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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Struggle-ation Saturday

Though there were no major upsets on Saturday there were several close calls.

* Georgia needed two late TD passes from Joe Cox - who started the season as the third-string QB - to rally past Colorado who has now lost eight straight games.

* tOSU trailed at halftime to Penn State, and didn't put the game away until they returned two interceptions for TDs with under three minutes to go. But the story of the game was Joe Paterno running across the field before a Penn State punt in the second quarter to go to the locker room to....take a dump. He was suffering from "flu-like symptoms" and returned to the latrine in the third quarter. With the horrible play of his QB Anthony Morelli, I'm sure JoePa not only had the shits after the game, he probably puked too.

* USC led Arizona only 3-0 at halftime and only 10-0 into the fourth before pulling away to win 20-3.

* Florida showed serious letdown symptoms after their big win last week against Tennesse. The Gators led Kentucky only 12-7 midway through the 3rd before winning at home 26-7.

* Va Tech trailed Cincinnati 13-12 going into the fourth quarter at home, but won 29-13.

* Michigan, West Virginia, and Boise State all had their wins in doubt well into the second half.

* But the biggest struggle happened in the best game of the week. Notre Dame scored three fourth-quarter touchdowns to rally past Michigan State and win 40-37. This was a fantastic game. Both teams returned an interception for a TD. Both teams missed a PAT. The teams fought on the ND sideline. There was a driving rainstorm during the second half. Sparty went up 14-0, led by 17 at the half, and 16 midway through the fourth quarter. Then, to top it off, ND made a most improbable interception with 24 seconds left and Sparty driving into FG range.

Can Sparty recover from this absolute debacle? I don't know that I've ever seen such a stunned and saddened crowd like the one in East Lansing. It only strengthened Sparty's reputation for blowing games like this. On the post-game show on ESPN, Desmond Howard said "Only Michigan State could lose a game like that," after saying that he expected it to happen. Even Chris Fowler piled on by saying "That's why you're Michigan State."

Also, do you feel sorry for Sparty? Yost, who's in Vegas for a bachelor party, literally left a strip club to call me for an update on the game. I was stunned to hear that he felt sorry for Sparty. More stunned than when he told me he left a strip club. I'm sorry, I can't feel sorry for Sparty. If this was Purdue, sure. But not Sparty. Though Michigan dominates the series with them, they've won too many times under suspicious circumstances against the Wolverines for me to feel sorry for them. And I can't fight nature - this game was just a perfect example of Sparty being Sparty.


Dumb ass said...

Couldn't have asked for more. ND coach going crazy, causing a brawl, rain, wind, quinn being paulus, stanton getting roughed up, complete colapse, slam pigs crying, i just hope the ND hype machine doesn't make me vomit this next week.

Sports on a Schtick said...

The interception that clinched the game for ND was unreal. Reminded me of the Antonio Freeman catch on MNF a few years back:

Anonymous said...

A OSU fan held a sign during GameDay that read, "P=aterno, S=oils, U=nderwear"

Yost on the road and drunk said...


I didn't leave the strip club,I hadn't gone yet. Now I am drunk and trying to type. Not easy.

MO CLARETT said...

Wow Sparty, you have let your fans down more than me.

beast in bama said...

sports on a schtick:
That was one magic loogie!

Scalzi said...

I actually thought he left a strip club for a STATE game. His status is still safe.

CrimeNotes said...

Sparty: A younger cousin with a learning disability, prone to bar fights and the occasional night in jail. Would like to do the right thing but can't control impulses, and, as a result, does things like vent anger by shooting at squirrels.

Notre Dame: Younger brother with an intense jealous streak, smart and good-looking and intent on stealing your girlfriend. His ego is such that he eventually foils himself. If he ever gets his act together you're in big trouble.

I don't feel bad for Sparty, but I fear and hate them less than I do Notre Dame. On all kinds of levels (prestige, recruiting, bragging rights) any time Notre Dame loses it's good for Michigan. I was pulling for State all the way.

Ares, God of War said...

I don't know why, but I feel dirty after watching the MSU-ND game. I feel the Big 10 got embarrassed by MSU. And of course the media will latch on to Charlies ample posterior and emit waves of sucking sounds for the rest of the season. bah.

also, there was a really good Joe-Pa joke that had the punch line "Depends" you can probably make up your own.

Anonymous said...

I was at the ND v. MSU game, right in the midst of a large group of ND fans (with me were two spartards and a fellow Michigan fan), with a sprinkling of state fans. It was insane. ND traveled well and the stadium was nuts most of the game (other than the 40ish guy in front of us who kept complaining that we were cheering too loudly). Near the end of half-time, a torrential downpour started and about 10% of the 80,000+ cleared out by midway through the 3rd quarter. All through the game, the state fans were cocky, talking s**t like nobodies business. When ND mounted their comeback, they gradually got quieter and quieter, their nervousness plain, while the ND fans got more and more raucous. When the game ended, the ND fans exploded and the state fans looked... lessened. Desolate. Like the jilted lover who honestly believed that this time, this time her love would be true, only to find him once again in the arms of another woman. Not upset so much at the team for letting them down, so much as at themselves for believing that State could change.

Oh, how I laughed. It was one of the greatest sporting experiences of my life.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was there too... A really fun game: the crowd was way up, with lots of ND representation; nearly every score was a long one - average scoring drives must have been 5 plays; each team provided lots of gifts to the other, but Sparty was a bit more gracious; the rain just added to the fun.

While I am not an MSU fan, I generally root for the B10 team, and definitely so in this case. But the outcome didn't take much away from an extremely pleasant (if wet) evening of football.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sparty,

Thanks for ruining my week. Now as I listen to the ESPNU college football podcasts, I'll get to hear about how ND is back and all the different scenarios by which they could (will) reach the championship game. Could you have at least waited until the middle of the Big Ten season (as normal) to collapse?

Andy said...

Poor Sparty

trojan bill said...

I know you guys like to make fun of that lsuoverusc guy, but i think he's really cracked. over at wearesc.com we've been worried about him and his most recent blog update.

Trent said...

I feel bad for true Spartan fans. It has to be tough to watch this year after year. The true fans aren't the ones talking trash, bc they know the collapse is inevitable. Most Sparties don't care that much, bc they are getting effed up regardless. The worst part is that ND has a clear road to 10-1 before losing by 30+ at USC.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I'll admit it, I pitied the Michigan State fans that they kept showing as the inevitable approach. They have got to be the most masochistic fans in the country. The shots of the stands were just heartbreaking.

The funny part is that although I wasn't very concerned about the Wisconsin game, seeing the score of the Notre Dame-Michigan State game when it was in the " Michigan State with a commanding lead" phase did give me an uneasy feeling. I insanely worried that maybe Michigan's win over Notre Dame wasn't all that impressive and that they hadn't really been tested and that a more difficult test for Michigan awaited in the Michigan State game.

I'm not sure why I thought that—oh yeah, last season—but I generally have the feeling that Michigan could match up well against anyone in the top ten.

Anonymous said...

MSU sucks balls...The Big Ten is more over rated than the SEC.

MSU ends with a losing record this season.

Temple will win a game....

Iowa while not playing the best ball this year, will actually beat either the buckeyes or the wolverines...you can choose.

ND will be 9-2 coming into the USC matchup and will finish the season 19-3...Quinn will come in 4th in the Heisman voting.

JoePa will start wearing depends.

Ok, sorry about the big 10/sec comment...SEC is over rated....and uhh temple won't win shit.

Brad said...

While I have no love for ND (and wanted them to lose badly), after 2001 I simply can't ever feel sorry for Sparty when they experience their inevitable meltdown.