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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Grief!

Just how bad is the Clemson kicking game? Put it this way, I think Charlie Brown and Lucy are the ones who should be offended by the comparison to the Tiger special teams in the picture below.

Two weekends ago, Clemson lost in overtime to Boston College because of blocked extra point that would have sent the game into a second OT. And even though they beat Florida State Saturday night, things only got worse for Tommy Bowden's kicking game: the Tigers had two more kicks blocked and returned for points.

After Clemson opened the scoring to take a 6-0 lead, FSU blocked the PAT and returned it all the way for two points. Later, the 'Noles blocked a field goal and returned it 69 yards for a touchdown giving FSU a 9-6 lead, their only lead of the game.

It was so bad, as he was jogging off the field at halftime, Tommy Bowden told the ESPN reporter interviewing him that he would not kick again that game. However, after his team scored the winning TD with just :08 ticks left on the clock, Bowden broke his promise when his kicker split the uprights for the PAT. Apparently Bowden figured even if they blocked it and ran it back again, their was no way they could lose the game.


eddie, eddie said...

If you have ever been to upstate South Carolina, you'd be surprised that were enough intelligent people to understand the rules of the game of football, much less play it. These are the same people who wouldn't vote for GW Bush, because he was too much of a liberal.

Anonymous said...

eddie, eddie are you from SC? Because my God you are correct sir about those hicks from the upstate. I'm from Charleston (thank god, if I have to be from S. Carolina, at least it's Charleston)and have been to the upstate more than enough times that I would never step foot on Clemson's campus (much less the town) even with a full scholarship with the president of the university pointing a gun at my head. I don't know how Tommy Bowden recruits there.

A Michigan fan in SEC/ACC territory. It's a hard life.

Brett said...

Benny, your photoshop skills are unrivaled.

Yost said...

Totally agree, Brett. Benny's the man with that.

clemsontiger said...

I am a Clemson fan and a grad but I have to say that the Clemson kicking game is one step below pathetic. It's not Jad dean's fault either. The protection has broken down every time a kick was blocked. How in the hell do 300 lb guys let 200 lb guys get around them? Since I am from the UP of Michigan I can truly say that I am not an "upstate hick" from SC but I was given a scholarship to go to school there and it was and still is a great University. I won't knock any schools campus. I can joke other school's athletic prowess or lack thereof but never the school itself. Hey let's be honest, Clemson got out of Tallahassee with a gift. But as they say, a win is a win is a win.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that the win was a gift. Clemson dominated the game on both Defense and offense. Clemson's kicking game does need work, but at least it isn't the punt protection this year.

Anonymous said...

Most of these guys bashing the Upstate of SC are Carolina fans, that like to call theirselves USC fans. Enough said about them, Wofford College took them to the wire. As for anyone else, I have been to Michigan as well, very pretty place, would remind you of Clemson if you ever had the experience of visiting. Good luck the rest of the season.

jevv said...

Didn't Michigan pull a Clemson this weekend on their second PAT?

Jad Dean hasn't really changed, he's as good as ever. It's the protection that's broken down and everything's coming from the left side. Tommy won't name the guy and I can't read his number on the replays.

By the way, this "southern hick" junk is a bunch of BS. I left my Michigan home of 18 years to attend Clemson and found that they have the classiest fans I've ever met. Loud too: 126dB last year broke the unofficial college record.

Anon, if you've ever been to campus you'd find it's one of the most scenic places in the state of South Carolina. Charleston is nice too, so I'll give your home-town its props. And if you want to talk about recruits, remember that Tommy brings players with integrity. While Clemson's Ray Ray McElrathby was named ABC's person of the week, South Carolina's Quarterback was being arrested for aggravated assault.


Spartan Bob said...

How bad can Clemson's kicking get?

See: Spartans, MSU, last season.

5/16, nothing more than 40 yards, one blocked for a TD the other way.

Do the math on that one:

Fifteen points from field goals for MSU the whole season.

Seven crucial points for Ohio State.

A net of half a point for each of the pathetically short tries.

klak said...

I just find it odd that after all the kicking woes of the past, that's the only thing we could do right in that game. The defense was pretty good until the quick snap. I guarantee that Mickey Andrews won't let that shit happen again.

FSU will finish 9-4ish again this year. Sigh......

eddie, eddie said...

I lived in the upstate for awhile, but a Buckeye fan here. The fans I knew (in their 20s) weren't even knowledgable enough to rip me on the whole Woody clocking the Clemson player incident.

TB actually has a huge tool that helps him recruit some guys, but also turns off a bunch as well - because the area is the type of place where church marquee's will have sings like "Go See The Passion", athletes that come from hard core evangelical families feel comfortable - they don't have to spend too much time around dem Jews and Muslims.

I've been to a campus, and except for the tiger tracks on the roads outside of campus (which is definitely cool), their isn't anything special about it; also it feels a little weird that a major university's campus is built on a slave plantation.

Anonymous said...

Clemson is a beautiful place, and I'm not just talking about the gorgeous coeds.

Regardless, it's not the place to be if you think Clinton was a moral man.

