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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Joe Tiller's "Foxy" Secretary

Since Joe Tiller took over as head coach, it seems the Purdue Boilermakers start each season with high expectations (mainly due to a favorable schedule that usually has them not playing Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Iowa). But, inevitably, Tiller's squad somehow manages to blow a game (or four).

Well, turns out the folks at Bad Idea Blue Jeans have uncovered the reason Tiller loses focus over the course of the season. Check out the picture of his secretary they uncovered in the media guide...

Foxy Lafon? As the guys at BIBJ even say, "Someone might want to check to see if her resume mentions any roles in Bond/Austin Powers movies."

Not to be outdone, which is hard to do judging by his office, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel has just hired Stacy Hotpieceofass as his assistant.

Thanks to MZone reader TC for the tip.


IC said...

Forget Foxy Lafon and her fresh-faced beauty. Click the BIBJ link in the post and check out Associate Ticket Manager Cindy Bailey--she can boil my maker any time.

ShaunTX said...

KRISTY BREWER! Football Secretary! I was hittin that back before hittin it was considered "cool".

daddy said...

Sorry, guys. According to Foxy's Yahoo profile -- http://profiles.yahoo.com/foxylafon -- Foxy is 31 years old and married. She enjoys scrapbooking, card making and watching her kids play.

I could have swore I saw her strip at the Crazy Horse Too in Las Vegas.

TitleIX said...

got milf?


PUBoiler78 said...

Hey! Wait...you're right. (but Purdue is playing PSU and Iowa this year)

Quiet Storm said...

Jim Tressel's secretary - Vesty Cleopatra