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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Two Minute Drill...

To keep you occupied before kick-off, might we suggest the following...

* A group presents an alternate plan for stadium expansion, sans luxary boxes. (HT: ES)

* Texas Tech basketball coach Bobby Knight jumps into the OU/Oregon officiating controversy in his usual subtle way. (HT: JZ)

* Speaking of the Sooners, Microsoft has come out with a new Word icon for Oklahoma fans...

(HT: Mr. M)

* One more thing about Oklahoma and the refs. I swear that'll be it. Is this guy reading a ransom note? And couldn't he have turned off the TV for two minutes?

(HT: DW)

* Remember when Michigan was having problems with the turf in the Big House a few years ago? According to Buckeye Commentary, looks like the Bucks are now having some turf issues as well.

* And we have not one, but two links to The Onion, with typical clever stories regarding two subjects in the college football news.

(HT: DW - a different DW from above)

* Finally, CU football, RIP.


harry hasselhoff said...

Good lord, I can't WAIT for OU to drop another game. Demanding an apology for ruining your National Title hopes? Um, maybe Rhett "drinky-drinky" Bomar or your lack of an effective defense (500+ yards given up to Oregon) should be making that apology. Good luck on the 8-4 season from a fan who knows exactly how it feels.

Anonymous said...

Give me back that call!

-Mel Gibson

Anonymous said...

holy fucking shit...as a pac-10 fan, I felt bad for oklahoma after that call....

but dude that guy is a douchebag supreme...since this guys speaks for all oklahoma fans (so he says), you must all be dumbasses