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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday Table of Contents

We couldn't help ourselves last night. Benny's mom let him stay up late on a school night so we have a lot of stuff below:

* We weigh in on Oklahoma getting jobbed in Eugene
* Drew Sharp Watch
* One final look back toward last weekend
* Two Minute Drill

Thanks for reading


Erik said...

A few SEC Fan Pics you might appreciate on a Tuesday:

The two best teams in the league




Erik said...

let me try this again



just take the spaces out...

yost - i could really use your email!

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Erik said...

Thanks, andy.

Didn't know you could HTML in a comment. I guess I can always count a Big 10 fan for tech support! You're right, they don't teach us HTML in Business school. I'm kinda a self taught kind a guy (a la "Good Will Hunting") Oh and a quick search of yost's profile yeilded me no email address and I gave up so that is good to know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

New meaning for doggie style!!

the email address for Yost in on the front page as michiganzone at adelphia.net.

That is so they don't get tons of emails from web crawler.

Yost said...


Took down your comment above so email with "@" isn't in there.

But, don't know how to hyperlink in comments either so if you can re-post, that would be great.


TitleIX said...

OH Andy....
Girl-brain over here has yet to figure out how to comment and leave an HTML link. So please re-post instructions per Yost's directive.

You're my hero....sigh.... ;-)

Brad said...

Dawggy style indeed!

Andy said...

Sorry Yost - I should have known better.

Here are the links only:

How 'bout them dawgs

War Eagle...or is it...Go Tigers

For the record, basic html skills can be learned without the benefit of a formal (or in the case of the SEC -- informal) class