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Saturday, September 23, 2006

MZone Exclusive

BREAKING NEWS: MZone reporters, embedded deep within the Notre Dame football program, have managed to sneak out this top secret copy of head coach Charlie Weis' tape of Notre Dame highlights from last weekend's game.


Wait 'til next year! (ha) said...

Yost - that is some funny stuff indeed. I'll admit, I first expected a video/photoshop version of Henne's HS coach coming unglued in that "Pride" video, only with Weis's picture photoshopped over the coach and ripping into some ribs when that HS coach ripped up the video tape. But your video was even funnier! Keep it up. The sad realization of it all is that that video could be year-to-date highlights of my lowely Gamecocks as well. Watch it show up on tigernet.com. FCU

Anonymous said...

Here is another great Youtube video on the ND/Michigan game:

Anonymous said...

More Breaking News:

It's official! He's in!!

srudoff said...

Oh, I thought that was LLLoyd's highlight film of the 37-21 game in 2004 against us!


Anonymous said...

ahha yeah...and this isn't 2004..it's 2006 so that comment had no meaning or value...

bigndfan175 said...

OMG - that's hilarious. Even as a ND faithful who watched the debacle I'm rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Job well done.