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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Separation Saturday leads to I-think-we-should-see-other-people Sunday

Some quick thoughts about the Saturday's games starting first with more (there's another post below) on the Michigan-Notre Dame contest:

Charlie Weis Showed a Lot of Class

The first thing he did in his post-game new conference was give credit to Michigan. He made no excuses. I tip my hat to him.

We're #1...in Winning Percentage

There was more at stake Saturday than a Top 10 ranking: Michigan and ND were tied in terms of all-time leader for winning percentage. The victory in South Bend moves the Wolverines into the top spot all by themselves.

Carr Notes Change in Perception from Outside

In his post game press conference, Carr noted that the Michigan football team has been faced with a lot of criticism and negativity coming off the 7-5 season. He said a big challenge for the Wolverines now will be to see how they handle praise and success.

What Yards After Catch?

One of the things that impressed me most about the Wolverines, which was a huge improvement from last year, was how little yardage Irish receivers got after a catch. Last year it always seemed like 5 yard pass plays were turning into 20 yard gains. Not yesterday. Five yard pass plays were 5 yard pass plays. And the open field tackling was excellent.

Some of the Penalties - Against Both Teams - We're Total Bullshit

The personal fouls for "late hits" seemed to reach a ridiculous state in the 4th quarter. It's one thing to hit a guy once he's already out of bounds. However, if a defensive player is making a tackle on a guy - and both players are running full speed - just because they end up five yards out of bounds when they come to a stop due to continuation of a play made in bounds, that is NOT a late hit. For cryin' out loud!

Big 10 Has Stepped Up in Biggest Games

First Ohio State goes on the road and thumps #2 Texas 24-7, now Michigan travels to South Bend and dominates Notre Dame. This is a huge boost for the conference in a national prestige sense. Contrast that with the Big 12 which, besides Texas in the Ohio State game, saw ranked Nebraska get smacked by USC, ranked Texas Tech lose to TCU and ranked Oklahoma lose a heartbreaker to Oregon (but more on that one in a second).

Now for the rest of the college football world:

Miami's Program is Still Just a Bunch of Thugs

Before the Louisville game, the Miami players gathered at mid-field to jump up and down on the Cardinal mascot, nearly starting a pre-game brawl. This shit has got to end. Miami's coaches should never let this happen, and if they do, the refs need to start suspending a whole bunch of players before the game starts. Period.

Louisville is For Real

They lost one of the best RBs in the country to a broken leg in their opener, they lost one of the best QBs early in the 3rd quarter, yet Louisville still managed to bitch slap the punks from Coral Gables.

What's the Point of Having Replay if it's Not Used Correctly?

If you're going to slow the game down for an "official" review, at least get the damn thing right! I saw more incorrect calls that were reviewed (yet obviously wrong to seemingly everybody else except the replay refs) than I can ever remember. Congrats to Oregon for a great comeback but Oklahoma got fucking hosed. And not once, but twice! That sort of shit is understandable at full-speed before replays were used, but now that it's part of the game, these guys must get it right or there is no point in having it.

Great Coaches but Bad Coaching

Yes, the Sooners got screwed. But, after Oregon scored with :41 seconds left in the game, down by one, OU ran the ensuing kick-off back to the Duck 25 with :31 seconds left on the clock. Plenty of time. But with no timeouts left, Stoops calls a running play?! When Pederson doesn't get out of bounds, he's forced to spike the ball leaving him time for the final FG attempt which was blocked. What the hell was he thinking?!

In the FSU-Clemson game, in the waning seconds of a tie game, Clemson runs a play that gets them down to, I believe, second and goal at the 'Nole one foot line with :50 seconds left. FSU has two timeouts left but Bobby Bowden doesn't use them. What the fuck are you saving them for?! Uh, Bob-o, the Tigers are most likely going to score but you're virtually assuring that your team will have no time left on the clock to attempt a final comeback.

And that's exactly what happened. Clemson scored a TD with :08 left. Game over.

The New Clock Rules Still Suck Ass

Ok, I admit it, in the 4th quarter of the Michigan game, for selfish reasons, I actually wanted the clock to run during commercials. But for all the other games yesterday, the new rules still blow. In the Clemson-FSU game mentioned above, after the Tigers scored and kicked off (the clock running on the kick now, not when it's fielded), Bowden had to use a time out just to be able to get his team on the field in order to attempt a miracle Hail Mary. This should never be the case. This rule has got to go.


Indiana lost to Southern Illinois and Virginia (remember when they used to be good?) lost to Western Michigan. Ouch.

What's the Over/Under on Chuck Amato Making it Through October?

After losing to Akron, Chuck Amato's NC State squad followed that up by losing to Conference USA's Southern Mississippi. The Wolfpack-it-ins lone victory this year is over 1-AA Appalachian State. To quote Sharky's Machine (yes, Sharky's Machine), "This is embarassing."

