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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* For a good analysis of Michigan's game with CMU from a surprising source, check out this recap by Tony Gerdeman of the Ozone.

* A popular reason why things are so quiet in the Big House is the, uh, preponderance of older folks filling the stadium. Well, West Virginia fan Chris sent us this pic of how they solved the problem in Morgantown...

* Did ABC/Disney/ESPN screw with the Gameday crew and their choice of which game to cover this weekend? EDSBS makes a compelling argument that they did.


Anonymous said...

You mean you guys are just now discovering O-Zone's "Michigan Monday?" This is a great, surprisingly clear and unbiased look at the weekend that was.....!

MGOBLUE94 said...

Quiet not just for Geezers. I normally buy student season tickets (I am an alumnus) every year just so that I can stand and make some noise without getting yelled at by other to "sit down in front!" To which I now say "That isn't a cheer!"

So I gave up my student seats to help some friends out and purchased normal alumni seats for myself and brother-in-law (CMU grad) and his friends. Our seats in the Michigan Alumni section (sec 15). At the beginning of the game I tried to get our team pumped up and the people behind me ask me to sit down ...HERE'S THE KICKER THEY WERE YOUNGER THAN ME (34).

I told them if they wanted to sit and watch a game to go home and watch on the TV. If you come to the stadium you are apart of the game. They told me, "Go sit in the student section! We are not students anymore we sit for games!"

OH, THE INSANITY OF IT ALL!. Granted it was CMU.

This is more than just high donors and geezers filling the stadium it is mindset outside of the student section!

I think alumni percieve that we are MICHIGAN, we expect to win the game regardless of what we do as fans in the stands. Christ when I lived in Denver and ran the alumni club there ... I made more noise in the bar than the entire Sections 1-25 and Sec 33-44 (guess where the student section is?)


How do we change that mindset?

surrounded in columbus said...

you're right. "Michigan Monday" does a nice, relatively unbiased, analysis of the games (and it's relatively concise- not overly detailed). not everyone in columbus is incapable of objective reasoning and this bit deserves acknowledgement for that.

on a related note, Speilman did the M-Vandy game for ESPN. apparently, he was impressed. on his radio show last week he was quite complimentary on our D, the zone blocking, and the overall new look of the team under the two new coordinators.

it is interesting that some of the "outside" reviews of our first two games are more positive than a fair number of the "michigan" reviews. that won't mean much if we puke it up this saturday.

Anonymous said...


Here a just a few facts regarding the apparent "impact" of the fans at Michigan Stadium.

Under LC (11 years) Michigan has lost only 9 games at Michigan Stadium (3 of them in 2005!!!).

Seven of those losses were to teams ranked lower than Michigan - three were to teams that weren't ranked at all.

Three of the losses - PSU (96), Syracuse (98), Iowa (02) - weren't close at all. Still, the crowd did respond when Henson started to bring us back against Syracuse.

A case could be made that two other games weren't really close - OSU (01), ND (05) - but I'd also say there was no lack of noise or excitement in those games.

I think it is safe to say that in 7 of these 9 losses - most everyone felt that Michigan was underperforming. That means that they were letting an inferior team beat them in there own house. It's tough to get excited about that - and no one should be blamed for not getting excited about teams that UM should pound (see Vanderbilt, CMU, EMU, WMU, Ball State, Indiana, etc.).

On the other hand, LC is a remarkable 8-1 against top 10 teams at Michigan Stadium. The only loss in this streak was OSU last year - a last minute loss.

The lesson?

If fan noise makes an impact, and translates into Ws, it seems that the fans are doing an excellent job when challenging teams are on the schedule. The fans should be commended.

If fan noise is a problem - and the numbers indicate that it isn't - the solution is obvious:

Schedule tough teams.

Until then, sit down and shut up until something exciting happens.

Yost said...


Get real, please -- we do schedule tough teams. Please see this weekend vs. Notre Dame.

But if you think we're going to schedule 3 touch non-con games, please get a clue.

Nobody in college football does that.

In your defense of the crowd, you mention that "the crowd did respond when they brought Henson in against Syracuse." Maybe if the crowd had responded THE ENTIRE GAME, the game would have been closer to begin with. Maybe, just maybe an offsides or enough sound to keep an audible from being called would have changed something.

In any event, since you like quiet so much, maybe you should consider watching the games at home.

Crabapple Buck said...


I respectfully disagree. Southern Cal scheduled Arkansas, Nebraska and Notre Dame OOC. Of course, their easy games come in the Pac10. As much as I don't like 'em, I have to give them credit.

Yost said...


Totally agree with you. SC did go against the 1 tough game, 2 patsy OOC template which is the norm in CFB today.

Props to them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying you should schedule all tough games.......

I'm saying that you can't expect any crowd to get excited and scream their heads off for Ball State. It is an unreasonable expectation.

Think about it....should we cheer if we schedule AA Pioneer and Breaston runs a punt back? Who cares? He SHOULD run every punt back against Pioneer.

My point is that every part of the crowd - geezers included - is into it when you schedule tough competition. And if fan support really helps - then the fans deserve some credit for the 8-1 record against top ten teams.

As far as Syracuse goes.....no amount of crowd noise would have made any difference. It was over after the first Syracuse drive - and it was the beginning of Hermann's befuddlement with running QBs - which continued for the next 7+ years.

TitleIX said...

Anon you make some excellent points.
My impression is that crowd noise is irrelevant these days since the team seems to play to the level of its competition.
It's not just those of us in the stands with a lackadaisical attitude when CMU comes to town.....

Crabapple Buck said...

I would like to see a ban on Div 1-A scheduling 1-AA rule. I am sad to see even OSU scheduling Youngstown St, even though I know it is a state school and Tressel is throwing them a bone.

These matchups don't do anything for either team. YSU players are at a greater injury risk and if someone from OSU gets injured the outcry would be heard in Ann Arbor.

Few matchups are competitive and when they are, like Colorado/Montana or N'western/NH it is so rare it IS news.

I would rather see OSU vs. an SEC team not named UK or Vandy etc... in addition to USC, Miami, Texas, Oklahoma and so on, but at least we get one great OOC game a year. Thats more than some schools can say (I'm looking at you Wisconsin).

Would UM be up for that? You alluded to changing the ND situation. I wouldn't but if you added another tough opponent it excites the fanbase and helps recruiting. It has for OSU. ND won't schedule us for fear of a beating like you read about, this inspite of our AD being a domer.

Love the blog, beat the Irish.