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Friday, September 15, 2006

Holy Anti-depressant!

Fan behavior is so bad around Columbus, apparently comic book super villains are getting involved in trying to keep Buckeye fans under control.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Prozac, the popular anti-depressant, is ending up in Ohio waterways and rivers.

No word yet if Mr. Freeze will team with the Penguin to use a giant ray gun at the 'Shoe this year if the Prozac Plan fails.

Thanks to SiC for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Technically the river in question is not in Columbus. The Scioto River runs through Hilliard and Dublin

surrounded in columbus said...

the scioto's headwater is just north of indian lake. it meanders thru farm country near greencamp and marion, then passes thru dublin/hilliard.

the confluence of the scioto and olentangy rivers is in downtown columbus, just under the spring sandusky interchange of sr 315. the scioto runs past vets, the federal courthouse, and the santa maria, before heading south to Portsmouth where it empties into the Oio River.

srudoff said...

Honestly this might be the biggest reach for an anti-OSU article EVER.

You're like Costanza when he would start meetings with a great joke and then ruin it by trying to tell more jokes that were exponentially less funny. :)

Anonymous said...

What about tOSU male cheerleader that ran over three people, including an tOSU VP, after getting drunk the night of tOSU/ Texas game?

Anonymous said...

Surrounded, Actually the Scioto doesn't flow into the Ohio River. In fact, it doesn't even come close. It starts at around Rickenbacker Airport. Yes, thats right, stops. Because, like many rivers in Ohio, it flows North, not South. The area where the prozac was found most likely came from the Hilliard and Dublin, from the cooped up 'Desperate Housewive' type. Also, to other Anon, it was not released whether he was under the influence or not, so they're probably waiting to establish that truth before they post anything. Gotta have some credibility right? I actually went on that cheerleader's facebook page, and it seems like no one knows it was him, or they dont care. It was odd

Yost said...


just a joke. and super villains weren't really involved.

surrounded in columbus said...

Sorry, but the Dispatch headline reads: “Prozac pollutes Ohio waterways,…”.

Maybe you don’t find that funny, but that’s as good as a straight line gets.

Anon 10:00a.m.,
Don’t know where you went to school, but you apparently you skipped ohio history in 8th grade. The Scioto doesn’t go anywhere near lake erie.

Ck –


or any geography/atlas site.

For crissakes- I can look out the window and see the damned thing, along w/ about a million other people in columbus-


I don’t mind tosu fans pissing & moaning over opinions on sweaterboy, et al, but geography? Yeech.

Anonymous said...

Surrounded, Never once did I say that it flowed all the way to Lake Erie, I said it flows north in the area that they did the study. I know this because I've rowed on that river many times. Also, look at a map, dont trust Wiki. It doesn't flow to the Ohio River, you can see that on any map that shows a river

surrounded in columbus said...

you know, i feel a little foolish. is this a gag? right? in that case, you got me.

seriously, you say you never said it runs all the way to lake erie? then just where does it go? rivers don't just stop. they ALL go somewhere.

the scioto starts in roundhead ohio, just north of indian lake- i've been there- pretty much a nothing of a town. the river (basically a ditch at that point) runs east (and it may be a tad northward for a stretch) from there for about 30 or so miles and begins a turn south around greencamp ohio (sadly, i've been there, too- not as exciting as roundhead, and that's saying something). from there it runs south, eventually passing thru downtown columbus on it's way to portsmouth (and i've been there too- and will say at least it's nicer than greencamp). i'm not relying on wik. i can see it out the window.

so, if you were pulling my leg- good one- i fell hook line & sinker. if you're serious, get help. you probably shouldn't be allowed to operate a motor vehicle (or PC) until you get medical attention.

Anonymous said...

Are we allowed to talk football here anymore, or is all just trademarks and geography?

Anyway, while I was pleasuring myself next to my burning couch today, I was thinking about how much I hope you guys destroy ND.

But beware, if you do win, even if it is 63-0, in two weeks ND will consider it a victory and name a bridge or something after Charlie.

And please give Lloyd a contract extension, I love that man.

Eric S. said...

"Anyway, while I was pleasuring myself next to my burning couch today, I was thinking about how much I hope you guys destroy ND. "

Hehe. Nicely said.

Brickeye said...

You know what would of been funnier than a super villan is maybe a picture of Woody from Toy Story...or better yet Woody Hayes with the caption. "Somebody poisoned the water hole!"

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