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Friday, September 29, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* Did Troy Smith do his best Kermit Washington impression when he was in high school? And nice to see how the Buckeye PR machine blurs the facts surrounding Smith's transfer.

(HT: CO)

* PB at Burnt Orange Nation has finished an exhaustive 3,000 word review of the Big 12 South and North.

* Critics of Big House skybox plan fight on (HT: Dr. D)

* The Dead Schembechlers, a Columbus punk band that has been around longer than Schembechler was, has a new video out for their tune, Bomb Ann Arbor Now.

(Thanks to many readers for that tip)

* Finally, DW sends us this picture of a Tennesse fans showing her support of the Vols and the (vast) amounts of fast food she apparently consumes as she waits for the team to enter Neyland Stadium down Peyton Manning Pass.

You're lovin' it? Yes, yes we can see that.


Anonymous said...

In re "Bomb Ann Arbor Now":

Coming from the state that gave us Curtis "Bombs Away" LeMay, this is not surprising. If that sonofabitch had his way, the US would have deployed nuclear weapons several times--perhaps even on American soil, as this clip (retroactively) portends. In fact, this clip could be an outtake from Dr. StrangeHays, er Dr. Strangelove.

Still, beats the Hell out of those two rapper hosers.

Anonymous said...

I'm lovin it...actually, I am. Not everyone's cup o' tea but I dig it.

buckeye john said...

I think UT and UM should play every year. If UT wins, Peyton can keep the hiesman in his house for a year. If UM wins, Fulmer has to change his 1997 ballot to give UM an undisputed nat'l championship for the year.

Anonymous said...

I feel like a tightwad dork for saying this, but the Bomb Ann Arbor Now song actually frightens me just a bit. Only because there are a lot of lunatic Buckeye fans out there. If it was any other team, I would merely find it amusing. Thank goodness the music is terrible. I can't imagine this truly inspiring anyone.

Andy said...

So Troy Smith isn't a chior-boy ?

So what do you think the over/under is on "f*ck you" or death threat emails from buckeye fan to Dale Meggas (the newspaper writer on the the Troy Smith story) ????

I'm going with 500.

richard cranium said...

The band is just a bunch of goofs. Noone takes those songs seriously but they are hilarious. Also the article written on Troy was all based on hearsay. Of course some white kid isn't goin to say "Yea coach I said something racist" That guy needs to get some facts or a different topic.

Anon 5:36 AM, fat bitches need lovin too?? Good thing there are guys out there like you, because I couldn't stomach that.

TitleIX said...

be glad she's not trying to put that in the Big House....

daddy said...

Fat bitches aren't so bad. After you get a piece of that ass, you can show movies on it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because all of you are pulling Jessica Alba type talent right?

Scott Boswell said...

I admit it. I'm pulling it to Jessica Alba.

Did I read that right?

Anonymous said...

St. Ed's and all the other Catholic schools are bitter because of Ted Ginn Sr. "stealing" the inner city athletes. What a load of crap. The old caltholic powerhouses for years recruited inner-city athletes and now they have to compete with poor city schools like Glenville thanks to TG Sr. who has done the unthinkable with no resources. It's about time the city schools had their due time--now the catholic school are actually going to have to rely on local talent--god forbid.

It's no secret that Troy Smith was a troubled kid before getting his act together with TG Sr. and Jim Tressel. He has come a long way and I applaud his personal growth. Who is this jackass who gets off writing about Troy's Jr. Year in highschool? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Did Troy Smith get his act together or after he took $'s from OSU boosters?