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Friday, September 29, 2006


We understand it's tough being a Spartan fan. And last Saturday's collapse against Notre Dame didn't make things any easier.

But to totally understand the pain of being a Michigan State supporter, you must listen to this radio clip The House Rock Built found. It's from the Sports Inferno on WXYT, AM 1270 in Detroit. Co-host Mike Valenti has a complete meltdown as he relives the Spartan loss to the Irish. Ho...ly...shit. This guy was two minutes away from a hostage situation.

The clip is 15 minutes long and when I first clicked on it, I wasn't going to listen to the whole thing. But I did. I was laughing too hard. The guy just keeps getting more and more deranged.

Thanks to all the readers who sent us this link.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that last comment was supposed to have a .jpg at the end.

Ares, God of War said...

this is the greatest sports radio broadcast I have ever heard.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

unbelievable stuff! this guy is going to have a fucking aneurism.

U-Dub Dish

Anonymous said...

50% blame on Drew Stanton, 50% blame on his teammates, and 50% on the coaches. I love it.

beast in 'bama said...

As Pat Dye once said, "Hindsight is fifty-fifty."

BK said...

"why are you in the shotgun in a monsoon" LOL

also, halfway through his rant he says "and this is where I get really upset"

Anonymous said...

By the way, here's a follow up to the greatest story ever told...



Brickeye said...

I'd hate be the guy to tell him it's just a game.

Anonymous said...

Actually, here's the follow up to the greatest story ever told. The last link was the original greatest story ever told.


Anonymous said...

I am ready to buy a HR Pufnstuff/ Teddy Ruxpin MSU tee. Where are they?

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

Can you imagine how mental he went after the 2004 Michigan game?

TitleIX said...


pucker for daddy

this guy is hysterical! You couldn't write this shit if you tried......

ps: did this guy go over to Yost's house and go Spartan on him??? Yost--come back!!!