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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Michigan Undefeated in 2006!

With the UM/ND kickoff only 4+ hours away and considering the way things have gone for the Wolverines in their road opener since '99, I figure I better get a post with this title up while I still can.

If you're not lucky enough to be in South Bend (or at any of the other big games today), here are a few things to help you kill some time...

* UniWatch takes a look at Michigan football programs through the years.

(HT: Steve)

* Ohio State is taking no chances with their fans -- yesterday the school sent out a letter to students reminding them of something that most people learn much earlier in life: Don't set fires.

(HT: DW)

* Does LA Times TV-radio sports columnist Larry Stewart really believe ESPN's GAMEDAY crew is in LA for the USC-Nebraska game -- instead of at any of the much bigger games today -- because, "One reason for selecting Saturday's Nebraska-USC game as the place to be was that Nebraska draws well, even on the road, and its fans love the show."

Larry, get a clue.

He goes on to say, "Other possibilities this weekend were Louisiana State at Auburn and Michigan at Notre Dame, even though those games are on competing networks. To ESPN's credit, the show is not restricted to being at only ABC and ESPN games."'

To ESPN's credit?! Is this guy serious? The line on the USC/Nebraska game has the Trojans by 18 1/2. Nobody is expecting a close game here. The ONLY reason GAMEDAY is in LA -- against the wishes of the GAMEDAY crew -- because of corporate suits not wanting to promote games on competing networks. Period.

But don't take our word for it, take Chris Fowler's who said as much on ESPN Insider.

Finally, for two previews of the Michigan-Notre Dame game that put the Detroit papers to shame, check out the ones at EDSBS and MGoBlog.

Now, we wait.


mg said...

Nice, Henne. Our defense puts us ahead, and you immediately give the ball back in the red zone.


Good thing we didn't give Weis an early look at our full passing game.

mg said...

Never mind. I love you, Chad Henne. Nice to see a long pass play work. Not getting the extra point hurts, though.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

The anticipation for this game had been killing me.

The game is even worse! Holy crap! This is so nerve wracking and horrible it's actually awesome.

Looks like the Irish are focusing on the run. I'm so glad Michigan went deep.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

End of first quarter, Michigan 20 - Notre Dame 7

And, Mike Hart being outrushed by Darius Walker?

Who'd have thunk it?

mg said...

Holy shit we can do this! I'm starting to like this Manningham kid.

Andy said...


34-7 in the 2nd.

I still don't like the blocked XP

Man 'o War Buckeye said...

Thanks for schooling Charlie Tuna and exposing his "genius"!!!!

OSU22UM6 said...

Congratulations, UM partisans, for ending Notre Dame's run at a national title and Brady Quinn's run at a Heisman Trophy. I look for this to be the best Michigan team to journey to Columbus since 1998. Outstanding effort, particularly for Henne, now 1-4 as a starter v. ND and OSU. I wouldn't count on the Bucks to provide as many gifts though. ND is not back, or perhaps just being #2 is unfortunate. The Wolverines are BCS-bound.

Woody Hayes said...

"Undefeated in 2006?"
Ya thought you were gonna lose, didn't you? What kind of fans are you? I hope my old friend Bo can't see that he'll turn over in his grave....
He's not dead? ....
I am...


Andy said...

Ass kicked

beast in bama said...

My high school coach used to yell "SPEED! SPEED! SPEED!" when he wanted us to get the corner. Well, speed killed ND today.

My god, even Woodley scored!

Offensive line should get a game ball, and Henne should get two. The line gave him time, but you've still got to make the throws - and Henne made perfect throws when asked.

I'll bet Weis knew all along that he has to recruit more speed to compete with the big boys - Michigan has officially exposed that today.

Great win, guys. Are you happy NOW, Fielding Yost???

buckih8tr said...

All i have to say is that was Michigan ball way to go guys!If i were a shit Buckeye fan i would of burned a couch or some thing after the game but i just didn't have it in me.But sure they lit some thing on fire after their big win today to make up for me... lol GO BLUE.....

sallypierre said...

half time: tommy brady quinn luv fest.

sorry they didn't focus on the ND ass kicking.

oh, and the bus is from detroit.