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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Undercover Father

Last week, the father of a high school quaterback in Pennsylvania posed as a college coach in order to gain admittance to and videotape a practice of his son's upcoming opponent. The man then shared the tape with his son who threw for a school-record 457 yards against the team, completing 31 of 52 passes in a 41-35 victory.

Frank Colavecchia, whose son, Rocco, is a senior quarterback at Shenanigans Shenango High School in New Castle, could face disciplinary action from Shenango school officials for his actions.

Though the elder Colavecchia has offered to apologize, he doesn't sound very contrite. "I was an overzealous parent," Colavecchia said. "But on the other hand, Rocco probably wouldn't be where he is today if I wasn't an overzealous parent."

And just where is Rocco today? Apparently, he's being raised by a man doing his best to teach his boy that one should do anything to win, to hell with ethics and fair play.

Oh, and Frank, the word is cheat, not overzealous. Don't kid yourself.

(HT: DW)


howard21 said...

I work for the athletics dept. at a Boys and Girls Club, you would not believe some of the stuff parents and coaches do. One coach was measuring his players body fat percentage. THe kids are 9-10 yr olds.

bigndfan175 said...

That's nothing -the other day I knifed my 7 year old's teammate in the leg so he coulnt' compete for the starting goalie position on the YMCA rec league.

Klak said...

LOL nd

Allaha said...

Didn't this guy also have a daughter who wanted to be a cheerleader in Texas?