MSU Didn't Look Too Shabby

I thought for sure Pitt would beat up on MSU. They hadn't looked good this year. But they rolled up 549 yards in a 38-23 victory on the road. Next up for Sparty: Notre Dame.

Well, I'm going to watch College Football Scoreboard Final now. Savor it. Rewatch it. Savor some more. Then I'm going to stay up all night in anticipation of the glowing, positive story that I just know Drew Sharp is going to write about Michigan and coach Carr.

Yeah, right. Until that happens (or hell freezes over), check out Bob Wojnowski's article in the Detroit News.


srudoff said...

Weis might have shown class in giving props to Michigan but then he pretty much threw his players under the bus afterwards.

Yost said...


Did he? Didn't see the whole thing, just the clips.

Longhorn_Steve said...

you need to mention the nail biter between Real Army and Pretend Army (aTm)... it was comical watching the "corps" pretend to be hardcore in a stadium that had quite a handful of real military men and women decked out in their fatigues. Congrats to Dennis Franchione.. "this win is exactly what our team needed".. yeah, they needed to be reminded that they are a 3rd tier team. UT fans cannot wait until we dogstomp their asses into oblivion in November.

oh and thank you so fucking much for destroying Notre Dame.

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

Outside of the inevitable return to national prominence for the Wolverines, I hope that one thing that comes from the drubbing of the domers is that people finally realize Charlie Weiss is not the genius that the national media and leprechaun lovers have made him out to be. Like his predecessor, Tyrone Willingham, Weiss came into his second Michigan game with an 11-3 record. Like Willingham, Weiss got destroyed by Michigan in the second meeting (38-0 for Willingham), leaving him with an 11-4 record in his first 15 games. Weiss failed to beat any team in 2005 that ended the season ranked (I think Willingham had 4 such wins in 2002) and we'll see where GT and Penn St. end up this year. I've never seen a coach get so much kudos for a "good loss" (the USC game last year) and beating up on weak competition.

surrounded in columbus said...

one thought debated (here and other places)was "where's the down field passing?" over the first two games. people speculated that debord was "hiding" the playbook, but i and others doubted it.

not so fast, huh? pretty clear debord has plenty of down field plays AND we've been practicing. another feather for the new co ordinators, along w/ the bouquets for english.

Allaha said...

You are right: the personal foul calls for "late hits" during Q4 were obscenely bad -- and frequent. I know these calls are not subject to review, but there needs to be a uniform standard and consistent application regarding what constitutes a late hit.

Regarding OU, one can only think Stoops has no confidence in his QB and wanted Petersen to set them up for the FG. . . . An interesting question is that when it is clear that a team's close loss is in (large) part the result of terrible referees, to what extent should that team be punished in the polls? My guess is that this level of attention and detail are missing from most ballots, and OU will fall significantly.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Michigan from a fellow Big Ten fan. I know many other B10 fans who were also hoping the Wolverines would smack around the Irish.

While it appears that the top and middle of the Big Ten are very good, the bottom is very, very, very bad. Indiana is the second B10 team to lose to a 1-AA opponent and there are just no words for what's going on in Champaign.

Becky said...

I so completely did not buy into the "hiding the playbook" theory.

I have never been so happy to be totally dead fucking wrong about anything in my life.

Off to watch Michigan Replay...

The UVA fan said...

Man, just wait...UVA vs NCSU Oct 28th...but that is after the highly anticipated UVA/unc (who squeaked by Furman last night 45-42) on ESPN Oct 19th. It's tought out here in VA...glad you all killed ND, and take OSU to the woodshed too. side question, what were tickets going for outside of the stadium yesterday? I got a friend asking me for some ND/Army tickets (I would get them through a broker or ebay) and I've been telling him to wait and scalp.

Aaron said...

So now that Saturdays over sports writers are scrambling to write their weekly articles on Saturday's results, what can we expect from Drew Sharp? Will Drew simply skip this week altogether or possibly point out that the Michigan defense only scored 2 td's and that Mario Manningham didn't quite score enough points?

Yost said...


you hit the nail on the head. Plus I just got a call about what he said on Detroit radio today. More to come.

Anonymous said...

I for was a proponent of the "hiding the playbook" theory, and was among the first of my friends here at UofM to propose it. I was surprised not by the fact that we won, but that we won by so much and so thoroughly kicked ND's asses. ND won against a horrible PSU team, and in that game both teams just played bad football. But Michigan's performance at ND confirmed my faith in the program this year.

I'm pulling for an upset in Columbus this year. It will be tough, but it's possible, though it's too early to talk. OSU, after all, was on the cover of SI. Consider Ohio State's season over.

eddie, eddie said...

As a buckeye fan, I was rooting for, and very happy with the results of your game. My rule in the ND/Michigan game is always to root for the underdog.

See you guys in November - hopefully (and especially us) being undefeated. In the Cooper years, if both teams were undefeated, that would be an automatic W bu UM. but thankfully, we'll have to play for it.

