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Monday, September 11, 2006

Hot Seat Becomes Electric Chair for Amato

Never trust a man who wears sunglasses 24/7 unless he's Jack Nicholson. That goes double if he's your head football coach and can't beat Akron at home.

Things went from really bad to "it's just a matter of time" for embattled NC State coach Chuck Amato after his Wolfpack-it-ins' embarrassing loss to the above-mentioned Zips. So don't listen to what Chuck or the NC State administration say at this point. The only question is will he get the ax before the season ends or after? We're betting before.

Thus, this officially begins the Chuck Amato Watch here at the MZone. Leave us your prediction when he'll get the boot.


King of Ducks said...

# 10, i love it. we play Oklahoma at home next week, that has me excited beyond belief.

clemsontiger said...

I say he makes it to the end of the year. NC State is a basketball school first and foremost in the basketball mad ACC. Now don't get me wrong, if he has another losing record this year he's gone. If he can pull out a bowl game they might chalk it up to rebuilding and keep him. Regardless I say he's gone at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

id say after they lose to Maryland. the win over the Terps last year put them in a bowl game- this year, when they lose to them (and yes, it is WHEN), Chuck will get chucked by NC State. so yea, id say the day after the game, October 22nd. though i might be biased, i DO have a twin brother at Maryland...
-the transfer sophomore

Anonymous said...

An interesting tidbit - Lou Holtz used to coach at NC State.

Anonymous said...

Chuck's not going anywhere. But thanks for caring. Tammy Bowden's and The Fridge's seats are hotter.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible loss to Akron.
Sheesh, right in front of your home crowd!

May God both bless and curse the parity we now find within college football.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Tiggers more than anyone, but to think Tammy's on a hotter hotseat than whiny, cry-baby voice Amato is a freaking joke. They freakin' worship the ground Tammy walks on in Tigertown. Why? I could only guess it has to do with good recruits (an overrated kid named Korn anyone?), a decent track record (not as god as Ford's though or one of the fired coaches in recent times), and he fits the Tiger coach profile (swagger, big promises, a fan's coach- stops by to help fans eat 'que on game day, etc.) and he likes sheep. Still, who cares about the ACC.