt. In plain terms, a law-abiding person should have no problem transporting his pistol in a motor vehicle provided the pistol is concealed.”


Your witness.

Anonymous said...

Mack's already suspended them pending the results of the investigation. I'd be surprised to see them on the field for tOSU.

5:47am Anon, keep in mind how quickly Mack booted Ramonce Taylor off the team. He'll do the right thing with these kids.


Allaha said...

Two ounces (or less) of pot: $20
9mm handgun (with ammo): $190
Being arrested before the Big Game: Priceless

There is no way Tarell Brown plays on Saturday. A scholarship is a privilege, not a right, and it imposes certain rules -- which presumably include NOT riding around at 3 a.m. with stoned guys and a gun in your lap. . . . Given 3 big black guys, a gun in open view, and Texas cops, this story could have ended much, much worse.

TitleIX said...

so here is the puzzler someone thru out at our tailgate this Saturday....

have more Michigan Football Players (say in the last 20 years) spent a night in jail, or gone on to professional school?????

I voted professional school, but we need a Jimmy Olsen to sleuth it out....Benny????

Longhorn_Steve said...

umm.. pretty sure the gun was registered to Gatewood, not Brown. Also, other than getting a Concealed Handgun License, there is no other gun registration in Texas. As far as I know, Gatewood didn't have the CHL. Both Brown and Gatewood requested an immediate drug test from the cops upon arrest to prove they hadn't been smoking (results pending). Also they were both apparently asleep (the gun was in Brown's lap). There are lots of weird and undeterminded circumstances in this case, however Mack did the right thing by keeping these guys out of the game. It would've been a distraction anyways, but hes not ready to throw these guys under the bus until all the facts are out.