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Saturday, September 09, 2006

MZone Saturday Bonus Material

Got a couple things from readers that we thought we'd pass on for your Internet surfing pleasure as you're waiting for your game to start on Saturday:

* Nestor over at Bruins Nation has found another "Hugh Johnson" clip, the "alleged" UCLA Internet fan/reporter. We say "alleged" because we agree with Nestor -- this smells bogus. Looks like a USC practical joke.

For UCLA's sake, I really, really, really hope it is.

* For Michigan fans who don't live in the Detroit area, check out Detroit News writer Bob Wojnowski's weekly college football column. Always entertaining. Maybe Drew Sharp can rent a sense of humor from him someday.

* SiC sends us this story from the Ann Arbor News taking a look at Michigan's new zone scheme for the O line.

* Reader DevilGrad poses a very interesting question in anticipation of the Texas-Tosu game:

Which number will be bigger?

A) Number of points Ohio State scores against Texas
B) Buckeye fans arrested in Austin (keeping in mind that most Austin public libraries are open on Saturdays).

* Finally, because Buckeye fans are always complaining that we never put up enough Ohio State material on this site, we present this picture from reader LRC. Apparently Tosu fans have been arriving in Texas all week and he snapped this photo of one visiting a horse farm on the outskirts of Austin.

In a sad footnote, we're told the horse in this picture had to be put down after this encounter.

Enjoy the games today.


srudoff said...

who's the guy with hannah storm?

Yost said...

lol, srudoff.

The King said...


(dead serious version of this post to show up in 5...4...3...)

Sports on a Schtick said...

Horse: Dude, I'm waaaay bigger.
OSU guy: It's the same size as A.J. Hawk's, damnit!

Nitric Oxide said...

You guys are funny...very funny....
thats Lloyd with the OSU fan....I almost didnt get it at first....

You guys rock!


surrounded in columbus said...

Wojo can be pretty critical, but he's almost always funny. even we he's kicking M's ass in his column, i go ahead and read it because it's entertaining.

and no, sharp can't learn anything from reading it. you can't learn talent and sharp doesn't have any to start w/.

Go Blue!

Brad said...

surrounded in columbus is right regarding Sharp:

You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hugh Johnson is a Bruin, It is not the real guys anme but many trojans knew the kid in high school, admit he is a funny guy, but went to the wrong school.

I think the video's are funny.

Beban said...

We love the "Hugh Johnson" videos. They're so ridiculously horrible, they transcend bad taste. UCLA fans are buying into it, instead of running away in shame.

Should we overreact, and seem like sensitive douchebags? I say no...BRING DOWN THE WHAMMY! GO BRUINS!

Anonymous said...

It smells like balls in here!!!