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Friday, September 22, 2006

For Sale: Buckeye Memories

If you're looking to buy some junk on eBay this weekend, you know, shit right up there with that first-issue Abba album you've been searching for or that Six Million Dollar Man MIB doll you can't live without, the MZone has stumbled across some real crap being sold on the site this weekend.

First off, former Ohio State starting tailback Lydell Ross is getting rid his 2002 National Championship players ring. With just over 2 days left, bidding is up to $6,000.

Another unnamed Buckeye is selling his 2005 "little gold pants charm." For those not familiar with it, that is the piece of jewelry Tosu players get for beating Michigan that looks like something your Aunt Phyllis would wear on her charm bracelet, tucked between the pair of dice she got in Vegas and the tchotchi she picked up on the senior citizens tour of Niagra Falls. The bidding on this "keepsake" has reached $565.

You know, folks, it's a sad day when Ohio State players have to auction their cherished memories because they can no longer rely on money from boosters anymore. Sad indeed.

Gee, maybe that sign in the Ohio State lockerroom should be updated to read, "What have you done today to beat Michigan...so you can sell the memories later on eBay?"

(HT: AR)


Ares, God of War said...

you forgot to mention that the best part of this ring is that the score on the side is not from the national championship game, but from the Michigan game that year.


we so love you guys.

Scott Boswell said...

I wonder who's this is then...


Richard Cranium said...

Ares, the score from the NC game is there as well. I only hope he really needs to sell this ring because of being in a tight spot. For those of us who will never earn one it is almost blasphemy to sell.

Ares, God of War said...

yes, I saw the other score after I posted. but it's much smaller...

and yes, sad that both of these rings would be offered for sale. I mean they are supposed to be getting a college education. but I'm sure this will give others, that will remain nameless, some ideas.

Andy said...


From the looks of the ebay listing... it appears to one of the managers from the 1997 team

Here is a link to the photo at the bottom of the listing.

Truth be told, most championship rings sold on ebay are samples. When an actual player sells his ring it is a very sad situation.

srudoff said...

that michigan ring is fake!

everyone knows they only received a half of a ring that year. oh and some nice suits for the heisman presentation


TitleIX said...

ha ha srudoff....

surrounded in columbus said...

sorta like how this is only half a tee shirt-


because Penn State won the other half??

like somebody has won half of all your conference championships (including '02) since like, what? 1984?

or how about that 1970 NC you list amongst the supposed 7??

the whole "co" thing never had much traction to start w/- after the stink some of the LSU idiots made of it w/ USC, you might want to find a different schtick- if only not to be associated w/ the one peat crowd- even seem smarter than that!!!

srudoff said...

Alls I know is that it completely pisses off every michigan fan i know - especially my best friend. that's good enough for me!

Andy said...

I am a Michigan fan - and it doesn't piss me off anymore. I just laugh at the idiots that bring it up as if going undefeated was not good enough.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you can't beat them, make fun of them. Is that what Michigan fans are doing these days? Oh, and no one has bid on the Michigan ring yet. Sad.

dgarr22 said...

He should send it to the University of South Carolina. As bad as those guys are the OWN tosu. two meetings two whippings...hahahaha