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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Pre-Game

If you're looking for an MZone fix before sitting down to another glorious Saturday (Saturday, not Tuesday) of college football, we found a couple nuggets to tide you over.

* As you get ready for the game against Minnesota and are in search of a great preview of the game, look no further than Brian over at MGoBlog. Why one of the Detroit papers doesn't hire this guy is beyond me.

* According to the Detroit News, Michigan fans who go to road games will be able to listen to Frank Beckmann and Jim Brandstatter on the radio thanks to a low-watt transmitter provided by Host Communications. The broadcast frequency will change from venue to venue, but Saturday night's game at the Metrodome in Minneapolis can be heard on 103.1 FM.

* Is the Little Brown Jug the oldest trophy in college football? AZ Stallion says no. He claims it's the Territorial Cup awarded the winner of UA-ASU.

* A week ago, we never heard of OU president David Boren. Now, he's everywhere. First there was OU-UO where Boren picked the wrong side advocating they "erase" the game from the books. Did he do the same on a much larger scale -- say advising President Bush about the Iraq War? Folks, we're not making this up. (HT: Matt)

* Remember Max Martin, the tailback who left Michigan and transferred to 'Bama because he wasn't getting enough PT in A2? Well, looks like he got kicked off the Tide while sitting out his transfer year! (HT: RW)

* Want ND season tix? Well, for the first time in more than 30 years, you might have a shot. The school will make 5,000 season tickets available. The ducats come from tickets that have been revoked or suspended due to scalping the last several years. (HT: DW)


Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be hoping for Brian to get picked up by the Free Press.

This is what I love about him, in his own words:

"Hey, man, I'm not a sportswriter: I am a Michigan fan and blogger."

Imagine if he had to stop being a homer and write about shit like the Detroit Shock. I'd pay a monthly fee to read mgoblog to stop that from happening.

Anonymous said...

sharp may have said something positive in his article today, but then again it is backhanded the way he said it!

Yost said...


He only mentioned them in his weekly picks section, not in the column. We don't count that on Drew Sharp Watch.

Anonymous said...

Max Martin was a libility to begin with. He had trouble with the law as a high school senior. I wonder what team rule he broke. Someone speculated it was hippy lettus.

Anonymous said...

Max Martin was a liability to start. This kid had trouble with the law in his senior season after he had committed to Michigan. I'm not sure of what team rule he violated, someone speculated it was the hippy lettus

TitleIX said...

The Illini?
The Illini?
Are you kidding me??????

Sparty Sucks!
and I'm lovin' it....