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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Michigan - 28, Minnie 14...Scarier than it needed to be

Show of hands, folks -- For a split second, when the Gophers had the ball, first and goal, and looked like they were going to make it a 7 point game with 3 minutes left, anybody else having 2005 flashbacks?

This game shouldn't have been this close. I should have been able to channel surf and watch other games. But the team from the first half was replaced by another in the second.

More to come, just wanted to get something up for now. Give us your thoughts.

P.S. My god, is MSU embarrassing.


SCALZI said...

First off I stand by my proclamation that I will have Mike Hart's baby..
The O looked very good, minus the drops. The receiving corps looks like my cell phone provider .. too many drops.
For the first time this year, the D looked .... well .... hmmm .. Herman-esque?
A win is a win, and I'm very happy with the result.
I certainly hope I see #14 next week, and I don't mean B Griese.

Go Blue!!

SCALZI said...

I Meant Herrrrrrrrrman-esque

Tito said...

From a Texas fan:

Great site and good game today. Nice to get the little brown jug back huh? I can't speak for everyone in Austin, but I'm pulling for you guys to go all the way. Please let your D rape and pillage OSU's players when you play later in the season.

And no, I'm not at a libray writing this, but I did see a guy in a buckeye sweatshirt with a buckstache walk in right before me...

Benny Friedman said...

I'm not entirely happy with tonight's performance, but, no, I never had flashbacks to 2005. This is a much better team on offense and defense. With last year's team I would have been nervous. Tonight I was just a bit put out that I had to pay attention as long as I did.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. My god, is Ohio State incredible. Mark your calendars folks: 11/18 - the Bucks cap off a 12-0 season with a victory over the yellow and blue "victors"; 12/11 - congratulations Mr. Smith, the seventh Heisman trophy winner for Ohio State; 1/8 - Ohio State wins another crystal football by beating (insert NC hopeful here).

Waaahhh Tito - sour grapes. I guess you still have that hard fought victory over Sam Houston to revel in.

Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

Just got back to the hotel...couldnt say it any better myself.

Let's hope that was just a blip on the radar screen

TitleIX said...

Quote of the nite---
"Michigan State came apart like a 49 dollar suit" Rece Davis

And---Kirk, Lee, Mark May, and Lou Holtz all think Michigan is the only team that can beat tOSU. (for whatever that is worth...)

Kirk says he's voting Michigan #2 and all this talk is making me WAY nervous==just like I was at the end of tonite's game, Yost.

Cliche--but 'we' gotta play one game at a time....
Paul Bunyan is OURS!!!

Man 'o War Buckeye said...

John L. has that deer-in-the-headlights look to him. Props to Louisville for letting him go and picking up Petrino. Buckeyes and scUM for all the marbles on November 18th!!

UpTheHawks said...

OSU is headed for a national championship game....I dont know where the hell the Hawks are headed, but gg to OSU. They were by far the better team and deserved the win. Very very impressive. Just a thought - you throw OSU's offense in the NFL...would they out perform the Raiders?

surrounded in columbus said...

they skated in the third quarter/early 4th, became complacent. when minn started to come back, they didn't fold, didn't panic, didn't come apart. they refocused, took back the momentum, and put the game away.

sometimes the slip ups are the most telling. last year, Herrmmmann& Co would have found a way to lose this, or at least make it closer. this team never let it get closer than 2 tds. they didn't quit when they got bad breaks/calls. they dug and played harder in response.

one question- what was the deal after the game? the whole team locking arms? Minn coming out to mid field- en masse? it looked very cordial, but after the sparty's antics, i wasn't sure.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

I wasn't thrilled with the game, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I was expecting more than merely holding Minnesota to a little over 75% of their usual output. I also though Michigan should have scored more points considering the fantastic numbers Henne, Hart, and Manningham had.

Also bad is how I now don't really trust anyone except Hart to carry the ball.

Still, it's a fairly solid win and I think our uneasiness comes from two places, the nightmares of the 7-5 season last year and the desire to see Notre Dame-like beat downs every week.

Considering the way Michigan plays, a two touchdown lead is pretty much insurmountable. The defense--even when playing half-assed--is just too strong to quickly drive and score on and the offense eats up too much time. Michigan had the ball for nearly two thirds of that game.

It may not be that sexy but it works.

Surrounded, as for the claiming of the jug, apparently Lloyd Carr wanted it done as a team and in a subdued manner.

Anonymous said...

Yost, did you notice like I did how the maize and blue WALKED across the field to get the jug? like they owned it? reminds me of the joke where two bulls are on top of a hill...

bobmurph said...

Henne looked off the safety for a TD pass more in last nights game than John Navarre did in his whole career.

How bad is Mike Patrick? Anyone else catch his comment after the first Minnesota TD while it was under review..."Michigan usually gets that call just because they're Michigan". Okay, Mike.

Also, as happy as I am that Musburger will only call one Michigan game this year, I'm sad to see Gary Danielson gone to CBS. I watched the second half of Florida/Alabama yesterday and he and Verne Lundquist did a great job...best new play-by-play tandem out there.

MGOBLUE94 said...

Ron English will use the 4th Qtr let down for inspiring his players to play 4 Qtrs this week against the lame-duck spartans.

We beat the spread, the offense looked good, Hart had room and made the cuts, Henne hit is targets in stride! The big thing was the pass were DOWN field rather than 2 - 5 yrd out routes.
Grady ... if you drop another ball this season you ass better not see another snap the rest of the season!

As for the end and coming to claim the jug that is tradition baby the winning teams comes to the other sidelines to claim it. Michigan did it with class!

As for the Patrick comment on Michigan gets the call ... WHAT F'ing BS is that SH!T! WHATEVER ... don't we have REPLAY! Hasn't that replay system worked against us as well?!?!

OSU flamers take notice we are coming to C'bus to make a statement this year!

tom foolery said...

Re: MSU blows

as a rutgers fan- im loving '06. but i admit when RU wasnt so good back in the day.

which leads to my next point- when i got see a mediocre-at-best-2004 Rutgers squad beat Sparty with nothing but FGs. i stormed the field and punched in the eye too.