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Monday, September 11, 2006

MZone Blogpoll Week 3

Okay, we'll say it: right now, Ohio State is the best team in the land. Going on the road and manhandling Texas the way they did Saturday has vaulted them to the top spot of our latest ballot in the MGoBlog Blogpoll. Did they really lose 9 starters on defense? Wow.

As you look over our latest rankings, a couple things:

* Outside Ohio State, of the games we saw, ND was the next most impressive team with its bitch slapping of Penn State. While we don't believe Joe Pa's squad is nearly as strong as last season, Quinn and Co. looked very good, especially in the second half.

* Since we feel that before October it's still fairly impossible to accurately place teams after just two games, you'll notice a lot of movement in our poll. Teams might have fallen that won or didn't play. That's because I think one of the greatest flaws in the current poll is inertia based on where a team started. And simply because they won, they keep moving up. We're trying to take more factors into account than simply winning. And the preseason poll shouldn't count for much once games are played.

That's why you'll see that FSU, our preseason #1 took another tumble this week, actually falling outside of the top 10. But rather than saying how "unfair" that is, what was unfair was that they were ranked so high to begin with. That was simply a function of reputation and August guess work. Now, after watching them for two weeks, just squeaking past Troy Saturday, frankly, they don't look that good. Thus, that should (and is in our case) be reflected in the rankings based on what we've seen so far, not what we/other polls expected before the season started.

* We punished teams for playing 1-AA schools. Such games don't tell you shit. Period. West Virginia's schedule is an embarrassment to begin with and they shouldn't be moving up because of an "impressive" 52-3 win over something called Eastern Washington (not even a regional cupcake) while Texas gets hammered for taking on a top program. We're guessing Texas would have had a similar result against EWU, same for WVU against Ohio State.

Rankings should not simply be about Ws and Ls. Or everybody should play Eastern Washington (or Florida A&M and Nicholls State. Shame on you Miami and Nebraska).

For the record, let it be known Benny, in protest of such scheduling b.s., didn't even want to rank any team that played a 1-AA foe this past weekend.

* Michigan, which we dropped after the Vandy game, leaps to #11 for two reasons: First of all, after Vandy pushed 'Bama to the limit in Tuscaloosa, that opening win looks a little more impressive. Second, and even more importantly, none of the other teams they "passed" have necessarily looked better. Thus, they land just outside the top ten with a chance to prove they should be higher (or much lower) on Saturday.

1Ohio State 2
2Southern Cal 1
3Auburn 2
4Notre Dame 6
5Louisiana State 2
6Florida 2
7Georgia 8
8Tennessee 2
9Texas 7
10Oregon 1
11Michigan 6
12Florida State 8
13West Virginia 4
14Louisville 7
15Virginia Tech 1
16Miami (Florida) 3
17Iowa 5
18Texas Tech--
19Cal 4
21Boise State 5
22Arizona State 2
23Alabama 2
24Boston College 2
25Rutgers 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#16), Penn State (#19), Minnesota (#22).

Please leave us your thoughts. Would love to know what you think.


Andrew said...

I am still amazed how teams who have only played I-AA teams end up in a I-A poll?

Crabapple Buck said...

Would you please use your vast powers to will your team to win at South Bendover? The Big Ten needs a better showing than what Iowa and PSU did last week. Michigan has too much talent to let the Irish have their way on offense, and a QB who should not be flustered in a big game. A win on Saturday will keep the dream alive of a 1973 like clash on 11/18.

I think the PSU-ND debacle was a foreshadowing of the OSU-Texas game. When I saw what the shitty ND defense did to a freshman QB, I felt good about our chances that night. Turned out I was right, wish I knew a bookie. Looks like USC has clear sailing after Nebraska, until ND. Unfortunately the PAC 10 stinks out loud. If UM gets by ND, the 2 best teams may be in A2 and Columbus.

jeff said...

It really doesn't make sense to drop Clemson 9 spots and boost Boston College 2 spots after BC wins by ONE POINT in double overtime due to a blocked PT.

Tom said...

Since you asked,

Texas Tech in the top 20, really?

I mean, I know UTEP has a Palmer brother and a big time coach and all, but really?

ShaunTX said...

wow. you must really hate Oklahoma.

Allaha said...

