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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tattle Tale

Brent Musberger, the only announcer on earth that everybody - no matter what team they cheer for - thinks is for the other team during his broadcasts, is in hot water with USC. The Trojans claim Musberger revealed privileged information in his play-by-play commentary during the USC-Nebraska game on ABC.

Here's the skinny...

Last Friday, coaches and star players met with the producers and announcers (including Musberger) as part of their game day prep. During a conversation about Troy Smith using a hand signal to Ted Ginn Jr. in the Texas game to signal one-on-one coverage, Trojan QB John David Booty was asked if USC had a similar signal. Booty told Musberger he used the surfer "hang loose" signal.

No big deal...until Musberger revealed the information during the 4th quarter of the Trojan-Cornhusker game.


USC is so upset about Deep Throat Musberger spilling the beans that the university sent a formal letter of complaint to ESPN which oversees sports programming for ABC.


Anonymous said...

At least he didn't talk about Brady Quinn's sister. Did you know she's dating AAAAAAA JJAAAAAAAAY HAAAAAAAWWWWWWKKK?

Somebody get Lushberger another bottle, he's running low on J.D.


TitleIX said...

actually, the sister and the linebacker are now married....

and, um, what did ya'll think Musclehead was going to do with the information????? He is an ANNOUNCER....

I dislike BM as much as anyone, but really, I'm not sure that he did anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

and, um, what did ya'll think Musclehead was going to do with the information?????

Mention it 13 times a game, apparently. Her and that god-awful half-and-half jersey got more camera time than Paris Hilton's clam at a movie premiere.


Anonymous said...

What is it with the the authority on university campuses these days? First, the Oklahoma president escalates the whining about the bad call to "ludicrous speed" and now the USC administration is filing a formal complaint?

Pete Carroll laughed and said that they will change it, clearly implying that audible signals do not meet the threshold of a national security concern.

Scott Boswell said...

Ever see Wag the Dog?

USC and OU...NCAA investigations. Both have beefs to distract the media attention.


Anonymous said...

I heard AJ was sucking in Green bay....I guess that makes 3 people in the Quinn family who suck...well 2 for sure and I would assume the sister does

beast in 'bama said...

If you don't want that idiot blabbing your hand signals to America, don't tell him what they are in the first place! If you trust a TV person, you get what you deserve.

Also, have these people never played in or seen a baseball game? Or Peyton Manning's Marcel Marceau impersonation every Sunday? You can use more than ONE hand signal, you know!

Anonymous said...

No Booty, you don't use the thumb. Only extend the pinky and index finger.

Anonymous said...

Use the pinky and the forefinger? who the hell wants to be a longwhore....

Switch it up to the shocker!

trojan mike said...

Yeah, i couldnt believe it with he started talking about it on National TV. I'm sure none of our opponents even picked up on it, but I have to say, Booty should not talk about anything he doesnt want repeated to an announcer. Anyway, I heard Booty is changing his signal to raising up his Middle Finger- oops did I spill the beans?

daddy said...

Don't be too hard on Brent Lushberger. After all, wasn't he the one who vaulted Jenn Sterger into fame, fortune and Playboy Magazine?

Anonymous said...

geez, it's not like nobody wouldn't have picked up on it eventually anyway. the article even mentions that they noticed troy smith's signal after watching some tape. stupidest. overreaction. ever.

Allen Sorensen said...

Pete Carroll's not mad, the Prez at USC isn't mad, Booty ain't mad, it's the Sports Information Director at USC who's upset.