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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Reggie Bu$h

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Reggie Bush and his family accepted financial benefits worth more than $100K from marking agents while Bush was playing for USC.

As you can imagine, the blogosphere is buzzing about the story that could cost Bush his Heisman and lead to sanctions against USC. EDSBS and Dan Shanoff have a lot to say on the matter while fans in Westwood such Nestor at Bruins Nation are having a field day.


Trojan Mike said...

Is there anything new to this story from when it broke in the Spring? If not, why break now again? At least Bush is keeping his mouth shut this time. What a mess. Of course this had to hit before our big game with Nebraska. Focus , Focus, Focus....

Beban said...

There is a lot more documentation, and it turns out that far more money was given to the Bush family than first indicated by the report in April.

So yes, quite a bit has changed.

Reggie Bush said...

Fight on

Chris Webber said...

Dear Bush Family,

I know exactly what you are going through as I myself have been there. Just remember to keep your head up high and follow this advice
"Nobody talks everybody walks."

Oh and pray that the people that gave you the money die also.

Best Wishes,
C. Webb

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