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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Michigan 41, CMU 17...are we ready for ND?

So, what did folks think? I'm still not a believer. Better than last weekend but too many big plays given up that will kill us against a good team. And if CMU doesn't drop that sure TD right before they fumble, could have been sweating things out in 4th quarter.


Travis said...

There never would have been any sweating things out. This game never would have been in doubt, regardless of the missed TD.

My concerns are that the defense didn't shut down CMU with the intensity that I thought they would. The D wasn't bad, but like you, I thought there were too many big plays.

The special teams, or lack there of, is scary.

I think with a "healthy Mike Hart" in the offense we'll have the jolt we need to move the ball. His leadership is unquestionable. Did you see him giving hell on the sidelines today? I look for a big game next weekend from the offense.

Michigan 28
Notre Dame 24

Go Blue!

Dad007 said...

Maybe too close a score for some, but remember we were deep into the bench. At least we weren't only up 24-17 at the half, with a fumble on the opening play of the second half. (Sorry Spartans).

mg said...

Better, but I'd still like to see the passing game work a little better. I like that it produced some first downs, and complimented the ground game, but with our receivers, I just have a hard time believing that in two games against weaker competition, we couldn't make any big passing plays.

Seriously -- a limited playbook is one thing, but it's not like Carr told the receivers to purposefully limit their gains. Why no big plays?

Average Homeboy said...

I thought we looked just fine with the exception of special teams. I think we will certainly give Notre Dame a run for their money next week. This is the best that our team has looked in a while.

Now lets see if after we beat the golden domes in their own backyard we have more class than Sparty and not spike the flag in the middle of the field.


Go Blue, Eh! said...

I wasn't that worried about ND after they barely scraped by GT. But the beating they are giving PSU has me worried again.

Sadly I wasn't able to watch the UM game where I live. Did they play better or worse than the score would indicate?

Anonymous said...

go blue, eh!

The score was about right for how they played give or take a touchdown either way.

Go Blue!

buckih8tr said...

michigan looked ok outside of a couple miss passes and none thrown down field i undestand we do not have edwards no more but dam ten yard passes wont hurt every now and then.Also a little upset with the defence,could have rushed the qb a little more to make things more difficult for the big plays they did have but all and all i was happy with their performence go blue.........

srudoff said...

Only saw the 1st quarter so I can't comment on the performance but I did have a question. What's the ruling on tackling a guy that's trying to go for a loose ball? Michigan sacked the QB and forced a fumble. A CMU guy was trying to run back for the ball when he was grabbed and tackled from behind by a UM guy. The ball remained free and UM recovered. Was it not defensive holding for a reason? Can you literally tackle a guy when trying to go for a loose ball?

I honestly just want to know what the ruling was because my 7 year old son thought it was holding too and I couldn't tell him why it wasn't.

Good luck next week - it's one of the few times each decade that I'll actually be rooting for you. Man I hate Weiss and the ND hype machine. Hope you guys kill em.

Anonymous said...

Blubearksi = 1 part bluberry stoli and 1 part soda

Anonymous said...


According to the refs today...yes you can. I don't know the official rule, but I'm guessing that when the ball is live, anything goes except personal fouls (ie facemask, illegal hits, etc.).

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

I'm pumped for next weekend! It's the maize n blue's first real big test of the season. Lloyd's career as U of M's coach has something to do with next weekends game because it's always talked about how michigan needs to win against ND and OSU and haven't recently....I want to see more passing. The fact that we were already running Mike Hart into the ground against Vandy wasn't too comforting..Chad has got to bring down his throws...He still thinks he has braylon or something. haha Anyway...I think they will get it down against ND...I'm from Columbus...and let's just say...my area is all about Notre and OSU..so any wins against them pump me up! GO BLUE!

Yost said...

Yes, once the ball is fumbled, it's a loose ball -- not unlike once a ball is tipped at the line, you can then tackle the receiver. Same here.

As for ND, they looked amazing in the second half. We are going to have to REALLY step up to have a chance.

Anonymous said...

After watching today's game I remained concerned about the team and the possibility of a repeat of last year.

After reading about the Notre Dame score, I am thinking about leaving the country next Friday. I think we all know that Charlie Weiss is even smarter than he is wide, and will happily exploit the defensive and special teams, and passing game flaws uncovered by CMU today. How will our running game do when the Notre Dame defensive backs are up on the line on every down?

My only hope is that Coach Carr has purposefully concealed the passing game to fool Weiss. This seems unlikely.

Anonymous said...

The real question is...will lloyd carr make it to the OSU game? My answer is yes, OSU will blow out Mich giving more reason to fire carr

Anonymous said...

Great win againt Central Michigan!! I'm not sure what Ohio State did tonight, but I'm sure it wasn't as impressive as your win over the Chips.

Try not to lose to Notre Dame AGAIN!

Nitric Oxide said...

OSU bombs Texas. UM also gets a W. Score for both 2-0.

UM please go beat ND next week. This is a buckeye fan rooting for an in-conference UM team over an out-of conference ND team. Good sportsmanship here. OSU fans being nice, and smart (maybe coz they frequent that library you guys talk about a lot here....that clip IS funny).

It will be fun beating a ranked UM team later this year. Thats if Lloyd survives till then.

Anonymous said...

Criminy. You guys won't beat Weis (not "Weiss") until you learn to spell his name, for crying out loud.

wolverine man said...

I think wolverines will pull it out next weekend. Tired of hearing about Quinn, hope he's on his back most of the game

Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up next week. Quinn and the Irish will be on fire --- GO IRISH!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help noticing that 1/3-1/2 of the student section didn't return to the stadium after the weather delay at the CMU game. At that point the game was only in the 1st quarter and far from decided. There was no noticable departure from the other sections on tv.

My last few times back to A2 for games I saw some strange things:
1) An organized initiative to get people to wear maize to games
2) A section in the michigan daily encouraging fans to cheer at games and purporting to show fans how to cheer at games (e.g. "use the wolverine claw").
3) A news item ~8 years ago stating that students would no longer be entitled to a full season ticket for all home games due to demand by alumni/ boosters/ others.

When I was a student I never saw anything like this stuff. I can't help wonder if some strange dynamic is killing football at U-M. Is it bad performance by Carr hurting student enthusiasm, or is it the administration or both?

Nick said...

"We crushed Teaxs, Let's burn shit!"

Katie said...

Hey Yost! Remember me from last season? I thought I would drop by again this season to keep up on everything. I also wanted to let you know that I just put my application in for the PhD program at UofM.....it won't be long until I am at every single home game....Yeahhhawwwww!!! GO BLUE!

Touchdown Tshimanga said...

Right now, I'm torn ... after seeing week 2 unfold, are Vandy and CMU actually pretty good, or do we look lack-luster? Living in Florida, I did not get to see the UM-CMU game, so I view vicariously through internet reports.
I did see the UT-OSU and ND-PSU games, and my ulcer is already in Chernobyl mode. Both teams looked very impressive, not unbeatable by any means, but impressive nonetheless.
Also would appreciate a link to any site besides Mden that sells UM fan gear, game shirts, etc that are unavailable here in the land of rocketry and sunshine. Thanks.

Go Blue

Yost said...


Congrats and welcome back.


Try Ulrich's...


Anonymous said...

I know you guys have already seen this bt I had to drop this off

Anonymous said...

"wolverine man said...
I think wolverines will pull it out next weekend."

Um...based on...?