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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

FSU beats Miami, 'Cane fans say it's not fair Coker making team play by rules

(from MZone wire reports) Miami, FL -- Florida State defeated Miami last night 13-10 at the Orange Bowl in a game that had so little offensive football excitement, some actually thought they were watching the NFL's first Monday night game.

After the showdown, the consensus among 'Cane fans was that Larry Coker might have made a mistake in suspending 48 of his players due to various "violations of team policy" like roughing up women. "Miami has a long, proud tradition of winning with their own rules," said disappointed Hurricane fan Ted Gunderson of Coral Gables. "After this loss, Miami alumni and supporters are going to demand Coker redefine the phrase 'roughing up' vis a vis his team policy. Because this is complete bullshit."

On hand to watch the game in person was FSU Cowgirl/ESPN reporter/Playboy model/Internet sensation/UN peace ambassador Jenn Sterger, marking the one year "anniversary" since her television exposure during the 2005 FSU/Miami game when she was thrust upon an unsuspecting nation. No word yet if she wore what she wore to yesterday's game because she was hoping to get on TV just like last year somebody "spilled beer on her" just like last year, forcing the poor girl once more to have to wear a sexy top to a football game.

In a related story, unconfirmed reports are filtering in that Ohio State fans are preparing to storm ESPN headquarters. The Buckeye Nation wants an official on-air apology or the WWL offices will be torched like off-campus couches near High Street due to comments made about their school during the FSU/Miami telecast. In the second half, one of the ESPN announcers, while talking about Miami 8th year senior DB Glenn Sharpe, said that he was the player who was called for the pivotal pass interference against Miami in the 2002 BCS title game that allowed the Buckeyes to win. The announcer then added that "most people don't think it was pass interference" causing the other ESPN announcer to agree with him on the air.

Immediately after the on-air exchange, Ohio police reported a surge in smashed TV sets being tossed from trailer parks across the state.

In addition to the apology, Ohio State fans are also requiring ESPN to put up a blog so that angry Buckeyes may leave 6,000 largely incoherent, profanity laced rants in the comment section.

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Note: Reader FP sent us the picture above which is a of a real poster sold by an apparent Buckeye fan. Good to see they're not touchy about it.


Anonymous said...

Thw WWL & moron Mike Patrick have revealed themselves again. First he makes the idiotic statement about the pass interference. Then in an largely unintelligible interview with Edgerin James that revealed Miami players are there for 3 years & gone (football factory?), he says he is proud of him for never changing (cutting his hair, getting rid of the gold teefers) to take the endorsement money.

I'm glad Mike has lowered his standards, but OSU won the game in spite of Miami's attempt to hold and the refs reluctance to call it until the end. But then, I still recognize PSU in 1994, and UM in 1997 as being MNC since I think the were the best teams in those years. I just can't wait until some network can compete with the WWL and get them back to watchability. Until then, its hard to believe some of them have jobs. I now feel sorry for Todd Blackledge, what a demotion from Vern Lundquist. I hope he got a big raise.

Anonymous said...

talk to any wolverine fan about their half championship in 1997 and then you'll see what turn-the-page whining is all about. we'll take our full championship and any controversial calls all day long over a half championship and perhaps the worst Heisman Trophy decision ever.

"the voters just wanted to give Tom Osborne a going away sympathy present....." boo freaking hoo

Anonymous said...

I thought that game was funny and I really didn't get that upset over the comments made. Was it wrong yeah but really who cares anymore, if you get upset just punch your kid. Tell him that God told you to do it because he was bad.

surrounded in columbus said...

you post a story about the 'Canes having to stop cheating and who explodes in the comments?

you drilled right into a tosu nerve w/ that one. i have neighbors who have that poster in their garage/rec room and cite it like it was a pair of bloody gloves. some of them canceled their SI subscriptions after the editorial ran a week later questioning the call.

between that little, tiny black cloud and then 3 years of MC antics, NCAA investigations, and NY Times articles all threatening to undo their brief, shiney moment, they are very shrill about this one.

BTW- you have to love tosu fans trying to argue the "half" a championship thing. they sound as silly as the lsu crowd whining about three peats.

it's particularly funny when you consider half of columbus walks around touting their "7" national championships, which includes the 1970 college football sports writer poll vote- wrapped up in December before the bowl games (USC beat tosu in the rose bowl and won the real NC).

masked avenger said...

I'm still waiting for the OSU photographic evidence of the 2002 UM-OSU game where Braylon was called for pass interference for throwing Gamble to the ground after Gamble tried to tackle him.

Something tells me I'm going to be waiting a long time.

surrounded in columbus said...

you hit that on the head. everyone talks about the fiesta bowl call, but the real bad flag came in the closing minutes of the half in november.

i had seats in SW corner of the snake pit for that game and the play happened right in front of us. the DB had a hold of both of Edwards' forearms- his "interference" was pushing the guys hands off of his arms so he could reach for the ball.

that play took place 4 yds from a ref, who watched them grab, push, and grapple back & forth and never reached for a flag. the call came from the center of the field, 10 to 20 yds behind from a ref who couldn't see anything but Edwards' back. even the few sober tosu fans around me were amazed when that call came out as offensive pass interference.

and then tosu has the gall to be upset when people question an obviously questionable flag in tempe. yeech.

Anonymous said...

Half of columbus walks around touting 7 championships? hahahahahahahaha

surrounded in columbus said...


hats & tees w/ this theme are very popular-



the "1970" sort of stands out--

Herringbone said...