Go Bucks!

Man 'o War Buckeye said...

You guys need to watch your apostrophes, and I quote-- "Some of the Penalties - Against Both Teams - >>>>We're<<<< Total Bullshit" It's nice of you to admit to that!!!!! :) Go Bucks, and congrats on bringing Charlie Tuna back down to earth.

Yost said...

Man O' War,

I was so damn excited in my post victory haze last night typing that that I didn't even catch it.


Andy said...


You are an uninformed tool. The soliders in the fatigues were 99% enlisted folks visiting from local army bases.

The officers commision from West Point is the exact same commision as the Army ROTC program in the A&M Corps of Cadets. There is nothing pretend about either. In fact, there is a very strong case for the A&M Corps lifestyle to be more difficult -- because you have a traditional college experience (read: hot chicks and bars) sitting next to you in class every day.

Army played a great game. UT needs to beat someone better than North Texas and Rice before I am convinced.

Scott Boswell said...

I wanted to give props to Yost and the boys over at MZone. Glad to see that Michigan is back where is should be.

Now lose a game so Texas can overtake the next spot :)

Hook 'em!


Ungar Kelt said...

I feel like I witnessed a crime - Brady Quinn was raped. Watching him laying there with a huge piece of Irish turn hanging from his helmet was priceless.

I hope that all of you Michigan "fans" that are serial pessimists will learn to have fun watching the Wolverines again. Review your silly remarks about the offense and the way you basically called for Carr's head and blasting Henne after 2 meaningless cupcake games and feel sufficiently embarrassed. Knowledgeable fans (and many unknowledgeable fans) should understand basic concepts like refusing to show your opponent your game plan if it is unnecessary.

Carr did just enough to defeat Vandi and CMU - maybe it would have made our "Chicken Little" cult of fans happy for Manningham to catch 15 passes vs. our early season ringers, but it would needlessly arm Weiss with game film and additional strategy.

Anonymous said...

I realize that all I'll get for my efforts is a "shutup", but the commenters here who consitently fail to spell "Weis" correctly when deriding him just look like idiots. It's not hard--type one less "s". Congrats again on the win, and most of you seem to be suitably intelligent in your self-congratulatory/celebratory posts.

Charlie said...


It doesn't matter. We got our asses kicked.

Go Blue

Ungar Kelt said...

Sssorry for missspelling Weisss...how embarassssing....

MGOBLUE94 said...


Who sucks? Irish SUCK!

TheTalisman said...

Congrats from this Buckeye who was rooting for the UM win. Gotta say, this was the first time I had my heart in it when I told my UM friends this week, "Go Blue". I think this may give UM the momentum to run the table this year. It would be quite sweet if the football world could witness another #1 vs #2 during the season this year, that being UM vs tOSU. Damn sweet. And my dream would be that a wicked close final game of the season would leave us both at #1 and #2 so we could play it off again for the NC.

Anonymous said...

on the Miami players being thugs (since no one has bothered mentioning anything about it)...how stupid are those idiot Hurricanes? Every single time someone goes in and jumps up and down on the Cardinal at midfield, Louisville turns around and hands them their ass. Clearly this time was no different. I guess Larry Coker should locate the nearest unemployment office.

Boomer Bear said...

Michigan FAns,

I gotta say I am pretty speechless as well. And honestly I only have one thing to say: Congratulations! Your team played one hell of a game and I give absolute respect to the Wolverines for the victory. If you play like you did on Saturday all year you will be playing for a title in January. Best of luck the rest of the way! My hat is off to you...

Quite Impressed,

"The Bear"

harry hasselhoff said...

Bear - thanks and very classy of you. Good luck to the Baylor Bears for a run through the Big 12!

Now back to figure out who to root for Saturday - MSU or ND? Big 10 team or classier-fans team? Decisions, decisions.

BTW Yost, I believe Michigan had the all-time win percentage before the game, but if ND had won they would've taken it back. So Michigan merely maintained the status quo on that front.

Jackwraith said...

Harry's correct on the percentage issue. UM had and has the lead. On MSU/ND, ordinarily I'd say 'go Big 10' and 'go whomever is playing ND'. But given the fact that MSU is likely to lose 4-5 other games this season, I think it'd be nice to know that our win over the Irish (the rest of their schedule is almost meaningless) was the only one the pollsters have to look at until USC. Makes UM look better (especially when you notice that what used to be a guaranteed top 5 slot for a win over #2 media darling by a team that's also often a select choice by the AP now still leave us behind WV and Florida... WTF?)

Brad said...

Told you guys so.

Not regarding the win, but I posted on an earlier comments thread that we were obviously hiding a large part of the offensive playbook from ND in the first 2 games.

Here's the kicker, though: we still haven't shown all of it. We didn't run anything to the tight ends. No waggle, no seam routes, nothing. Got to save something for OSU, after all ;-).