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Friday, September 29, 2006

N.C. State to Students: Please Don't Piss in Stadium Seats

It looks like Chuck Amato's coaching isn't the only embarrassement around Raleigh these days.

In the We Couldn't Make it Up if We Wanted To category, North Carolina State officials are asking its students to not urinate in their seats during football games.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Apparently, due to an online ticketing system for students aimed at preventing overcrowding, some fans, worried about being allowed back in their seats during last weekend's upset over B.C., decided it was better to simply stay put and piss all over themsleves.

Need more? It was also Parents' Weekend.


beast in bama said...

No, no, no. 1-AA Austin Peay is the forerunner of this, as evidenced by their cheer, "Let's go Peay! Let's go Peay!" There could be legal action.

I guess the only saving grace IS the fact that it was Parents' Weekend. Who else is going to bring the Good Nites and Pullups?

aladouche said...

wow they piss and vomit on themselves for a 2-2 team record? Shit what would happen if they were 4-0?

IC said...

Ya know what? If I was a Wolfpack fan, having Chuck Amato as a coach would still be more embarassing than peeing on myself during Parent's Weekend.

Mike said...

I guess Joe Paterno won't be sitting in THAT section.