Masked Avenger...

You could just watch the game on ESPN Classic...it was an obvious call...more so than Miami call...

clemsontiger said...

How about this. Want to talk about non-calls? Oakland-New England. The tuck rule. My ass tuck rule. 1993 Basketball NC Michigan-Carolina. Before Webber is called for taking a non-existent TO, he travels (sorry guys, had to bring it up although from what I've read you guys aren't too proud of the "Fab Five").Clemson-Ga Tech 2000, Rod Gardner is RAPED in the end zone by a GT defensive back , no call, pass falls short, Clemson loses. The world is full of non-calls and shitty calls. To be honest, if the teams mentioned above had played to their full potential offensively and defensively then the game would have never come down to letting the refs decide the game. Belive me, I'm a Steeler fan and the Steelers got a couple of gifts last year in the Super Bowl. Matt Hasselbeck personal foul, Roethlisberger's TD (non-existent I might add). That's why they play the game. By the way, Clemson destroyed Fla Atl this past weekend. I guess St Mary's School for the Feeble had already scheduled a Big 12 team and couldn't play the Tigers. A true test is this weekend against Boston College.

mg said...

Anyone else get a kick out of Edge boasting about gambling on the Miami-FSU game? I wish they would have done another interview late in the 4th quarter as he's on his cell phone with the bookie.

Anonymous said...

Buckeye fans, here's a witty rejoinder for all of your whining: shut the f#$k up.

And why, again, do you all spend so much time on Michigan blogs?

Anonymous said...

Because I'm bored at work, and there is 3 teams I currently enjoy watching and reading about, one of which is UM (except for that one week in november), they other is ND (which I root against every single possible week, even during the offseason), OSU, which I just graduated from and have been to every home game since I was like 14. I hope UM goes undefeated,and plays OSU for another hopefully top five match up. The reason we all hate each other is the reason we are the same, we want to win, we are almost always national powers. And another reason, its kind of like your classmate that just scored with your girlfriend, after the 1990's (and 1969) with UM probably costing us some NC or at least 4 trips there, you can't help but hate'em.


Yost said...


Appreciate the comment. Thanks for reading.

As for the girlfriend comparison, I think OSU has been boning Michigan's gf ever since Tressel took over. In fact, she won't even return our calls anymore.

Anonymous said...

Couple pics....from cnn

tosu thighs

mmm sexy

FSU Chick

Matt said...

clemsontiger, what are you talking about with regards to the Superbowl? Regardless of whether or not you believe Roethlisberger got in the endzone, there was no conclusive visual evidence suggesting he didn't. I'll concede that there was no visual evidence suggesting he actually did get in, but the burden of replay is for there to be conclusive evidence to overturn the original call. That evidence doesn't exist. And even if he's ruled down at the 1 inch line, we have a QB who's 6'5 250 lbs. You think he's not going one inch on fourth down? You're crazy.

In regards to the personal foul on Hasselbeck. It's a bad rule. The Steelers themselves were called on that identical play 3 times during the course of the season. But I guess you're a real fan who watches all the games. The rule is bad because Hasselbeck started as an offensive player before the snap and was still regarded as an offensive player when he made the tackle below the knees. That rule has since been changed.

In regards to the holding call before Hasselbeck threw an INT, that was the correct call. I remember jumping up and yelling "holding!" because Clark Haggans was absolutely pulled down, preventing a sack. You'll recall that no replay was ever shown on air becuase John Madden and Al Michaels flipped out, and the ABC people kept from embarassing them on live TV.

I hope this shows just how stupid you sound. Yeah, bad calls happen. But 99% of the time, the better team wins the game anyway. The Superbowl was one of those games. The Steelers DOMINATED the second half. I think history judges that the Patriots were a far superior team to the Raiders in 2001. Look at the 2003 NLCS between the Cubs and Marlins. The Cubs completely collapsed over one foul ball (granted not a bad call from an umpire, but the same premise anyway). The Marlins went on to win 2 games in Chicago and beat the vaunted New York Yankees. I think the better team won there, too. Don't give me this "bad calls happen" crap, the better team always responds accordingly.

clemsontiger said...

To anon who said I sound stupid. You really think Pittsburgh dominated the second half? Now listen. I am a huge Steeler fan and have been since 77 but dominated? Come on. Two big plays do not show domination. Look at the overall feel of the game. Seattle total yards 400 to 340 for Pittsburgh. Seattle led time of possesion by 6 minutes. Seattle only had one turnover to two for the Steelers. Roethlisberger had the WORST QB rating of any Super Bowl winner EVER!!!!!!! 22.6 I can get a QB rating of 22.6 and never even played QB at any level. I love the Steelers and am glad they won but I am also a realist. The game was much closer than a 21-10 score. Two big plays are what allowed the Steelers to win. Bad calls, as I said, are made all the time. Look at the Indy game for Pittsburgh. Polamalus' INT was negated and nearly cost Pittsburgh the game. As far as Roethlisbergers' TD, I'll give you that. Not enough evidence to overturn. I'm glad it wasn't overturned. Football is a game of inches and as you said, if a 6'5" 250lb QB can't make an inch then you've got a problem. If he did score though, why did he say on Letterman that he didn't think he got in? He also made that comment to Coach Cowher. Just wondering. I don't think I sound stupid as you so eloquently put it in your post. Maybe a little "in over my head" about some things, but relatively well informed nonetheless.

Eagles may soar but weasles don't get sucked into jet engines.....