Southern by the Grace of God said...

Great article and picture. I don't know where you guys come up with this stuff, but hats off to you.

Funny how Clemson fans have to mention anti-USC comments when the article is about the Tigers' kicking problems. Do you really do that just to make yourselves feel better? As for the quality of the upstate - I was born in Charleston, lived & got my engineering degrees in Columbia at USC, and I now live and work in Greenville. Each truly is a great place to live and it would be hard to choose one over the other when considering the merits each offers. As for hicks- there are hicks everywhere, Charleston has more than it's share, Midlands certainly has it's share, and the Upstate can't claim they don't have it's share either. But as far as that goes, I've travelled quite a bit in the Midwest, and there are a lot there as well. As far as Clemson being built on a slave plantation- what's a slave plantation? Is that where they grew slaves? I never heard of a slave plantation before. You can quit making up bullshit and trying to incite racism anytime now.

As far as the Big 11 fan hating that he is stuck in ACC/SEC contry, I-77 goes north as well. Frankly, I enjoy all of the conferences- well except the Pac-10.

eddie, eddie said...

Excuse me, if my terminology isn't correct, as I am a California bred Buckeye, but to be specific: Clemson University is built on property of John Calhoun, and later Thomas Clemson's slave plantation; certainly not the only university that was built on property like this, but certainly an eerie feeling I got when I used to go on or near campus.

And I don't have to bring up Clemson's location to mention discrimination - in my time there, being a non-Christian, I experienced it first hand and am very open to talking about it.

More specifically related to this blog, and the topic at hand - college football, I found Clemson fans to be some of the least knowledgable fans about the game - I literally asked a Clemson fan (and alumni) once if he knew what the west coast offense was, and he said that it was the passing offense that hippie coaches used in San Francisco.

Markus Arelius said...

And Joseph Barksdale wants to attend to Florida State or Miami (Fla.) over Michigan.

(shaking head in disgust)

Anonymous said...

Not to take up for a Tater, but what offense would you say the 49'ers ran if it wasn't the West Coast offense.

Charlie Brown said...

Response to eddie, eddie said:
Is it discrimination if people treat you poorly because you're an annoying ahole? I think not.

I'm a Clemson graduate. I frequent this site on a regular basis, and I've learned quite a bit about the typical Ohio State fan. You're one of them. Enough said.

Benny, Yost, and the rest: keep up the great work! Brilliant!

eddie, eddie said...

Charlie Brown:

Thanks for proving my point! Only a Clemson graduate would justify discrimnation against somebody;'s religion because of what team they root for, and then make themselves feel better by calling them a name!

Charlie Brown said...

This is my second and final response to eddie eddie:

Some observations:

First, please learn how to type and spell. Second, your English teachers should be fired. Your grammar is horrible. Third, re-read my post. I never justified disrimination. Finally, because of you, I will be pulling for Michigan on November 18. I'm confident that you're a cryer.

eddie, eddie said...

Charlie Brown:

Thanks for all the tips & have fun rooting for Michigan; also have fun watching Clemson at another no name bowl again.

BTW, just for the record, my experiences with the ignorant pathetic people of the upstate happened before they found out I was an asshole!

clemsontiger said...

To clarify what eddie, eddie said. Clemson is built on a former plantation that grew among other things cotton. As far as being a "slave plantation", yes, they did use slaves on the property. As a matter of fact most if not all plantations in the south used slave labor during their prominence. That was the way things were. That's not to say they were right. God knows they were wrong but that is a piece of history that we can't overlook. I don't look at Clemson as a racist institution. I am Portuguese and am proud of the fact that I am the first person from either side of my family to be born in the United States. I never saw any racism in my four years at Clemson. All of the people there were wonderful people. I bleed Purple and Orange and am proud of the fact that I am a Tiger. I am also proud of the fact that I am from Michigan. I refuse to bash anyone because I am better than that and refuse to lower myself to that standard. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!! BTW, Yost, Benny and Wangs I love this site. Keep up the good work!!!

eddie, eddie said...


Glad your experiences in the area were better then mine!

Anonymous said...


50-Yard Lion Blog here.

Can you photoshop that photo for Penn State? We've got our own kicking woes and I'd like, with your permission of course, to use it on the blog.

Just send me a link to the PSU pic if you're interested. THANKS!
Todd aka 50-Yard Lion

Tiger '99 said...

Eddie, Eddie: quit your crying and just shut up. So you had a bad experience down South. Who cares. I bet there was reason behind it that you aren't telling us. Something that you did or provoked that for some odd reason doesn't come out in your jibber jabber. To quote B.A. from the A-Team, "I ain't got time for no jibber jabber fool!" Hop in your car next time and get the hell out. We don't won't you here anyway. As for this site, love it guys. Sorry for the upsetting post but I just hate people who hide behind a chat and complain. Do something about it for god's sake. Go Tigers!

dgarr22 said...

All tosu fans should shut the hell up. The only times they have played a team from The State of South Carolina we have bitch slapped them back to that armpit they call ohio...lower case on purpose.