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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Still Basking

Ok, before we here at the MZone turn our undivided attention to the Big 10 opener and Wisconsin this week, we take one final look back at the victory over Notre Dame with various thoughts and snippets we've collected from around the Internet.

* We don't want to say Michigan's domination in South Bend was complete, but SiC sends us this fantastic picture from Michigan Against the World of the new look on the Notre Dame campus...

* Chris at Dangerous Logic has put together a bunch of YouTube clips featuring game highlights.

* Brian in KY sends us this link to a great slide show of the game set to some cool music.

* Never thought I'd be saying this, but props again to Tony Gerdeman over at the Ozone for another excellent post-game analysis. Very fair considering its written from behind enemy lines. (HT: LM)

* Jim Carty at the Ann Arbor News wrote a great piece on Lloyd Carr.

* One of the ND sites is "complaining" about "coaches on the field" (pic here). Since we don't have context for this, we don't know the circumstances. Furthermore, the guy on the bottom isn't a coach. I'm 90% sure that's a TV official who signals to the refs when the commercials are over. (HT: DW)

* Brian, the man behind MGoBlog and the Michigan Fanhouse site at AOL found this "classy" picture of an ND fan "saluting" Steve Breaston.

* Taking a page from the OU president's playbook, Phat Phree sports is reporting that, after further review, Notre Dame actually won the game Saturday. According to Adam Salmon's very funny article:

"Following review of Saturday’s Michigan-Notre Dame, the NCAA has found irrefutable evidence that the call on the field was incorrect and that, rather than losing to Michigan by a score of 47-21, Notre Dame had actually won the matchup 64-20. This review process was initiated by concerns from both Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis and NBC Sports, who both believed that a number of the calls made by the officials during the game were incorrect. After the calls from the game had been reversed, the BCS called an emergency meeting and awarded the 2006 National Championship to the University of Notre Dame, heretofore unprecedented after only the third game of the season." (HT: Kyle)

* AP writer Larry Page said Michigan made a statement last weekend in his article. Regarding the game this week against the Badgers, he says, "The Wolverines don't fear an emotional letdown after beating Notre Dame because Wisconsin knocked them off last year and they expect to get a boost from about 110,000 fans."

You know who I'm talking about there.

* EDSBS has nice things to say about Lloyd in their A-to-Z weekend recap (under "L", naturally).

* Finally, yes we know we're acting like 12 year olds for laughing at the picture below but, well, if you read the site, you know that's the norm around here. We just hope that's his thumb.

(HT: LM)


PeckHorn78 said...

O-Zone's "Michigan Monday" is worthy of a link every week.

Allaha said...

The picture of the new dome on the ND campus is both brilliant and hysterical. Props to SiC (and the invaluable contributions of the inventors of Photoshop -- where would the M Zone be without it?).

tc said...

Good game Mich. You opened a case...keg...err truckload of whupass on us and deserved that win. Love the dome picture. Funny stuff. And I thought EDSBS had Lloyd at "H" for humble. Or did he have 2?

surrounded in columbus said...

i can't take credit for the photo shopping- someone sent it to me anonymously- but i was glad to pass it along.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

Breaston should have asked Domerschmuck, "Do you accept communion with that hand?"

Peabody said...

That dome is actually my work, as seen here:

TitleIX said...

ok...but if it's NOT his thumb then the sharp hook is good for G-spot stimulation, maybe that's why he's so dreamy????
oh wait....
too short for the G
perhaps it's prostate play????

(let's see if Yost and Benny let this one fly!)

Yost said...


Just updated the site with correct info giving you props. Excellent work!

Yost said...


Let it fly? At the home of the Blog Co-ed Showdown? You have to do a lot "worse" than that.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you guys have scene this already, but this is the best highlight I've seen of Michigan total Domination of the domers.


BaggyPantsDevil said...

I have to admit it, the O-Zone's Michigan Monday is excellent work.

It seems like the quality and quantity of Ohio State blogs has increased since you guys started the M Zone.

Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough but back in those days Ohio State internet content seemed to be a lot of poorly spelled "fuck Michigan!" comments and childish photoshopping.

Could it be that there are actually a fair number of Ohio State fans who are articulate and rational?

Anonymous said...

Fwiw, the O-Zone has been around since '96.

dgarr22 said...

"coach, I broke my dick"...Johnnie B. Goode