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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* Bill Rogan of Denver's KNUS radio has released their Turf Sports Top 17 poll of which the MZone is one of the voters.

* And at least that poll has less mistakes than that AP Poll which had to recalculate the ballots after a mistake was made by one pollster (no, it wasn't Tressel).

* DawgSports has Prescott Burgess in the mix for its weekly Maxwell Pundit ballot.

* Burnt Orange Nation isn't quite sold on Michigan being BCS champ material just yet.

And, in our post-ND glow, we haven't forgotten you, dear Buckeye fans. The bond between the MZone and our OSU brethren is a special one. As such...

* Folks, no Photoshopped pics, no big write up. Just a quick note to tell you (hopefully) the end of the Maurice Clarett saga: yesterday, he plead guilty to aggravated assualt and carrying a concealed weapon. The deal will send him to prison for at least 3 1/2 years and end two criminal cases against him. Apparently he avoided the more serious charge of carrying a concealed lint roller while getting his Goose on.

* Finally, here's just a wee bit of hijinks at the expense of this Tosu fan (judging from the blanket on the nearby couch).

(HT: Blue2004)


Kirbdaddy said...

that was fucking awesome...my grandfather sent me a link to a similar site and it scared the living shit out of me!

Allaha said...

Yost, BON ranked Michigan at 4 and moved the team up 9 spots; furthermore, he suggests Michigan will be 11-0 when it heads to Columbus. . . . Your comment is like my girlfriend's: when I say that I like her new dress, she replies, "What's wrong with the shoes?" How much more do you want? :)

A2saint said...

Well, at least he wasn't caught spankin' the monkey...

Yost said...

LOL, Allaha. Didn't see that. Just the article, maybe by different contributor in the link in the post.

PS I think we date the same girl.

Brad said...

We all know a Buckeye waits until the appropriate time to spank it... such as the privacy of the public library.