I think the poll is solid, but . . . 1) I seriously doubt Tennessee ( a 1 point winner over the Air Force Academy) deserves its ranking, and 2) Petersen alone deserves a Top 25 spot.

Kudos for dropping FSU, even more so given your pre-season evaluation.

If Texas's truly offensive coordinator leaves the program, will UT bounce up a few spots?

Anonymous said...

Like most of you, I love many sports - NHL, major league baseball, NCAA hoops, etc....I even turn on NFL games now and then (boring as they are).

But the one game I love more than any other is COLLEGE FOOTBALL. And it pains me to see the one sport I truly love slowly cruble before my eyes. And no, I am not talking about the lack of a post-season tourny. That's the least of my worries.

It is growing trend of major college football programs to schedule I-AA schools. What a complete joke that is! What A.D. in their right mind goes out and schedules Nichols State!!

There are a few schools out there (A.A., USC, Domers among them) that to my knowledge have never scheduled a I-AA game...or at least not since the leather helmet era. Fans should support those teams.....and heap loads of of crap on those (Canes, Huskers) who are doing everything they can to f*ck with the college game!!

Anonymous said...

You attack teams for playing IAA teams while your team is playing Central Michigan?? I promise there are a few IAA teams that could beat Central Michigan. It looks to me like you cant stand that fact that another program (like West Virginia) is getting more respect on the national level than your precious, and yearly overrated Michigan. Any team coming off five losses shouldnt be in the top 15. Way to live off the past and make yourself feel better by attacking another team.

Also, when you are ND and play teams like Army and Navy, you are already playing IAA teams every year.

Yost said...


Yes, I do and will continue to attack teams playing 1-AA games. Since you bring up West Virginia, Ihave no doubt Central Michigan could beat Eastern Washinton.

And I'm not attacking WVU's team, I'm blasting their schedule. It's a joke. Period. Michigan plays at ND, at OSU, at Penn State as well as facing a ranked Iowa team. WVU's schedule doesn't hold a candle to that.

As for ND, you conveniently bring up that they play Army and Navy. Yet you fail to mention they opened this season w/ possibly the toughest first three games of anybody in the country -- at G. Tech, vs. PSU, vs. Michigan with SC on the road to come.

Wolverhampton said...

Michigan is overrated in your poll.

Michigan should have utterly destroyed both Vanderbilt and Central Michigan. With UM's level of defensive talent, the Wolverines should have held each to a field goal or less in scoring.
On offense, good God, Michigan should have thrashed both opponents by 50 or more were it not for the Pop Warner playbook of Mike DeBord and Lloyd Carr.

Once again we find Michigan undefeated in September and no one in the college football world knows how good they really are - including the UM coaches and players themselves.

I fear another rude awakening in store for UM on Saturday vs. Notre Dame.

jyblueman said...

It will be #1 vs. #2 come 11/18. Could be one of the sweetest games ever. Lets hope everything pans out. goblue

Anonymous said...

It will be #1 vs. #2 come 11/18. Could be one of the sweetest games ever. Lets hope everything pans out. gobucks

Anonymous said...

Tennessee ahead of Texas? Surely ye jest.

Anonymous said...

Look out for Missouri, they will be cracking the top 25 in the next few weeks.

Greg said...

I certainly can't defend playing 1-AA teams, but at least in Penn State's case, they're playing Youngstown State next week (and might lose after that pathetic performance on Saturday) because Louisiana Tech dropped out of the game. Yes, it was LA Tech, another cupcake, but they had to fill the slot. I don't know how the other teams' schedules work, but it's a thought. I wish the NCAA would step in and start mandating certain things on scheduling, because it's ridiculous.

And I'm tired of people defending Notre Dame's schedule. They play their tough games early, sure, but they play the service academies and Stanford, among others. They're just as bad as any other Big Football Factory, who loads up on crappy teams and plays three or four tough games a year.

Oh, and despite Penn State's ugly loss, they're better than Boise State and Rutgers. I understand why you dropped them, but they'll end up better than either of those two teams eventually.

Go Michigan, unfortunately.

You'reWifeHasABucstache said...

Re: Jeff's Comment
You're right. Clemson should have dropped more than 9 spots.

turnoverbuddah said...

I`d stay anonymous if i said it would be #1 vs. #2 on 11/18.Fat Fing chance!That`s the funniest thing I`ve heard this season.ND hangs 40+ on mich saturday.