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Monday, September 25, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* Like a high school cheerleader suddenly concerned about her reputation after sleeping with the entire basketball team, Ohio State is urging its supporters to become the "Best Damn Firestarters Fans in the Land in a new initiative encouraging law-abiding fans to keep watch over troublemakers and alert authorities quickly if there are problems. The school even produced a couple videos to drive the point home.

According to AD Gene Smith, "We're really only talking about 1 percent that we're trying to get to."

Exactly. Just 1%. Or 84%. But somewhere in that neighborhood.

(HT: DW)

* The team was all excited. North Carolina Central had just beaten Southern University 27-20. They go into the lockeroom to celebrate...only to find out that they had all their stuff stolen. Turns out somebody took their wallets, electronic gear and various other items during the game.

* Last year Sparty, after defeating Notre Dame, planted their flag on the ND field. At the 35 yard line. So last night, after blowing a game for the ages, a few members of the Spartan team decided to defend the honor of Spartan Stadium. Sorry guys, any honor that might have been there disappeared a year ago after your flag plant.

HT: Andy


Allaha said...

Regarding the NCC theft, continue reading the article: "Southern University officials decided more than a week ago to increase security at its home football games in light of a shooting across the street from the stadium that left a 59-year-old Port Allen man dead. The shooting happened off-campus at a credit union during Southern's first home football game."

Who did Southern hire to reduce the level of violence, members of the Iraqi National Guard?

MGOBLUE94 said...

They call those commercials?

That guitar riff is right out of the 80s perhaps when tosu might have been a bit more civil (what am I thinking). They are tosu fans they've never been civil.

MGOBLUE94 said...

Sparty loss can only be blamed on ONE PERSON! John L. Smith the end of that game was just horribly coached!

Crabapple Buck said...

I heard that NCC is blaming the Duke lacrosse team.

tc said...

That "guard duty" poster is priceless. I wonder how long they waited there before they realized how fucking stupid they looked. And yes, JohnEL and Chan Gailey share the same brain.

Anonymous said...

Those commercials are a crock of shit.

Anonymous said...

What the hell were the MSU players doing? You would think those guys would have sprinted off the field with towels over the heads so the press couldn't identify them after that horrendous gift of a game to ND. They gave them the game, why try to stop them from planting a flag on the 50-yd line (if ND wanted)? It's like a girl gladly giving you a rimjob, but opposed to giving you a bj.

cottoncandy said...

The MSCC players didn't realize they were standing on Field Turf, and ND couldn't plant anything other than an oil slick.

Yost said...

That picture shows the only thing MSU prevented after the 4th quarter.

howard21 said...

What a bunch of tools, get off the damn field and go home to cry to their girlfriend/sister

surrounded in columbus said...

have to wonder if they "planned" this? like, did they sat around the locker at some point during the week and discuss who was going to guard the "s" in event of a loss? i hope not- that's a pretty sad statement on their confidence.

which makes you ask the second question- did these 3 future rocket scientists come up w/ this on their own on the spur of the moment? what did these three guys think they were going to do if 10 or 20 (or more) ND players headed out to the middle of the field? knock down the cheerleaders while the players planted a flag?

it's not like they were able to handle ND 11 on 11 the whole 4th quarter. how were these 3 planning to handle a mob of them all by themselves?

which brings me to my last question- i tend to recall a little flag planting ceremony in A2 about this time last year, and this saturday is stop #3 on the 2006 Payback's a Bitch Tour. i can't imagine Lloyd will put up w/ something like the flag planting the gophers pulled last year, but after throwing deep w/ 40 seconds at the end of the wiscky game last saturday, i wonder if they won't come up w/ something this saturday- if only running up the score?

Matt said...

Oklahoma President Weighs In on ND-Mich St. Game


Anonymous said...

mgoblue, that guitar riff is 'Carmen Ohio' and its a nod to Jimi Hendrix's rendition of the 'Star Spangled Banner' that he performed at Woodstock.......but I wouldn't expect a 12 year old to know that.

Anonymous said...

On another site Sparty fans are claiming that ND planted a flag first in the 04 game, which spurred the 05 incident in ND.

Can anyone back this up with pics or vids?

Andy said...

Who cares about planting f***ing flags !!!! What a bunch of idiots.

Win the damn football game, celebrate like you have done it before, and get off the field.

Brad said...

I'm dissapointed in the OSU commercials. I expected a fade to black at the end with big white lettering proclaiming "FUCK MICHIGAN"

P said...

My favorite part is tSecond half of Video Two. Classic satire!