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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* The Washington blog, U-Dub Dish (love the logo), has their own commentary on the Huskies cheerleaders. Personally, I've always liked those W togs, though I must admit they aren't the sexiest outfits. But I'd hate for the college cheerleaders to go the way of the NFL. I need a shot of penicillin after seeing that Redskin cheerleader on the site.

* Sure they set a record, but shouldn't this be considered some form of child abuse?


* Coaching isn't brain surgery. And Indiana coach Terry Hoeppner is proving that brain surgery can't keep him from the sideline. By the way, with his shaven head, does Hoeppner now bear a striking resemblance to John L. Smith?


surrounded in columbus said...

tell Yost to try pepto mixed w/ vodka. what it doesn't cure, it makes feel better.

also, any way to confirm the rumor that at half time the band played a michael jackson themed show? a friend who attended the game (but went out at half time) swears that is what he "thinks" he heard, but he drinks.

if this is true, could be worse than the whole "key" play thing.

beast in bama said...

On the child abuse question: is that Bataan, as in Death March of... from WWII?

Andy said...

History will not look kindly on that world record...

Anonymous said...

Mike Snider, president of The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Ottawa County, was quoted as saying earlier in the day, "When little Yost Jr. approached the face painters, I thought for sure there'd be trouble setting the record because he was dressed in blue, but then he saw the old bag in maize painting the faces and realized he would surely be safe with someone in a UofM cheerleader's outfit doing the painting."

I kid
I kid

TitleIX said...

so is the cross referencing b/w MZone and U-Dub Dish like an internets reach around or something???

Zach Landres-Schnur said...


you're dead on. ha!

U-Dub Dish