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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Shameless Plug

First off, we want to thank the folks who've purchased t-shirts from the MZone store. Much appreciated. Since Benny and I are both risking our careers, social lives and personal relationships spending so much time running this blog, it will be nice to be able to point to a few t-shirt sales as validation for our actions when we're unemployed, single and living on the streets.

Also, if you're at a college football game this weekend and proudly sporting an MZone shirt, please take a picture and send it to us. If we get any good ones, we'll put them up next week.

(Or, if you're simply at the game and see something good/funny/strange, snap a pic or video tape it and send it our way)

If you haven't yet purchased an official MZone shirt, check out some of our latest offerings (such as the "got mzone?" tee pictured here) . And keep in mind, they make excellent Rosh Hashanah gifts. Most importantly, you're not just making a bold fashion statement, you're supporting two guys who dream of telling their bosses to go suck it someday. In addition, we have some ideas for the site that might take a little cash and, unfortunately, Benny just isn't pulling in the hours at IHOP like he used to. So stock up and help a good cause -- your daily dose of humor.

And remember, MZone gear isn't just for Michigan fans or Buckstashers as evidenced by this selection for Clemson fans...

Late addition: For those Clemson fans who might not be comfortable wearing the above shirt in front of mom, we have a G-rated version as shown below. Just be sure to select the "Real Men Don't Kick" shirt.

Thanks for reading folks!


beast in bama said...

Unemployed, single, and living on the streets? I thought this was a WI-FI blog already...

If I lived nearby, I could definitely help out Benny. My four kids love IHOP.

At the risk of rekindling the jihad, a shirt with your war/tiger/chicken graphic (from Get to Know Auburn University)might be very interesting to the 'Bama mafia. You need only look at the number of replies to that post to see what I mean.

I might know some guys...

Charlie Brown said...

Just purchased the "Kicking is for Pu$$ies" t-shirt. I hope the good men at MZone earn some money off my purchase.

next year said...

I just purchased the kicking t-shirt as well for a Clemson fan frend of mine. Funny stuff!

TitleIX said...

Yost and Benny...
love the "got MZone?" version, and truly, I had never thought about giving gifts for Rosh Hashanah before. Here's to a sweet and healthy New Year to all at the MZone family---gentiles and wiccans alike.

Now--here's the true test...
watching the game instead of, or after services???? ;-)

and, to the powers that be...
if you could, maybe inscribe us all in the book of life, and perhaps the #1 slot of the BCS in January?

TitleIX said...


are the hotties in the shirts available for purchase????

howard21 said...

Yost, can you guys make some of these in blue, i have a ton of Maize and people say i need the other half

IC said...

Now--here's the true test...
watching the game instead of, or after services???? ;-)


I've got little kids so I'll be going to the family service, which starts at about the time the 4th qtr. will begin. So, if we don't have a comfortable lead at that time, I'll be spending most of the service checking my phone for updates and setting a horrible example for my children.

I figure I'll just apologize on Yom Kippur and I'll be in the clear.

RIVAS FOR HEISMAN !!!!! said...

You should make a yellow "maize out" shirt that has a target human shooting siloutte on it. Next to the man you should have several bullet holes that have missed the man. The caption on the shirt should read.


Now that is a shirt I would be proud to wear in the big house