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Monday, September 25, 2006

MZone Top 25

Let me start by admitting I didn't see a lot of games Saturday. I was in Vegas getting drunk, gambling and going to strip clubs doing the Lord's work. I saw the Michigan game and then bits and pieces of OSU-Penn St, MSU-ND, Florida-Kentucky, WVU-ECU and Georgia-Colorado. However, I did see much more of Savannah, Porsche and Crystal.

And as Benny noted over the weekend, for many in the Top 25, it truly was Suck-ola Saturday as good number of them struggled.

A couple of thoughts before we get to the poll:

* Georgia laid a big egg. From what I saw (and then the highlights), they were lucky to escape with a 1 point win at home against a team that lost to a crappy 1-AA school! Thank goodness they play another 1-AA school this weekend in Ole Miss.

* When are AP poll voters going to realize that the only reason West Virginia is so highly ranked this year is because they beat Georgia last year? It certainly can't have anything to do with what they've seen on the field this season, does it? Sure, I know squeaking past 1-3 ECU is impressive but c'mon.

* What a devastating loss for MSU. I can't believe they let this one slip away, and it was their star player, Drew Stanton, who cost them the game with two costly turnovers in the final six minutes (with a third "thrown in" for good measure as they were driving to tie the game at the end). As I read somewhere else, if games ended at halftime, John L. Smith would be Knute Rockne. Props to Notre Dame for coming back, but for a team allegedly wanting to prove the Michigan game was a fluke, they certainly looked terrible until Stanton decided he wanted to be on ESPN Classic for the rest of his life.

* Putting a team in the last couple slots is almost like pulling names out of a hat. Look at some of the "Others Receiving votes" (or the lower ranked teams) in the AP and check out who they beat. Texas A&M? They beat Army, the Citadel and two Louisiana schools with a lot of qualifying information after their state name.

Then there's 4-0 Wake Forest. They've taken down Syracuse, Duke, UConn and Ole Miss...a fantastic achievement if this were college basketball. Killer RPI, guys.

Anyhoo, here's what we have for this week's Blogpoll at MGoBlog. Let us know your thoughts.

1Ohio State--
2Southern Cal--
6Louisville 1
7Louisiana State 1
8Texas 1
9Oregon 1
10Georgia 4
11West Virginia--
12Iowa 1
13Notre Dame 1
15Cal 2
16Virginia Tech 1
17Oklahoma 4
18TCU 1
19Missouri 6
20Rutgers 2
21Nebraska 5
22Boise State 4
23Clemson 3
24Michigan State--
25Washington 1

Dropped Out: Arizona State (#16), Alabama (#20), Boston College (#23).


Allaha said...

Good ballot, but:
1) Louisville: who have they defeated (apart from 1-2 Miami)? With their injuries, it is hard to believe there are only 5 teams in the country that would beat them.
2) Oregon: they have not played any quality opponents, they have not looked particularly impressive, and their only decent win was "tainted".

Given the way most ballots are cast in the major polls, wins -- even against terrible teams -- count for far more than strength of schedule. Accordingly, the inevitable consequence is that strong programs will in the future schedule poor teams instead of risk losing to a worthy opponent. Say goodbye to UT-tOSU and hello to UT-Sam Houston State.

I was disappointed to read the UT coach say after the tOSU loss that in the future he, and presumably other coaches, will avoid talented out of conference opponents. It is unfortunate for college football fans who want entertaining games. Unless the major polls create a different incentive scheme (e.g., reward teams for playing quality opponents; provide little credit for blow outs against inferior teams), however, the scheduling of patsies will become even more common.

Yost said...


you are 100% correct. We actually try to avoid such bias but unfortunately, we sometimes fall into the same trap we bitch about.

But unless there is a SIGNIFICANT reward for playing tough teams, why play the games?

Gary said...

Have you seen Missouri's schedule? You ripped on Wake Forest, but they have beaten more impressive oppoenents than Missouri. Even Portland State beat New Mexico by more than Missouri did.

Otheriwise, it's a decent ballot.

Crabapple Buck said...

The good news allaha is that OSU has scheduled great intersectional games vs Washington, USC, Miami & Oklahoma thru 2016. The bad news is that they also put YSU on the schedule for two years in a bone throw to Tressels old school.

I think it helps recruiting, if others think that too, then they will also schedule that way. That's why I think UM is smart to keep ND. If ND sucks the perception is still that they are a power. You never know if Miami will still be good in 2010. If they are it will be a great game. If not, its just another creme puff.

As much as I don't like U$Cheat, I admired their OOC this year with Arkansas, Nebraska and ND. No cremepuffs. They have also scheduled Auburn and VT in the past. They aren't afraid, and they have recruited well also.

beast in 'bama said...

I'm not questioning the poll, but something interesting happened in the OSU/PSU game. That OSU offense that I believed could score at will - didn't.

We're having a lot of fun at JoePa's expense today, but his defense played one hell of a game Saturday. They gave up only one touchdown to the best offense in college football. I honestly didn't think that could be done this year.

Food for thought, Michigan fans - you're defense is better than PSU's.

beast in 'bama said...

My mistake. Penn State gave up two TDs to Ohio State's offense. An impressive performance nevertheless.

bigndfan175 said...

Yost, in my opinion(and it pains me to type this)is 13th best team in the country. At best they could be ranked 17th behind TN, Clemson, OK and NE.

Is there concurrence?

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Beyond the top five it's pretty much a guessing game. Yes, Louisville has looked extremely impressive, but their schedule isn't really much better than West Virginia's. I'm pulling for Rutgers and hope they beat both Louisville and West Virginia, but their schedule isn't that tough either. The Mountaineers did not look impressive against an awful East Carolina team (and the Pirates have one of the worst run defenses in the country). Georgia definitely needs to be worried.

Even within the top five there's questions. Auburn has really only played one quality opponent, upon whom they only scored one touchdown. Sure, they barely tried against Buffalo, but it was Buffalo. And, personally, I'd love to see Michigan's defense against the USC offense. In fact, unlike most recent years when the notion of Michigan playing a top ten team would make me nervous, I wish Michigan could play everyone this year.

Anonymous said...

Washington is not a top 25 team.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

get ready for 500+ yds of offense again. heck its arizona st, anything less then 6 bills is going to be a disapointment.... sometimes it pays to play in a conference that doesnt play defense

go ducks