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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Props to BON

So I, like most college football fans, watched the UT-OSU game tonight. Michigan site or not, can't take anything away from the Bucks. They looked very impressive.

Afterwards, I wanted to get a sense of what Longhorn fans were saying so I went over to the always good Burnt Orange Nation. In the wake of what must have been a very disappointing loss after not losing for so long PB - who runs the site - had a very classy post up. He gave full credit to Ohio State and made no excuses, a rarity in the college football blogosphere.

Finally, he praised his team for their recent run. Like PB even said, it had to end sometime.

Thus, just wanted to give a little hat tip to the Longhorns -- for that recent run and how their fans, if BON is any indication, are handling themselves in defeat. Well done. On both counts.

P.S. One thing that did surprise me in PB's post was when he alluded to the Austin crowd not being that loud. Is that true? For a #1 vs. #2? Wow. I found that hard to believe. I thought only Michigan fans stayed relatively quiet during big games.


Anonymous said...

#1 24 - #2 7

if that's any indication I can't wait to see number 10 in columbus!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, Ohio State will be undefeated this year and win yet another title.

Allaha said...

As a Texas fan, I am disappointed with the loss. There is no doubt tOSU had a better game plan. (I cannot believe UT did not run the ball more: their backs averaged over 6 yards a carry, yet they had more passing plays. WTF were the coaches thinking?) I also believe tOSU had not only better players but also more depth. (Not allowing T Brown to play was the right decision, but the limited depth in the secondary was devastating.)

Congrats to Texas for a nice run, and congrats to tOSU for a well-earned victory.

Anonymous said...

I went to the 1995 Sugar Bowl between my VT Hokies and UT, and I have to agree - the UT fans I encountered, both before and after the game, drunk or sober (me and them), were the most gracious opponent's fans I've ever encountered.

Wild Willie said...

I think we were outcoached and outplayed. I think that what TX needs is some solid leadership. tOSU had it in Smith, and I was extremely impressed with Smith's post game interview. He was well spoken.


Wild Willie said...

anon, I was at that Sugar Bowl. James Brown was in a tizzy that day because of yall. At least I picked up a Longhorn flag for dirt cheap after the game, that I still fly today.

Anonymous said...

OSU fan here and I was wondering if Griffin came back in after the injury? If not I hope he recovers fully, and helps you guys beat OU. I can also now root for Colt McCoy to do well.

Grover said...

I love the texas obsession with USC. Second sentence of the BON post reads:"The better team won. Don't want to hear any USC bullshit here."

Huh? Every third post that guy writes over there is about USC.

They're one-and-done. Meanwhile SC is still inthe mix for another NC. Its killing them.

vendittelli said...

I love how OSU, players and Tressel, are giving all the credit in the world to Texas. How great they are, how much they respect them, etc. We'll see what the post game reaction is come the Michigan game.

Scott Boswell said...

No excuses. The better team won. I'm just glad Texas lost to the #1 team in the country this early in the season. If LSU can do it in 2003, we still have a shot.

Nah, I just hope we can win our division despite Greg Davis.

P.S. Nice way to live up to a stereotype tOSU fans: http://www.statesman.com/news/content/shared-gen/ap/National/Ohio_St_Campus.html

Man 'o War Buckeye said...

I'm surprised y'all haven't latched onto the story about the fires set in Columbus last night. Wonder if it will be on Letterman and Leno tomorrow night?

CrimeNotes said...

I thought for sure that either OSU or Notre Dame (or both) would lose yesterday. Notre Dame I especially thought was going to turn out to be a pure media creation -- college football's version of Paris Hilton's music career.

Ohio State looked great; thanks to Texas for bringing reality checks to OSU and USC last year; and goddamn I would happily endure hours of torture in exchange for beating Notre Dame next weekend.

Anonymous said...

BON is one of the Biggest low class trash talking blogs around. That guy running it has been riding high for 6 months talking down to people like a typical UT arrogant prick. He could only talk that way becuase of what his team was doing. He would shot out and deleat posts contradicting his Mack Brown Worship and now no VY and Makc is back to his usual lost self.

"PB" or whoever is not classy you have that wrong, he is preoccupide with several schools fanbases and still tries to take a jab at them in defeat.

In that "classy post" he took shots at OSU and USC. Fans who showed up to call him out on his BS all offseason.

Scott Boswell said...

So glad you manned up and posted anonymously to call someone else out...

I think his post is very classy considering we haven't had to deal with a loss in almost 2 years. PB has been giving props to Ohio State for months. Yet, some people see the color orange on a blog and decide that it is a forum for a loss to be rubbed in with "OMG pwned-Mack Brown-has-herpes!" talk. Sure, give those ignorant amoung us a taste of their own medicine for not giving tOSU a chance. They certainly deserve it. But, try to win with a little class and leave the others out of it.

You won an important game. Enjoy it. Don't ruin it in cyberspace the same way your fanbase has in Columbus. You won a battle, but the war is long. The trophy case may still be bare at the end of the season.

And no one took a potshot at USC. Leinart said that USC was still the better team upon losing the Rose Bowl. As a Texas fan, I do not think that we are a better team than tOSU is. The better team won and I'm not going to make excuses about how we lost.

Ungar Kelt said...

-Colt McCoy - looked like a Pop Warner kid.

-I suspect that Tosu may have bigger challenges ahead with guys named Stanton, Tate, Henne, etc.

-They look vulnerable to the running game.

-Tosu can't depend on the starting CB to get busted and suspended - would Gonzalez have run wild if Brown were in? Who knows...

Anonymous said...

USC had not lost over a lot longer period then UT, and BON did not handle victory that well either.

Heck he acted like a prick since the rose bowl. Don't say he is classy just becuase he had to eat a big piece of humble pie.

Howard21 said...

I feel for texas because they have to watch their coach have the same condition as lloyd...chokeitis. Vince was to good to let Mack B blow games like he has in the past with poor play calling, but now that he's gone Mack is back to his old ways. The fans are in a hard spot. The guy one a NC but only b/c of young. Now he's back to being another coach w/ too much talent and not enough results (sound familiar blue fans).

Kahuna said...

Anonymous (9/10 3:31 & 5:44),

Do you feel better now that you've had a chance to cry in public?

Peter at BON is about as decent and respectable a person as there is in the CF blog-crowd. He acts like a Texas fan, nothing more, nothing less. He gives credit where credit is due (to OSU after the game, not to Matt Leinart for being a whiny bitch) and tries to be as thoughtful as he is partisan.

If you're so offended by his "low class" blog, why don't you start one yourself and show us all how a "classy" fan should act?

paulwesterdawg said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
paulwesterdawg said...


I'm going to steal that line. "If you're so offended by his "low class" blog, why don't you start one yourself and show us all how a "classy" fan should act?"

I will be reusing it with frequency.

Particularly with GT and South Carolina visitors.